Reflections' website has now been given a few tweaks to make moving from page-to-page a little easier. You no longer have to return to this home page all the time in order to get to the other sections.

A row of navigation buttons is now on all the main pages and the gallery pages, though you still need to go "Back Arrow" to return from the product pages, the ones with larger images, - we're looking into how to remedy this.

Observant users might notice that we've increased the size of the larger images from 500 pixels to 550 pixels wide. It doesn't sound a lot, but it makes a big difference to the amount of detail that can be seen in the photos.

We would dearly love to show the images much larger so that they could be seen in all their glory, but sadly past experience has shown that they would then be "used" by other web designers without scruples.

A quick search through the internet will show dozens of web pages using these images without any attempt to acknowledge where they came from. We really don't mind if they are used with an accreditation. We will supply larger scans if requested as long as the website is a non-commercial one, and we can exchange links:

Now that the site is looking better, we can concentrate on filling the pages with some of the hundreds of images we have been waiting to show you.

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