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9th August 2012       Allan Williams       Birkenhead

Looking for John Holland who went to St Hugh's School, Birkenhead. If you know where he is please email me back.
8th August 2012       Christine Henderson       Reading

Mary (TESS) nee Johnson where are you? Your brothers are searching for you. You were in Shenley Fields Childrens Home, Birmingham in the 1950's
8th August 2012       Fran       Manchester

Do you know Farrell George Clooney Luwin Joseph. Would like to find Danny Clooney.
27th July 2012       Edith Bradley       Liverpool, Merseyside

Looking for two lovely school friends Irene Hawksworth and Louisa Costello went to schools Salisbury Street and Steers Street, Everton, Liverpool 1946 1941. I lived in Guilford Street.
25th July 2012       Crate nee Morris       Winsford, Cheshire

Does anyone have a photo of the 'Queen' being crowned at the coronation street party in Ilchester Square, Birkenhead in 1952? 'Queen' was Pat Watkin.
20th July 2012       Sarah       Liverpool

Looking for any info or a photograph of Lilian Magee born around 1911, of old swan Liverpool was married to Robert Magee, then had 2 sons Raymond and Harry Magee
13th July 2012       Chrisog       Birkenhead

Does anyone have a photo of St.Hugh's school Birkenhead, or of any of the school football teams from 1963-67
10th July 2012       K. McClennon       Wirksworth, Derbyshire

Looking for photos of Page Moss School in 40's & 50's. Also Western Avenue, Roby in 40's & 50's showing brick built bungalows & Dinas Lane, Roby showing old cottages near Prescot Road end. Can anyone advise me please on obtaining these?
9th July 2012       Fred Davies       Niagara, Ontario

Would like to trace Bill Robinson, Roscoe Garsfield, and apprentice engineer at British Enka 54ish. Ran the mile like a Gazelle. All info will be valued.
5th July 2012       Bob McPartland       Liverpool      

Excellent site, great pictures of Park Road and the Dingle
2nd July 2012       Sue Summers       Blackpool, Lanchishire

I am trying to contact anyone who went to Grange Park School in the 50s. Grange Park Estate, Blackpool, Lanchshire
20th June 2012       Barbara McVey       Adelaide      

I would like to find where Paul Hibbert now lives in Australia. I think it's Perth. I knew of him at St Stephens Youth Club in Newton Hyde, cheshire. To have a chat, and get information for my scrap book. Appreciate any help if possible thanks.
18th June 2012       Ron Evans       Garston, Liverpool 19

I was born in Chesterton St, Garston in 37. My dad was a docker and was known locally as EDUCATED EVANS. I went to Banks Road School and Heath Road.
15th June 2012       Margi       Liverpool

I went to St Hughes 1965/71. Great site. Any one know how we can get records from the school, I know it's a long shot but I was addopted and I have never had a picture of myself as a child and I thought I'd try this. Thanks all x
15th June 2012       Dot       Lived in Bootle now live in Australia

With trying to shine some light on Mums family history.....surnames (Colebourne then Willcox) does anyone remember the following families that lived either in Booth Avenue or Kirby Road off Fernhill Road in Bootle..............near the old Fever Hospital.......... Lees, Youngs, Sullivans, Doyles, Kendals, Nanny Allen (1929, Havens, Mawdslys and Lawsons. Mum was born in Olivia Street Bootle. Thanks for any help at all.............would really appreciate it..........
8th June 2012       Thomas L Gideon       Baton Rouge, LA

I was looking for pictures of the tug / ship tender, "Flying Breeze". My grandfather was captain in the 50's and earlier.
6th June 2012       Dot Willcox   

Does anyone know if there ever was a Booth Avenue in Bootle...just not far from where the old Fever Hospital used to be..............I am trying to find out if anyone knew Doris Colebourne / Willcox ...trying to shine more light on our family history...........if anyone could me.........would really appreciate that. Dot (Australia)
3rd June 2012       Peter C Eastham       San Clemente, CA, USA

Hi everone, my name is Peter C Eastham. Was born in Oldham, July 30, 1944 at 16 Coldhurst St. My dad and mom were born in Oldham 1919 & 1921. My dad had a bother called Fred, my mom was called Nora. I was in the Army in 1960 to 1963 then moved to the USA in Calif. My dad was in the R.M.E.E. and won BEM in the 1913 floods in Felixstowe. Love this site
1st June 2012       Sue Summers nee Teasdale       Blackpool, Lancs

I am looking for any one who went to Grange Park Junior School in the 50s. I remember Billy Broadbent.
31st May 2012       Rosemary Higson (ROSEY)       Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside

I was in St Edmunds Orphanage, Bebington, Wirral from 1963 to 1974. Be great to share and contact past friend who were in the orphanage around the same time as myself. xx
27th May 2012       Brenda Vanderwert       Pickering, Canada

Anybody out there ever go to The Tower In New Brighton in the late 50s. Trying to find so many friends from that era who went dancing at the Tower. There is one lady whom my husband is interested in tracing and her name was Dot, she lived in Wallasey at the time. Anybody remember anyone if they could email I would be so gratefull to you. Thank you.
20th May 2012       Susan Summers       Grange Park, Blackpool

Does anyone on Facebook live on Grange Park, Blackpool in the 50s, show pictures.
19th May 2012       John Nelson       Theodore, ACT, Australia

I am trying to find two Liverpool lads, Nobby Clark was on 57 Rifle Sqdn, Fassberg, Germany 1951-54, and also Bill Langton who lived in Mayfield, NSW, Australia. I hhavn't seen Bill since 1971. I think he went to live near Sydney. I came back to Liverpool for a while but returned to Australia. I think Bill lived somewhere off Park Road prior to leaving for Australia in 1965. I would appreciate any news from anyone that knows them. Thanking you, John B Nelson
19th May 2012       Bill Maddrell       Vancouver. British Columbia      

Great interest in this site.
18th May 2012       Christina Layton       Hertford, Herts

I am looking for old photographs of Page Moss Primary School, Huyton Hey Secondary Modern School and Brookfield Comprehensive School all in the 1940's and 50's. Also Beechburn Crescent, Huyton with Roby in the 1940's and 50's. Can anyone advise me how to get these please.
16th May 2012       Gillian Piper       Australia

I am looking for family Clayton/Claiton in Pleasley, Derby about 1700, can anyone help? Really stuck with this one, and living "down under" does not help! Many thanks, Gillian
15th May 2012       Reg Bright       Leeds

I live in Leeds having moved from Liverpool in 1967. I was the Sales Eng for Clayton Crane & Hoists part of Chadburns. I started with Clayton Crane in 1951 as apprentice Draughtsman. I would be interested to hear from any ex Clayton or Chadburn employees. I retired in 1999. Reg Bright
13th May 2012       Linda Robinson       High Wycombe, England

Fantastic site. My maiden name was Linda Dawn Smith, born 1956, was in care from about 2-3 years old, born in Liverpool, was in hostel Mornington Terrace in Upper Duke Street 1973. Want to get in touch with Tina O'Neal who was in hostel with me. We worked in St John's Restaurant for a time. She went to live in Bootle after that. Also Shirley who was also friend at that time. Thanks
10th May 2012       Johnny Abbott   

I'm an old Walton boy, my old Ma worked in the washouse in Netherfield Road for many years. If anyone remembers the large family of Abbotts from Walton, drop me a line.
5th May 2012       Patricia Dooley       Glossop, Derbyshire

Hi, nice to find a sight like this. I am researching my family tree, have been for a while. Maternal grandparent Agnes Dooley nee Nally. Am trying to find out about the Nally's and Fitzpatricks, Rowan, possibly Minikin, Obviously with names like these (apart from minikin) we came from Ireland. I heard from a cousin who said it was from the Sleive Mountain area (wherever that is). I live in Derbyshire, North West of England. Would be grateful for any information, good luck with your own searches. Thanks.
2nd May 2012       Gillian Cash (Bent)       Onchan, Isle of Man

Born in Liverpool, now live in the Isle of Man. Pictures of both places really beautiful. Fabulous photographs, really lovely site. was looking for pictures of the railways. Most of my family worked on the railway in Liverpool. Also pictures of the fantastic N.U.R Christmas parties and Lord Mayors Parades. My family lived in Wavertree.
1st May 2012       Billy Bullen       Chorley, Lancs

I lived in Lawrence Road, Wavertree, Looking for Raymond Magee, last heard of when he joined the Royal Marines.
25th April 2012       Vicki Purvee (Clarke)       Te Awamutu, New Zealand

I am trying to trace my ancestors Thomas Barnes Clarke, Edgar and Mary Ann Musgrove. I have found that Edgar was the proprietor of Edgar Musgrove & Co, Cotton Brokers and would love to hear from any family connections. I am in New Zealand and have almost come to a stop in my research. Please help if you are able to. What an awesome site. Thank you.
8th April 2012       Laraine Fitzsimmons       Whiston, Merseyside

My maiden name is Milner, my dads family lived in Aubry St, Liverpool. My dads name was Thomas Milner, he married Dorothy Parsons, they had 5 children Stephen, Stuart, Laraine, Paul, and Dorothy.
8th April 2012       Betty McNally       Liverpool      

You mentioned Moon St, would love to see photographes of the St, we lived there during the 50's, our name Connolly
7th April 2012       Curly Thornhill       Manchester

Excellent web site. Thank you Carol.
4th April 2012       Fred Joughin       Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

Amazing site. I am Birkenhead born, Cleveland Street 1940. 47 to Liverpool, Wavertree. m.n. 1957 Fords 1963 / 1972 Australia. Live in Ipswich, Queensland. Anyone remembers me, jump on the email, cheers Fred J
30th March 2012       Brian Williams       Australia

Port Boats certainly stood out! Fine ships, good company.
21st March 2012       Edwina Townsend       Australia

Great site, thanks for all your hard work putting it together. It's amazing that I can show my kids and grandkids the pictures from Liverpool so they know what their dad and mum are talking about. Good to see the photos from Queen Mary High School too.
20th March 2012       Curly Thornhill       Manchester, Lancs

"Ted" Hickson of Railway Road, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead. Ex Egypt 1952-53-54. If anybody knows of him...please contact
20th March 2012       Janice Nielson Argyle       Phoenix, AZ      

I am trying to find Christine Denning Sullivan
18th March 2012       John McGibbon       Bootle, Mesyside

One of these photographs is of Pope Street and asks where this is -- Pope Street is in Bootle & runs between Gray Street and Moore Street. Pope street is the continuation of Falconer Street which is shown in one of the photographs. The workmen are removing the old Gas Steet Light in preparation for the new Electric Street Lights .
18th March 2012       Keith Tauson       Birkenhead

I went to Well Lane Primary School in the 50s. Then to Kirklands the Headmaster Mr Denerly. Went to Rock Ferry High to learn the violin. Keith Tauson from Hr Tranmere
17th March 2012       Lorraine Wright       Clacton on Sea

Just found this site and noticed my cousin Peter on it! Lived in Rock Ferry in my childhood and have very fond memories of the Dell Primary, living in the prefabs in Ludlow Road and in Power Road.
12th March 2012       Jan Warren       St Helens, Merseyside

I attended Our Lady of Mount Carmel from 1963 - one of the first 3rd year students after attending St Thomas of Canterbury (Windleshaw) - Is there any other girls from form 3S (3 Stella) who are looking to catch up on their school days ?
11th March 2012       Frances       Birkenhead

I spent some time in St.Edmunds in the early 70's. I was in Sr.Louise's flat. I remember the Bond famiy, and a little girl called Beverley from Craven street. Beverley had a younger brother called Neil. Has anyone got any photos of the building ?
10th March 2012       Val McCormick            

Trying to find anyone who was at St Edwards Broadgreen with my father Joseph John McCormick (maybe 1943 - 45)
9th March 2012       Mark Fildes       New Ferry last 7 years

Hi there, did anyone remember the massionetts on the Nocturum. I lived in Olivia Close. They have gone now and new houses are there. Has anyone got any photos of it as it was in the 70's. Cheers. Mark.
8th March 2012       Madeline Bates       St Helier, Jersey

I came across this site by accident. Fantastic! The photos brought back so many memories of my childhood, living in Rock Ferry. My name was Madie Upton then and if anyone remembers me, I would love to hear from them. I live in Jersey now and have done for 30 years.
7th March 2012       Jacqueline Pearson       Doncaster, Yorkshire      

Dear everyone, i hope you can help me. I have been trying to find out whereabouts my uncle Steve Dagger is buried. My mother could not remember exactly where he was buried. He was in the Merchant Navy, a Petty Officer, she knows he was buried somewhere in Surry or Sussex. He died in the 50s, I only saw him once when he came on leave to see my mum when dad was fighting in Korea. He and my mothers family came from Bristol. Has anyone seen a grave with Steven Dagger on. If you have, please could you take a photo of the grave for me. Will pay costs of course. I would love to put flowers on the grave, it's never had any. I would be so grateful. Thank you so much to you all.
2nd March 2012       thelmahoughton       Wirral

I lived in the North End of Birkenhead, happy days
26th February 2012       John David Jones       Birkenhead

My grandad and nana Winstanleys lived at 644 New Chester Road op the Bus Depot for many years around 1960. My mothers name was Doris May Winstanley. I believe she has two sisters. One brother AM 63 in April 2012 like to hear from anyone who knew the family.
27th February 2012       Irene Akinci       Maidenhead, Berkshire

I was born in Widnes on the 24 feb 1949, to Partick and Elizabeth Bate. My brother John was five years older than me. I was born in Widnes Maternity home. We lived at 7 James Street, West Bank, after around age af two months we moved to St. Ambrose Road. I went to Warrington Road School and then onto Fairfield Girls School. Does anyone rmember me? Irene Bate, I married John Bates. Unfortunately divorced and left Widnes for good. I became a nurse and worked overseas until retirement. Please contact me if you know me..
27th February 2012       Alison Brear nee McLelland            

Brilliant site. Could do with more from west Wirral
25th February 2012       Mike       Greasby

I am looking for information on old Birkenhead, can any one help me please. Thank You
24th February 2012       Donna       Kent      

Trying to find photos of 1940s prefabs in Churchill Ave, Chatham, as I liveD in one back in the 50s xx
24th February 2012       James Lewis       Llangefni

Hi, my father died when I was young and in a Barnado home. His name was Alexander James Lewis, commonly known as Alec. Originally from N.Ireland he settled down in Ellesmere Port. He had various jobs as I remember, working on the canal, building sites and the last place I know was Van Leers. His favourite watering holes were The Knot Inn and Merchant Seamans Institute. If anyone either remembers him or has any info, could you please contact me. Thanks
18th February 2012       Augustine Peter Salcedo       Liverpool

Hi, just seen this site, what a site it is. I went to St Vincent's School 1947-58. If anyone knows me, give us an email.
16th February 2012       Lynne Morris (nee Berry)       Shropshire

Fabulous - I lived in Liverpool until 1979 and enjoyed so much looking through this website. I lived in Edge Hill until 1967. I went to Chatsworth Street CP School 57-59 then Childwall Valley High School 59 - 69 - anyone who knows me? I would LOVE to hear from you. The photo and information was so interesting and very nostalgic.
15th February 2012       John Nestor       Liverpool

Hi, I am interested in anything connected with ex tenants of Dingle House tenaments Liverpool in the 60s, and also pupils of Matthew Arnold School in the 60s as I lived and went to both myself all through 60s.
10th February 2012       Kathleen Miller (now Hopkins)       Barry, South Wales

Lived in Rock Ferry till '76, then moved to wales. Went to Mersey Park and KIrklands till '69. Family still in Birkenhead.
3rd February 2012       Gerry Harte       Perth, W Australia

Love this site. I went to St Matthews Secondary Modern Schhol in Walton, I left in 1954. I would love to hear from anyone from my class.
2nd February 2012       Malcolm Roberts       Wirral

I was born in 44 Farm Road, Tranmere, Sept 1943 and lived there until I married in 1970. I'd love to hear from any old friends who remember us.
1st February 2012       Sheila Skelhorn       Huyton      

I worked in Aintree NHS in the doctors/nurses accomodation. Years ago when nuns where nurses, there was one nun who hanged herself on the second floor banister with a sheet. The story was that this nun fell in love with a doctor at the hospital. Because she had taken her vows and could not have a relationship with this doctor, she sadly took her life. She wrapped a bedding sheet around her neck and hung herself from the banister. She is often seen around Eskdale Nurses Home and at Aintree HQ
30th January 2012       Wanda Christmas formally Roberts       Essex

I spent my early years living in Wrexham, N. Wales. I am just wondering if anynoe knew my Dad, he came from Hungary in the Late 50s, Janos Rekasi. Worked in the coal mines in Bursham. Or my Mum, Lorraine Roberts. Thanks.
30th January 2012       Frances       Birkenhead

I spent some time in St.Edmunds in the 70's. I was in Sr.Louise flat. Next door was Sr.Martha and the boys. Does anyone have any photos of the building?
28th January 2012       Julie       Wirral

Loved all the photos they were amazing. My grandad, Dave Parnell lived in Well Lane, Rock Ferry and all his brothers and himself were boxers. I remember him telling me about the Well Lane bombings, that people died and they could not get the bodies out so the land was flattened and built on. He lived in this road from 1919 till 1951. Also his father James Parnell lived in Market Street, Birkenhead from 1886. Any old photos of these two streets around this time would be greatly appreciated.
27th January 2012       Alan Jakulis       Hoylake, Wirral

Would like to hear from anybody who lived in the Roby area 1958-1967. I went to Huyton Modern, Rupert Rd prior to leaving in 1959, lived in Church Rd Roby. I would especially like to hear from anybody who may have known Valerie Duff. She lived over the dentists corner of Dinas Lane, Roby or Val herself, would love to know how she is. I am a retired fire officer living in Hoylake, Wirral.
22nd January 2012       David Evans       UK

Looking for Glenys Janet Evans DOB 30/01/48 missing since 29/12/11.
22nd January 2012       Kitty Blore (nee Martin)       Cape Town, South Africa

Found the guest book by accident..fantastic to hear so many congrats...I think I found an old dance buddy from way back when..Will now try to find the pics they are all raving about. My Dad worked in Bromborough until 1955.
20th January 2012       Barbara Debenham       UK      

Union Street in the 1940-50 is my special interest.
17th January 2012       Helen Jane Smith       Bedfordshire      

My parents are both from Liverpool, my mum lived in Field Street, Everton. I have been unable to find any old photos - any help would be grateful (mum was born and bred there, born 1928)
17th January 2012       James Dean       Perth, Western Australia

Anyone on this site from Ashton-u-Lyne who went to St.Mary's Catholic School off Penny Meadow and left about 1958. I now live in Australia, been here for almost 40 years.
14th January 2012       Vic Williams       Bridgend, Wales

Just found the site - left Rock Ferry in 1986 to join the RAF - left RAF last year and settled in South Wales. Just found out that rocky high has closed!!! A crying shame - good school gone to the wall. Wud luv to here from anyone who may remember me or mum Norma Williams (RIP).
12th January 2012       Ann Elliott       Wallasey

Good site
10th January 2012       Kenneth Watling       London

Interested in prefabs, Fazakerley, 1950's.
4th January 2012       Marie       Sunderland      

Hoping to find Crinson family, children of Warren Moffat Crinson and Catherine Cruse Crinson, esp. Michael. Went into childrens home in Sunderland. Nothing heard of Michael since. Thanks, Marie
3rd January 2012       Christine Gregory nee Gill       Wirral      

I was born in Heswall 1949. Lived in Greasby till 1973. Went to Greasby Infants then Greasby Juniors then Pensby Girls then Birkenhead School of Nursing. I am just looking at the 1911 census of my Dickin ancestors who lived at 13 Edgar Street, Birkenhead but I don't know where it was - I think it is near where Edgar Court is now. Wonder if anyone could tell me?
30th December 2011       April Brown       St Helens, Merseyside      

I lived in St Helens, Merseyside and went to Mount Carmel High School, left approx 30 years ago. I am desperately trying to contact an old friend of mine who I can't stop thinking about, her name was Loretta Green, she will be about 46years old now. If anyone can let me know any news about her I would love to know. Thank you
30th December 2011       Linda Jones       Melbourne, Australia      

Hi, I am interested in locating girls who attended Morrison Girls Secondary between 1959 and 1963. Also, Millbank Commercial College in 1964.
30th December 2011       Arthur Hughes       Merseyside

Hi, my name is Arthur and I live on the Wirral, Merseyside. Left school 1967 New Heys Comp, went to school with Billy Jonston who lived in Ebrington Street, Garston. Lost touch, would like to get in touch again.
24th December 2011       Shaun Baxter       Conway, Wales

Born 1957, St Laurences Primary, Corpus Christi High. Lived St Annes Way. Anyone remember?
18th December 2011       Anthony Dorman       Birkenhead

Lived in Beckwith St, Birkenhead, went to St Hughes 1951 to 1956.
18th December 2011       A W Sonny Blundell       Hamilton, Canada

I was born at 55 Hibbert St to Lil and Arthur Blundell in 1952. Moved to Kirkby when it was just built. Grew up in Southdene until emigrating to Canada. Please, if you remember me or Susan, Robeert, Lilian, Billy or Ian, please drop me an email.
16th December 2011       Keith Jones       Oswestry      

West Kirby holiday memories. Where is Ben Owen of Double Your Mmoney fame? I think he lived in Newbold Crescent. I used to stay with my sister at 46 Fulton Avenue.
13th December 2011       Marie Davies       Liverpool

I am lookin for my 2 brothers who went to St.Hughes School, Wavertree their 2nd name could now be Keane.
12th December 2011       Laurence Roberts       Ottery St.Mary      

Interested in Hughes family in Toxteth and Fazakerleys.
7th December 2011       Vincent Byrne       Chicago

Looking for any relatives from the Byrne side of my family. My father was born in Liverpool in 1918. His name was Francis Byrne. He had two older brothers named Vincent and Richard (Dick). After serving in the British Navy during WW2, he eventually came to America and changed his Name and basically became somone else-giving up all contact with his family overseas. I know that at least one of the brothers had children who are probably close to 50 now. My father's mother's name was Mary Kelly.
4th December 2011       Geoff Robinson       Crewe, Cheshire

I was born in Sutton Oak, St Helens, 1944..lived at 29 Powell St until I was 11..then moved with my family to Crewe, Cheshire..Dad was a fireman on the Grandma lived at 18 Junction Lane..would be pleased to hear from anyone who knows our family.
1st December 2011       Joyce McManus       Norris Green, Liverpool

I attended Fazakerley Comprehensive School, Liverpool 10. I am trying to trace some of my school friends from 1969 to 1974 when I left. Is there anybody out there who remembers me, add me on, rosebush, the picture is a red rose. Look forward to hearing from you.
27th November 2011       Maureen Wilson       California, USA

Love this site! I just found it. I would love to know if anyone out there knows my late mother's cousins: Julia, Christopher, James and Patrick O'Hare. Their ages range from 69-77. The last address I have for the family is from 1958- 3A Myrtle House in Liverpool. Their grandparents (Patrick and Julia O'Hare) lived at 5 House 4 Court Burnet Street in Liverpool until 1932. The male cousins probably worked on the ships like their father and grandfather had. Their church was St. Alban's and sometimes St. Nicholas'. Thanks for this site and your help!
26th November 2011       W Keating       Liverpool      

Brilliant site
24th November 2011       Morgan Inman       Liverpool

I'm looking for my mum Claire Oliver, old school Cantral High Community School, Little Moss Hay, in which we can not find any trace at all of this school not existing.
22nd November 2011       Eva Kenyon nee Bush       Blackpool

Am so pleased I found this website. I lived in Berkley Street, Liverpool 8, with Mum and Dad and my sister Jean and brother Robert. We went to Berkley Street Congregational Church 1950 1955. Would be so happy to hear from anyone who knew us, we have some happy memories. With nostalgia. Eva
17th November 2011       Danielle Hoxby       Birkenhead      

Trying to find pictures of my dad! His name is Anthony James Hoxby. He went to Kirklands Secondary Modern School in the 1960's xx
15th November 2011       David Evans was Woods       UK

Does anyone know of a woman that lived at Eden House, liverpool, those blocks of flats they named after all the prime ministers near Lee Park, I think. Her name was Elizabeth Woods, I think she lived with her father Sid and by the late 60's she had two children, those flats have been demolished since.
15th November 2011       William Boyle       Wallasey

I was a pupil at Upton Rd School, Moreton in WW2. Some of the boys from the school were blown up by mines on Leasowe sandhills. In WW2 American black soldiers were under canvas in Pasture Rd, Moreton. Whilst the white GIs were camped at Moreton Common. Bill Boyle.
13th November 2011       Martin Engelbrecht       Johannesburg, South Africa

The old photos of the Binns Road factory are fascinating. Some of these will make beautiful back grounds for my own displays. Regards, Martin.
13th November 2011       May Briscoe       Liverpool, Merseyside

My maiden name was May Magan. I went to Holy Cross School in the 1940s. Would love to see any photographs of the school at that time.
12th November 2011       James Loughran       Lancshire      

Trying to find out about Matthew Loughran who was killed in an accident on the liverpool Docks in 1911 thereabouts.
11th November 2011       Claire Wild       Wigan

Hi, my dad went to St Williams RC Boys School, his name was Gilbert Wild. I would love to see some pictures of him. If any one has any or knew him, please contact me. Thanks
10th November 2011       Thirza Graham Hankin   

Is there anyone out there? Grew up in Brighton le Sands. Have lived in Johanneburg South Africa since 1964
9th November 2011       James Simpson       Cheshire

Hi, I'm tryin to locate Paul M Simpson. It's quite personal, he lived/or lives in Kirkby, Merseyside. If you know the whereabouts of Paul please email me. Thank you, James Simpson
7th November 2011       Jean Taylor       Liverpool

I have just found this site. My name is Jean Taylor, I used to live in Birkenhead (upton) then I moved to Liverpool.
6th November 2011       Pru Freeman (nee Andrews)       Durban, South Africa      

Lived in Irby on the wirral. Went to Pensby Girls School. Been living in South Africa since 1972.
5th November 2011       P Healy       Liverpool      

Just looking for old pictures of Everton.
2nd November 2011       Sylvia Burns nee Orme       Liverpool

I sailed to the Isle of Man with my family in 1948 for a holiday. The return trip made newspaper headlines as the worst recorded sailing. The port holes were submerged as the sea was so rough and there were bodies all over the floor being sick. It was another 10 years before I had the courage to make the sailing again when at 17yrs I went with my friend Christine to Douglas to stay in the Holiday Camp there. Great memories!!
31st October 2011       Neville Roberts       Lake Mary, FL, USA

I sailed on many of the ships on this site out of liverpool. Went to Boaler St School 1943, and Sheil Rd until 1953. Joined the Merchant Navy in 55 to 65, then NY City for 21 years, Now in Florida since 86. Always love the old town and will always be a scouse.
31st October 2011       AP       SE      

Fond memories of Birkenhead in the 1970s, Biddy hill.......friendly family & friends.......visits to a special boyfriend. Standing in the cold watching him play football being very proud. Eating chinese food for the first time. Dandylion and Burdock. Lovely times fantastic friends for always.
31st October 2011       Bernard Kane       Wallasey      

Just interested in old photos of Wirral in general and Birkenhead in particular.
30th October 2011       Gloria Satterfield       Greensboro, NC

Looking for anyone who might have known a Ms. Plymouth who was a teacher at David D Jones Elementary School in the year of 1953-1960
29th October 2011       David Clark   

I was in Sandal Hall Childrens Home, Sandal, Wakefield
22th October 2011       Aubrey Vanderwert       Canada

Looking for an old friend namaed DOT she lived in Wallasey in the early 60s and was a frequent visitor to the TOWER BALLROOM in NEW BRIGHTON. Wondering how life has treated you, get in touch!!!!!! Remember I had a Bantam motor bike at the time.
20th October 2011       Judy Hough nee Jones       Bromborough

Hi - Brilliant pictures. Brought back lots of memories. I used to live in Rock Ferry and went to Well Lane School and then to Kirlands Secondary in 1962. Would love a photo of Kirklands but don't think they exist now! I remember Joan, Betty, Joyce - the Clarke girls. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
19th October 2011       Alan Aulton       Birkenhead

Interesting site
17th October 2011       Sarah Ann Elleman       Bridgeport, Alabama, USA

I found out about 25 years ago my Elleman ancester came from Wales and England to America in the early to mid 1600's. His name was John Elleman, His fathers name was supposed to have been Enos Elleman. There are a lot of Johns, Enos, Jessee (spelled different ways) Cyrus, Sarah Anns name along that line. Does anyone know of any Ellemans in England or Wales? If so please contact me at Would like to see pictures of my present family or ancesters from those countries. Thanks, Sarah
13th October 2011       Ruby Fletcher       Canberra, Australia

Fascinating reading Carol!! I look forward to surfing the rest of your great site. I was born and brought up in Bromborough. I went to Woodslee School. Worked in Rushworth and Dreapers (The Great house of Music!) Mail order sheet music office with Miss Tyson from 1947 to 1952 while studying the piano. I married an Eastham boy - Lez Davies- in 1951. We went to live in Australia in 1965 with 5 of our eventually 7 children. I still call the Wirral my home.
11th October 2011       David Evans       Jersey, CI

Trying to locate my biologicol father. I believe his first name is James and he is Irish. My birth name was David James Woods and I was born in 1968 in Liverpool, my mothers name was Elizabeth Woods and I also have a sister named Lynne. I grew up in Wrexham and was adopted when I was 12. I now live in Jersey in the Channel Isles. If anyone reads this and may have some information then do not hesitate in emailing me.
11th October 2011       Maureen McKenna       Australia

Hi, I live in Australia and would love to contact any descendants of Jim Jolley of Runcorn, Cheshire. He played Rugby for England.
10th October 2011       George Calby       Birkenhead, Tranmere

I too came from Tranmere, lived in Chamberlain Street from 1955 to 1967, does anyone remember the Jones ?
10th October 2011       Bobbie B. Shamburger       Zachary,Louisiana USA

Anyone have any information on the Loudon Black family please email me. They show up in the 1910 census and are gone by the 1920 census. Zachary, Louisiana. Thank you
10th October 2011       Bobbie B. Shamburger       Zachary,Louisiana USA

I am looking for William Gordon Heaton. Thank you.
9th October 2011       Kim Kennaway       Widnes

Has anyone got any pics of Princes Street, Widnes please. I was born there and I've tried every website to find a picture of my old house.
9th October 2011       Rob Stockman       Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

My name is ROB STOCKMAN and I was born in Birkenhead in 1958 and went to Arrowhill Public School for the two year until we left for Canada in 1966. I am looking to connect with any of my friends that grew up in the Woodchurch Estates or who knew my father ROB STOCKMAN who worked at Cammell Lairds or my mother BARBARA STOCKMAN (nee GREENFIELD)
9th October 2011       Robert Jones       Widnes

Lived in the Dingle for over 30 years, went to Dingle Vale and Matthew Arnold. Great community, pity they tore it apart. Did not reconize the place last time I drove down the Great Park Road. Sad
7th October 2011       Lorraine Beckers       Hastings, East Sussex

Looking for my possible father Mr Alan Newman from Fulham Hammersmith area. Lived there in 1963, he had a short relationship with Roberta Jenner nee(Bobbie). She had two small boys, their names were Graham and Stephen. Lived in Doverhouse Street in Fulham. Any imformation greatly received, it's been 47 years of not knowing him. Thank you all
1st October 2011       Maureen McKenna       Adelaide, Australia

I'm living in Australia but my parents Peter McKenna and Freda (Rooney) came from Widnes and Runcorn. Would love to find someone from the Jolley family from Runcorn re my grandfather Jim Jolley.
1st October 2011       Christine Ann Henderson       Reading

I am searching for a Mary (Tess) nee Johnson born May 1945 in Birmingham, might have gone to Australia. Mary was in Shenley Fields Childrens Home Birmingam in the 1950's. Her family are desperate to find her. Regards Christine
30th September 2011       Bob Folley       Gloucester

Super site. Came across it while researching for a friend - she is trying to trace relatives of her dad a Frank Smith who worked as a bus conductor for Crosville Buses 1936-1940's Liverpool, Landudno, Conway all feature. Looking through freebmd I see a Frank Smith was born to Charles Smith and Ellen Bellis in Oct quarter 1914. Anyone know what became of him?
30th September 2011       Harold Ray James       Overland Park, Ks

Wonderful memories of Rock Ferry's most beautiful girl in the 60's, Joy Sadler. She later married a nice local bloke but can't remember his name. Hope they have had a great life.
30th September 2011       Bill Gardner       St. Louis, Missouri, USA

We received this site from a friend here in St. Louis and will be looking for people/pictures in Norris Green-Sayers Bakery-St Teresas School-Sparrow Hall.
30th September 2011       Steve Frazer       West Australia

Does anyone remember the name of the plastics teacher at Brighton Boys Tech High School around 71 to 73, bugging me for ages.
29th September 2011       Sue Fraser       Sydney

Hi, my name is Sue Fraser and I was born in Glasgow. I went to St Patricks Girls School in Anderson. I would love to be in contact with any of my school friends. I left to come to Australia and I am still here. I have lost contact with all my past life and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, cheers
28th September 2011       Jean Johnston            

Lived in the Woodlands, and the Woodchurch Estate.
28th September 2011       Brian Whiteside       Auckland, New Zealand

Apprentice turner machinist in the Engine Shop 1953 to 1958. Worked on the big lathes in the centre bay 1958 to 1962. Old mates are Allan Matthews, George Allen, Tommy Smith.
25th September 2011       Pat Hatton       Wallasey

Great site
25th September 2011       Dave Smith   

From Lower Tranmere, Orchard Road 1950s 1960s, went to St Annes and St Hughes. Just like to hear from anyone from the area.
24th September 2011       Debbie McCarthy (nee Knox)   

I love this site. I have lived in Birkenhead all my life. Formally of Camden Street. Had many a happy day playing in the old houses, with my sister Lizzy & brother George. My brother Owen was too young. Anyone remember me, please get in touch. Keep up the good work. It is a fantastic site.
24th September 2011       Alan Hockenhull       Peterborough

Nice site, have to come back and see if I can find anyone I know!
20th September 2011       Cristine Henderson       Reading

Desperatly searching for Mary Teresa (Tess) nee Johnson born May 17th 1945 in Birmingham. Parents were Gladys and Alfred Johnson. Mary was in Shenley Fields Childrens Home in the 1950's, any news please.
18th September 2011       Gaynor Connell       Bromborough, Wirral

My very first try on here. I would love to find my Dads ex partner, Dad "JIMMY CONNELL" home town New Ferry, Wirral. Her name would be easy to find as it's GARY or GARRI. She was/is from Wales. My Dad was very much in love with her. She and her best friend Jenny came to live around New Ferry. And Jenny married Johnny Archer. But Gary & myself were close even though I was 12yrs old. I have photo,s of her. So if anyone knows my dad Jimmy Connell, as his surname is popular, and the runt of his 5 Brothers. Get in touch please if anyone sees this and knows of a women named GARY/GARRI. Please, as I'd love to know and see how she is. Thank you. Gaynor Connell.
18th September 2011       Jeannine Nield       Leicester

I am looking for memories of New Parks House Infants and Junior Schools, as I have memory problems. I was there from 1958 to 1962, in Miss Doubleday's infants class, and Mr Bracey's juniors class. My surname then was Bird, and I was continually teased for being foreign, plump, and having no dad. Those were the days - lol!
17th September 2011       Betty Harper (Pearson)   

Hi, I am Looking for a few old friends from the 60s 70s and up to now. Christine Told, Collen Erwin, Bill Brown, Jerry Howit, John Salzer, all of Hamilton, On. I lived on West Ave. and Lock St. in the 60s. I hope to hear from Bill I have something to tell him about 1965. You lived on Upper James at the time. I hope that you are still on this earth, along with others I called friends. [Betty]
15th September 2011       Paul Casey       Northamptonshire

Have been away from Moreton Cross for some years now. I am forty-two years of age and have never met my biological father. So if anybody could help me with the following.....I was born in 1968 and my mother is Margaret, and I was raised by a wonderful Dad named 'DAD' (Dave). My mother had two sisters 'K' & 'M' plus three brothers 'F', 'E' & 'J'.......My Grandparents lived in Pasture Crescent. If by any chance (a miracle is needed obviously I realise) but I would like him to know he is a grandad and a great grandad also. And I wish he could have known them.
12th September 2011       Jane Osborne       Liverpool

Hi, I have just started to trace my family, the Hicksons from Everton originally. Lily, Stanley, and an uncle that moved to Spain, I think his name was Billy. Also the Merills from Scotland Road, big family as they were then, 12 I believe. Anybody out there ????
12th September 2011       Jean Ravenscroft (was Bell)       UK      

I am looking for my adopted sons. Christopher Mark Bell born Aug 1947. William Henry Graham born March 1949. Both were adopted!
10th September 2011       Joan Snodgrass   

I am looking for Joan Bennett, I went to secondary school with her. We lived in Ellesmere port and went to Stanly Secondary School. I then moved back home to the IOW.
10th September 2011       Melinda       Melbourne, Australia

Hi, My name is Melinda and I am trying to find my great uncle Frank Cordingley. He was born in 1902 in Stockton, UK. He had one brother William and 2 sisters, Gladys and Marjorie. They came to Australia in 1914. I would love to hear from anyone who may know anything about his death and where he is buried. thank you, Mel.
9th September 2011       Catherine Schmidt       Liverpool

Hi, just found this site, nice to hear old tales. I would like to know anyone who knew the name Gilbertson from Hill St, Dingle, or maybe Toxteth. My fathers name was Robert Edward born 28nov 1919. Would like to hear from anyone who knew the family, they had a sweet shop in Hill St if that's any help. Maybe I have cousins I know nothing about, looking for help. Thank you
7th September 2011       Jennifer Chaumet       Sydney, Australia

I left Heathwaite Crescent, Norris Green, Liverpool in 1965 and I am returning in Oct 2011 for a month (may be for good). I am looking for some old friends. Pauline Hession (who went to St Teresa's) and Dave Collumn, Joyce Goodman, Karen Frey. I went to Abbottsford Road School. I would be great if I could contact anyone
4th September 2011       William Brown       northampton

Hi, I emigrated to Flemington, NSW in 1966. I was a motor mechanic and then semi driver. I moved back in 70/71. I look at Google Street Maps and a lot has changed when I was last there. I don't know if anyone remembers me, if so I would love to hear from you. Bill
3rd September 2011       Joyce Wardle       Southport, Merseyside

I am from Liverpool, born in 1946. I went to Duncombe Rd School off Whithedge Rd, Garston. Before that I spent time at Childwall Orphanage and School. My name was Joyce Roberts. I lived in Stormont Rd, Garston, by the librery. Anyone know where I am talking about, would like to hear from you.
31st August 2011       Nick Topham       Chester

Hi, I wish to contact Mike Jones who lived in Greasby in 1967. Any information would be a great help, this is realy important to me.
30th August 2011       Dorothy Adams (nee Taylor)       Cheshire

Great website. Trying to trace Family tree, John and Annie Taylor, my grandparents from Sackville St, Everton, Liverpool. Sons John, Albert, Daniel, daughters, Rebbecca, Margaret, May, Elizebeth, Hilda. Lived at Sackville St until 1960s. Would love to know more. My father was Albert Taylor. Dorothy Adams Taylor
28th August 2011       Thomas Neary       Coventry

Does anyone remember a lady called Kathleen Clarke who lived in Belfast 1n 1930s and worked as a barmaid. Her last known address was Susan St in 1931. I am her son.
25th August 2011       Chris Madden       Liverpool      

Hi, I am looking for any relatives of John Anthony Madden who lived in Seaforth, married Peggy Balfe from bootle, mums name Margaret who lived in Willow Grove, Seaforth. His dad came from Bootle (we didnt know him), any information would help.
24th August 2011       Tricia Ward was Regan       Essex

Went to Rock Ferry Convent Girls School from 1967 to 1972. Trying to trace any girls from the times I was there.
24th August 2011       Norman Stanley       Mowbray, Tasmania

I am trying to find an old friend of mine named Robert Symms. I knew him at Torpenhow Open Air School, The Wirral Near Liverpool. I last heard from him in 1967. I am wondering if anybody knows of his whereabouts.
21st August 2011       Mike Rennie   

Hi, I'm looking for anyone who was in Farm Road Children's Home, Clock Face St Helens.
20th August 2011       Elizabeth Woodhead       Cheshire

TRYING to find out about my mums parents. They were Fredrick and Elizabeth Grey. My mum was Jessie, born Toxteth, one of ten children, youngest was Joe.
20th August 2011       Alison Hibbs       Rockferry

I am looking for a street I was born in.
17th August 2011       Tony Wilson       Wigan, Lancashire

My grandfather, William Evan Paul, was a a train driver based in Wigan, 1920's and 30's. I want to know what train lines he drove on, LMS I think. How do I go about getting this information?
16th August 2011       Frances Williams       Birkenhead

Lived in Old Chester Road in the 50s, 60s. Went to Well Lane School then Kirklands. Worked in Frosts at the corner of St Pauls Road in the early 60s. Anyone remember the shop?
15th August 2011       Anthony Dray ( Tony)       Biggleswade, Beds

I was brought up in Huyton, with my 2 sisters Norma And Pauline, in Woolfall Heath Avenue. I now live in Biggleswade, Beds.
13th August 2011       Richard Dilworth       Birkenhead, Merseyside

Hi, if anyone remembers me, please get in touch.
12th August 2011       George Calby       Tranmere      

I was born in Tranmere (Chamberlane St). I lived with my nan Lydia Jones, my mum Tilly Jones, Uncle Jimmy, Winny, Margy, Beryl Jones. I remember Joe Lee the butcher, Aggy Roberts the grocers & fishmongers, Jones the paper shop. Does anyone remember us.
11th August 2011       Clara Mansbrdige       Birmingham

Looking at family history, Broadley's, Bilboes and Davies. All in the black country area.
10th August 2011       Graham Whitby       Birkenhead

Great site. Very interesting.
7th August 2011       Chris Madden       Liverpool      

I am trying to contact any relations of my dad John Madden who died last year in Crosby, Liverpool. His mum was Margaret and little known about his dad only that he was or is from Bootle, Liverpool.
7th August 2011       Kevin McManus       Ellesmere Port

I went to St.Johns RC School, Bebington 1961 to 1965. Anybody out there who was there at the same time. I live in Ellesmere Port.
6th August 2011       Jeremy Dunning       Corio, Victoria, Australia

Barbara Newman wrote on 31st May 2110 "Does anyone remember the Church Youth Group at Upton Road Church . .?" Well times change pretty fast but . . I remember attending a youth club at Christ Church church in approx' 1951. It was in Upton Rd just up from Moreton Cross heading for Arrowe Park. I can't remember anyone's names from the club but it was there that I learned to play the guitar and consequently used it to make much, much, money in pubs, clubs, etc., years later in Australia and Papua New Guinea - great! I also learned to smoke at one of their youth camps. I fancied this girl and she smoked Players so I bought some and learned the drawback - un-great!!! Didn't get the girl either! Anyhow, sorry but that's the best I can do. Jeremy
6th August 2011       Jeremy Dunning       Corio, Victoria, Australia

I was born in Heswall in 1941 but moved to Speke when I was two - then Moreton, Birkenhead, Rock Ferry, New Ferry before joining the RN Fleet Air Arm in 1957. I really enjoyed looking through this site and it brought back many memories as I have been living in Australia since 1972 and before that I was in Singapore and South Africa for some years so there was much to cover. Top marks Wacker!
5th August 2011       Linda (Nanson) Jones       USA

In 1954 I was in a convelesant home Named: Torpanhow in Liverpool, England for a year as I was very sick with Chronic Bronchitus... does anyone know of the Home, many children were there of different ages. Now I live in the USA...
25th July 2011       Mike Worthy       Wirral

Interesting site - will be back
24th July 2011       Charles Jones       Lesbury, Alnwick, Northhumberland

Born in Birkenhead. Lived in Wallasey, Moreton and Irby, then moved down to Hampshire, returning back up NORTH to my present abode.
17th July 2011       Phil Dean       Birkenhead

This is a great site. I've lived in Rock Ferry and New Ferry all of my life. I went to the Dell and Kirklands 66-71. Who remembers Palace Motors, Bob Simisters, the RLG record shop on the corner of King St. The photos of old Birkenhead are great. Would love to hear from any 50 odds out there.
14th July 2011       Lynne (Banks) Stewart       Dallas, Texas

Born Birkenhead 1947 and lived on Woodchurch Estate my whole life. Went to St. Winefride's.
11th July 2011       William Boyle       Wallasey

Went to Upton Rd School during WW2. 2 boys killed by mines at Leasowe Sandhills, 2 other boys also were blown up. Mr Davenport was headmaster, deputy head Mr Davies.
11th July 2011       Greg Baker   

Spent a big part of my childhood in Pearson Road, Tranmere. Sad to see those houses demolished, great memories of learning to play cricket in Mersey Park, now living in Meath, Ireland.
21th June 2011       Bernard Davies       Leicestershire

I was a kid in the '50s and a teenager in the '60s and I lived in Rock Ferry. I loved the place but it was changing even then, houses being demolished, shops closing even the fire brigade coming round and putting our bonfire in Doric Street out. When I looked in on Rock Ferry on Google earth I was very saddened to see what has become of the place. They were knocking down lots of places when I worked at Cammell Lairds in the '70s but I thought they would replace them with new houses and shops. All I see now is wide open spaces, no houses and no shops. It was a busy little place back then with some community life but I wouldn't live there now for a big clock.
20th June 2011       Caroline Holden       Wirral

I am looking for anyone who was friends with my father at Cammell Lairds in and around the 80's. His name is Stephen Holden from the Wirral.
18th June 2011       Mark Fitch       Wallasey

My mum was born on Oliver Street in Birkenhead and I've now made it my personal mission to find pictures of Oliver St. circa 1945-50. would appreciate any help. Thanks.
17th June 2011       Gert       USA

Excellent site
16th June 2011       Natasha Roberts       Liverpool

I'm trying to find my grandad's (Leslie Roberts) reports from an orphanage in Childwall (Liverpool) he went to in the early 1950's to around 1969. It would be a great help if anyone knew him and would give me more information on how I can go about getting his old reports from staff and school documents, I do not know the name of the orphanage he attended but I've seen pictures and all I can describe it as is that it had a flat roof and was pretty big! it would be a fantastic help if someone could give me information, thanks :)
15th June 2011       Sue Bailey       Hampshire      

I grew up on Wirral & lived there 1950 - 1980, attending Prenton Prep School and Birkenhead High School. Would love to have news of Miss Moore who taught history at BHS up until approx 1963/4 when she left to take up a headship, possibly in Preston but not sure. Many happy memories of Wirral - will be returning there in 10 days time for a school reunion.
11th June 2011       Carl Leckey MBE       New Brighton, Merseyside

Great site for nostalgia and memories.
10th June 2011       John Millward       Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Hi guys, I was born in Runcorn in 1942, Stonehills Cresent and was brought up in the Brickfield Cottage just behind the old football ground, and would love to see some old pics of the Brickfield and the Billmoores Sand Quarry.
6th June 2011       Kevin Langley       Oxford

I loved the photo of Reina del Mar about to sail from Liverpool on her maiden voyage (1956) which I have framed and hanging on the wall. My Uncle George (Captain, later Commodore G H Rice) was her first Master. Shortly before taking delivery of the Reina at H&W Belfast, Uncle George took me on a tour of the ship. As a boy of 12 it made a great impression on me.
4th June 2011       Heather Sumner       UK

Does anybody remember me, my name was Heather Cotton. I attended Bedford Drive Junior School, later went to Prenton High School for girls from 1961 to 1965. Headmistress was Mrs Bigland. Would love to hear from you, Heather
3rd June 2011       Jerry   

Love the site! Great work :) All the best, Big Jerry <:)
2nd June 2011       Linda McNamara/Keogh       Birkenhead

I lived in Rowland St, Birkenhead and went to Cathcart St Primary School, which was knocked down in the 60s and rebuilt on the same spot. We then moved to Rock Ferry and lived in Byrne Avenue from 1968 until 1989. I would love to see old photos of the old Cathcart St School and my school in Rock Ferry which was Rock Ferry Primary formerly a hospital for soldiers in the 1st World War...Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me....
30th May 2011       Maureen       Liverpool

I really loved this site, long may you continue the good work. I am looking for anyone who knew my mother her name is Sheila Fagan, she worked in the 1950's in a leather factory somewhere in Liverpools China town before moving to Lunts cake shop in Berry street. She lived in Mornington Terrace, Upper Duke Street in what was then a hostel before she moved to London. She is now 76 years old in, poor health and would love to make contact with her past. Any information would be gratefully appreciated.
26th May 2011       Charles Cotton       Great Sutton, UK

Found your interesting Website. I was born in Liverpool but most of my young life in Rock Ferry. Went Ionic school then to Kirklands. My grandmother Mrs Turnbull lived in Corinthion Street Rock Ferry. Her name was Mrs Daviesher previous name Mrs Turnbull. Now live in Great Sutton anybody remember my Nan she was a 106 when she died.
17th May 2011       Beryl       Scotland

Does anyone have a picture of Dairy shop "Answorth or Eaton" in Green lane old Swan Liverpool 13.
16th May 2011       Doug Clegg       Wirral

Hi everyone, my name is Doug Clegg and I lived in Bedford Rd, Rock Ferry till I married in 1968. I attended Ionic St. School then Rocky High. If anyone remembers me please send me an email. Thanks, Doug Clegg
13th May 2011       Margaret Gilmore nee Delaney       Warrington

I have just found your great web site. I was born in Liverpool and have been trying to trace my family. The name was Molden and they had a pork butchers shop in Lattermer St off Scotland Rd. There was a big family, about 14 of them but try as I will I can not find them. A few of them moved to Oldham, but one I do know lived in Hornby St. Her name was Jane Rimmer nee molden. She had daughters called Totty and Eileen. Jane's husband was a Norwegian sea farer. If there is anyone who can remember any of the family or know of their relatives, I would be much obliged if they would contact me on As I said I have only just found this site and am enjoying it very much. It brings so many memories to mind. Vauxhall Rd was our playground when we went to visit my gran. Someone would slit a sack of peanuts on the back of the horse and cart and we would take it in turns to hold our jersey out under the sack until it was full of peanuts. I have travelled to many places around the world and always met Scousers wherever I have been. I can honestly say Liverpool is the best place in the world and Scousers the most enjoyable people. Although I have not lived in Liverpool for years (because the houses were too expencive for me) I am still proud to say im a Scoucer. I still say I'm going home when I go there. There is somthing about seeing the Liver Bird that says "now you're home". I would like to say hi to all Scousers wherever you are in the world, hope it's not too long before you see the Liver Bird again. I will certainly stay in contact with this site and hope it comes up with some relatives for me. Good Night and Good Luck to Scousers everywhere.
13th May 2011       Joan van Dijk       South Africa

I have had family contact me through your site. Thank you so much, keep up the good work.
13th May 2011       Jacqueline Carnochan       Australia      

Was there from 1946 - 1947
13th May 2011       Rachael Ely       Liverpool

I am looking for a lady called Kathleen Morgan. She lived on Kingsley Road and had a brother called Joesph.
13th May 2011       Dan Arrowsmith   

Looking for a cousin, Susan Lomax.
12th May 2011       Alice Rawley (nee McKay)   

I loved reminising on this site. I was born in Cathcart St, Birkenhead, 1941. Only just found this site, keep it up.
11th May 2011       Mike Carter       Swindon, Wilts

Does anybody have any news of a family who lived at 7 Cruchley Ave, Birkenhead 1955 onwards. Can't remember the surname, two daughters, Kathy and Eileen. Would love to have any infomation please.
9th May 2011       Ronny Steers       Sandwich, Kent

I lived in Helmingham Road Lower Tranmere Birkenhead Went to Tranmere St Andrews school top of Hoilt Hill, and then to Hamilton Sec, Worked for W H Roberts in Christ church. If any one remembers me, it would be great to meet up again.
3rd May 2011       Carolyn Keenan       North Lanarkshire

I was born in Mill Road Hospital, Wavertree in 1962. I was subsequently adopted, my birth name was Deborah Dunn and my birth mothers name at this time was Sheila Ann Dunn. If anyone has any information which may help me in my search for her it would be greatly appreciated.
1st May 2011       Brenda Levis (nee Roberts)       Canada

Lived on Edgar Street Birkenhead in 1949 to 1962, now demolished. Would love to hear if anyone has any photos from there.
18th April 2011       John Henry Higginson       Bolgart, Western Australia

Hello, I have been looking for the birth certificate of Grace Margaret Higginson nee Farrell, she is my mother who was killed in the blitz at Liverpool in 1943. She was only 42 and I can't find anywhere or anyone who can help me. I have been looking for many years without results. I see a web page on my pc like yours and hope it will get to somebody who knows. Thank you, John Higginson
17th April 2011       Jean Lunt       Mount Gambier, Australia      

There is a site you may be interested in, Ellesmere Port Memories on Facebook. It shows lots of photographs of Ellesmere Port and surrounding areas in the Wirral. Thought it might be of interest to people using your site.
14th April 2011       Carl Gannon       Liverpool

My Grandad John Gannon, and his 3 brothers were at St. Edwards. Im trying to find information about his 2 brothers. Grandad was shipped out to Canada, and worked on a tobacco plantation, which he loved.
5th April 2011       Jacquie Breckons (Longrigg-Lee)       Spain

Love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I Lived in Blacon, Chester & went to Love St School 1955-58. Worked in Lowes the paper shop,then Dehavilands Hawarden. Also worked at Butlins, Bogner Regis in 1966. Happy days. If Maureen Burns (now Jones ) from Coventry reads this, would love to hear from you. I now live in Spain. Love to go down memory lane with old friends.
1st April 2011       Harold Meakins       Gravesend, Kent

I attended Colomendy Boarding School from 1958 - 1962. I lived in Onslow Rd, Fairfield, Liverpool. I am trying to find anyone else who was there, the only name that springs to my mind is carol lyons.
26th March 2011       C. Tony Vella       Hawthorne, CA, USA

Am looking for an old British Army friend of mine, Les Napier, last heard of in the Wirral area. Can you help an old soldier? We went to school together and served in REME together too.
23rd March 2011       Beverley Dolan       Wirral

I went to Town Lane Infants School, then Mill Road.
21st March 2011       Jean Perry (nee: clayton)       Australia      

Trying to find my friend from the 60's from Century Theatre Sydney. Pam haynes (Haines) and anyone from about 1962.
20th March 2011       Brian Denvir       Rochdale

Anybody go to the kids home in St Annes in the 60s or 70s. I think it was on St Andrews Rd. The guy who run the asylum/home was called Master Johnson, who ran the place with an iron fist and a 6ft cane and also walked all the kids single file wherever they went i.e Sunday School, like a bunch of prisoners of war. Oh happy days.
10th March 2011       John Egan       Channel Islands

Was at St. Edmund's Orphanage in 1960's with my brothers Gary and Michael and my sister Mary-Siobhan. Others there then were David McGee, Mikey Riley, Vincent McGrath, John-Patrick O'Grady, Billy Walsh, Carl Green, Paul Donnelly. I don't remember David Smith but he is right about the deaf-mute boy, John-Patrick and Sr. Joseph but Canon McHugh is who he means by McQue!!! and he whacked us with a stick not a strap.....only when we deserved it!! Has anyone got any pix ? I found out the place was pulled down, which is upsetting.....after all, it was our home. If David Smith wants to talk to me about those days, be most welcome.
9th March 2011       John Finnigan       Liverpool, UK

I had an Uncle, Tommy Finnigan who had a band and played at the Rialto ballroom, Liverpool 8 in the 1930's and 40's. I was wondering if anybody out there remembers him and perhaps danced to the music? He also wrote a weekly article in the Liverpool Echo talking about the type of music most pleasing the dancers.
9th March 2011       Margery Hall   

Just come across this very interesting site, must let my sister know in South Australia, she will enjoy it.
4th March 2011       Fiona Cunningham       Durban, S. Africa

Hello, I am a Birkenhead Old girl looking for two friends from our old school days. Diana Goodwin and Isobel Walker. If anyone can put me in touch with either of these ladies, please contact me on the email address supplied. Thank you, Fiona
1st March 2011       John O'Hara       Calgary, Canada

Love the site. I was brought up in New Ferry, lived in Birkenhead until I emigrated in 1966. Served my apprenticeship at Cammell Lairds (who didnt). Keep reading the guest book to see if I remember anyone.
1st March 2011       Frances Collister       Australia

Wanting to know if anyone would remember James Harold Collister, also ran away from home to join the Merchant Navy in aroud 1945. Lived in Liverpool. I think he may have gone to Mospits Lane Primary School. Love to hear.
28th February 2011       Carol Whyman was Gibson       Blyth, Northumberland

Hi, I have just found your site. I lived in Liverpool, born 1948. Went to Florence Melly School. Does anyone rembember me. I am trying to trace a friend who was called Pauine Perrin. Does anyone know her. I used to live in Walton Courthope Road.
25th February 2011       Graham T Bradshaw       St.Helens, Merseyside

I was brougt up in Wooodland Road, Whitby where most of my family lived and some still do. I went to Whitby Heath, Woodlands Junior, Grange Secondary. I helped backstage and on the spotlights at the Civic Hall. My Mum and I moved to St. Helens in 1969/70, where I started work at the Theatre Royal. I still deliver to Ellesmere Port thru my job. Would love to contact anyone that remembers me.
20th February 2011       Edith O'Brien   

My sister Patricia Perry was placed in the Cottage Homes in january 1945. She is interested to know how long she was there. Our mother had an accident shortly after Pat was born and that is the reason for her brief stay in there.
19th February 2011       Linda Dorman Hyland       Bebington

I went to St Johns Junior and Infant School and then to St Johns Secondary School 1955 to 1966. At 16 I worked at weekends and holidays as a lifeguard at New Ferry Baths. I was in the GNTC in New Ferry also the youth club. I worked in New Ferry Buses as a clippey from 1968 till 1971, good times.
19th February 2011       Linda Henshall   

Looking for Suttons in the Leasowe area early 1900's
13th February 2011       John Thompson       Gloucester

Looking for nurse Joyce Evans of Oswestry. She was a nurse at Leasowe Childrens Hospital in 1954
13th February 2011       Margi       Liverpool

Hi, I am trying get any photos/information on St Hughs School Wavertree. I attended there 1965-71, and I don't have a photo of this time, or any memories really. I thought i might get some info or photos but it's not that easy. Would the church have information on the likes of Hholy Communion, Christening etc. Any help would be great. Thank you, Margi.
9th February 2011       Larraine Leonard nee Daly       Dallas, Pennsylvania, USA

I am looking to find a very dear friend. I went to school in Kirkby with Anna D'Ambrosio. She was originally from Egypt. I would love to renew ties with her if at all possible.
9th February 2011       Billy Hill       Liverpool       C39F4@HOTMAIL.CO.UK

Anyone out there who sailed from L'pool April 1960 to train to be a farmer, if so give us an e-mail.
6th February 2011       Lynda Harrison formerly Wright       Maghull, Liverpool      

Hi, I was born in Anfield in the 50s and my dad Alan Wright had the Regent Garage on West Derby Rd and then took over the Rocket Motor Company. As my mum and dad divorced when I was 12 I was wondering if anyone knew him. I met him again after 35 yrs and sadly he died on Nov 19 2008. Thank you.
6th February 2011       Bill Turnbull       Chilliwack, Canada      

Really interesting. A pleasure to look at the past
5th February 2011       B Connolly       Liverpool      

Public baths could be Margaret Street baths l6 area
4th February 2011       Ian Black       Birkenhead

I would like to get in touch with old school mates from 1968 to 71
4th February 2011       Sue Davis       Preston

I grew up on Old Chester Road in Rock Ferry and lived there from 1960 - 1971. My dad Arnold Davis worked at Cammell Laird shipyard as a coppersmith.(as did his dad of the same name) I went to Well Lane School, then Kirklands until it closed. After that I had a brief spell at Prenton Comp before moving to the Wirral. My gran - Millie Davis lived on Cobden Street and my aunties worked at the sewing machine factory at the top of Union St (I think) their names are Joan, Pauline and Beryl.
4th February 2011       Gaynor Lyon       Tranmere, Birkenhead      

Great site, going to email my Auntie who emigrated to the States 50 years ago and tell her to have a look, she'll love this, as I did.
29th January 2011       Kim Bennett       London       KYM@CAYMAN911.FREESERVE.CO.UK

Trying to find anything out about my great grandmother Mary Ann possibly ELLIS. She married a KAY. They lived Rock ferry and she had a Tea shop in Birkenhead market. This would have been in approx 1900. If anyone has any info would be really grateful.
28th January 2011       Margaret Coyle       Wirral, Merseyside      

I would like some imformation on when Kirklands Girls School in Birkenhead was demolished and any history about it.
25th January 2011       Dennis Richards       Truro, Cornwall

Sailed in Blueys and Glens from 1959-1969. Master's ticket. Retrained as Graphic Designer - worked for ITN for 35 years. Retired to Cornwall.
24th January 2011       Eric Shun       UK

Great site!
24th January 2011       Bill Bennett   

I went to St Hugh's Secondary School Birkenhead in the early 50s and am wondering if there is an Old Boys' Reunion anytime please?
22nd January 2011       Bruce Ritchie       Melbourne. Australia

A wonderful meander through the past. I lived at 99 New Chester Road, New Ferry. My mother had The Corniche School of danceing, her name was Winifred Ritchie, I would like to hear from anyone who has anything they can tell me in regards to the family. Please keep up the good work that helps to keep folk in touch with the past.
12th January 2011       Joan Sheen       Liverpool

Hi, I was Joan Maguire, went to St Finbars then St Winefreds, any one out there remenber me ?? I am 15 stone heavier.
10th January 2011       Dave Pimblett       Liverpool

Found this site through a Google search for Woolton... I collect photos/postcards of Woolton, so any other views of Woolton would be great. Thanks, Dave
5th January 2011       Kate       UK

Great site, thanks
30th December 2010       Phil Murphy       Sydney, Australia

Lived in Ballington St, Liverpool 8, went to Beaufort St Primary and Dingle Vale Sec Modern for three years before emigrating to Australia in 1956. Always remember Cyril Makin (teacher who lived in New Brighton) and headmaster Albert Virr (who used to play wing-half for Everton). Went to watch Everton for first time in 1952, win 2-0 against Leicester City, and amazingly can remember the team...O'Neil Clinton Lindsay Farrell Jones Lello Wainright Fielding Hickson Parker Eglington..but don't remember what I had for breakfast a week ago.
30th December 2010       Alan Kenworthy       Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for these photographs. I grew up in Heswall and often travelled to Birkenhead and Liverpool. My ancestors were cotton brokers in Liverpool and the USA. They were related by marriage to the Okills and the Clowes families. My grandmother, Bertha, came from the Crowther family which owned Woolton quarry. My grandfather, Frederick, practiced dentistry in Hoylake. If anyone has some family connections please let me know.
21st December 2010       Vince Tracy       Spain

Just found the site and it looks very interesting. I used to work on Radio Merseyside
18th December 2010       Milton Jobe       USA

Lived in uk 55-66
12th December 2010       Dot Adams(nee Taylor)       Cheshire

Really enioyed reading all comments. I came from Liverpool, but spent every weekend over in the Empress club in New Brighton and at the fair in the 60s, then back home on the last ferry to Liverpool, Speke. What great times we had, does anyone remember the Empress nightclub?, I went with my mate Pam.
11th December 2010       Barbara Roberts       Irby, Wirral, Merseyside

Looking to speak with Pete Rogers originally of Irby, wirral, cheshire, was from a family of seven brothers and one girl. I went out with Pete in the 60's would love to know what happened to him?
10th December 2010       Thomas Wilson       Birkenhead

Just found this site. I am rapidly approaching 60 and have lived on the Wirral all of my life but for 2 years in Gainsborough in the 70's. I went to Tranmere St Andrews primary school in the mid 50's when Mr Modern was head. Does anyone remember him?
9th December 2010       Alex Carr       Canada      

Many thanks. Wonderful pictures, brought back endless memories.
8th December 2010       Mike Howard       Liverpool, UK

I am writing up my memories of life on the Wirral and sailing on the tidal river Dee in the 1950's and 1960's
6th December 2010       heather andrews nee fergusson       wirral

Anyone there Town lane School, Bebington Mill Road, New Chester Road, Lancaster House Telephone Exchange 1954, North Wales Climbing 1957, 1960 Littlewoods Pools, Birkenhead 1969 1997
5th December 2010       Joe (geordo} Georgeson       Liverpool      

Ex St Edwards Orphanage. Left in 1949. Played in goal for footie team. would like to hear from old orphie friends.
2nd December 2010       Brian Richardson   

Lived in Norris Green. Does anybody remember me in the Broadway 1960s
1st December 2010       James Parr       Wellington, New Zealand

Trying to contact any relatives of Parr family from around world. I am in New Zealand
28th November 2010       Ann Howarth       Blackpool      

Pupil at Clairmont School
21st November 2010       Fred Joughin       Ipswich, Qld, Australia

Born in Birkenhead 1940. Lived in No 1 Livingstone Street. Moved to Liverpool 1947, lived in Wavertree, #10b Wavertree Gardens. Good days good times. Been in Australia close on 40 years, Queensland. This is a great site, first time on for me hope, it's not the last. Cheers all, Fred J
21st November 2010       Richard Havery       London

Most useful, thank you so much, I now have some excellent perspectives to follow through. Well done.
14th November 2010       Mike Homan       Hyther, Kent UK

Great site. Hope to also get some help. Anyone out there that may have been on the Troopship 'Devonshire' from Liverpool to Korea 1951. Landed Pusan and then on to Kure Japan. Landed Tank Regiment plus may from Corps and other regiments. I was with the Pay Corps. Cheers.
8th November 2010       Yvonne Siemer       Bozeman, Montana, USA

My Grandfather worked for Grayson Rollo and Clover as an apprentice in the late 1930's. The photo's are wonderful and it is so nice to see where he started in life as the Wirral has changed so much even from when I was a little girl. Thank you for sharing these images.
28th October 2010       Richard Harrison       Australia

Hi, I am looking for information on my father and people who know him. His name was Glynn Harrison, born 6/7/1940. he lived in Birkenhead and was the youngest of 4 children. His siblings were, Phyllis, Douglas, Ernest they were all at least eight years older than him. He joined the Royal Armoud Core 1958. He lived in 11 Moat Street Ellesmere Port 1964. He moved to Australia in 1966. If you have any information or can offer any help it would be very much appreceated.
27th October 2010       Robert Hayde       New Zealand

Hi, great site and photos. I'm interested in anyone from Grayson Rollo and Clover Docks, served my time there as an apprentice joiner about 1960-1966.
23rd October 2010       Diane Jones       Port Sunlight

Hi, what a great site, love looking at the old photos. Wonderful memories. I lived at the Towers in Victoria Park when I was younger, loved that place, pity it was demolised and made way for the flats that stand there now. Will deffo come back and visit this site again.
19th October 2010       David Holman   

Hi. Lived in Rothwell St, off Whitefield Rd. Went to St Micks School, Mill Rd. Also York St off West Darby Rd. Many happy days at school playin football. Some mates I remember. Tweedle, Ely, Halligan, Sinnott, Morris, Fanning, our football teacher Mr Hull, a lovely man. D Holman Olly.
18th October 2010       Mal Roberts       Wirral

My mum and dad used to go on about the good old days, but now I'm in my sixties I find myself saying the same to my kids and grandkids. It's a funny old world. Anybody remember me playing the guitar in and around all the pubs in Tranmere with firstly old Jimmy and Billy, and later with Harry.
12th October 2010       Judy Brown       California/USA      

Anyone have any information about the Thompson family of Thingwall Hall? I have an engraved bowl "Presented to Edward Philips Thompson As A PROOF OF THE ESTEEM & REGARD IN WHICH HE IS HELD BY THE THINGWALL HOUSEHOLD, Elizabeth Clark, Edward Parkinson, Sarah Buckley, James Copple, Catherine Shields, May Norris, Mary Wood and Thomas Burgess and Wife, Richard Foster and Wife, William Lancaster, Thomas Burgess dated JANUARY 1893... What I've read on-line, the Thompson's purchased Thingwall Hall in the 1800's and Edward Philips Thompson died in 1890's. Any info would be appreciated.
9th October 2010       Jackuline Pearson       Doncaster, Yorkshire

Please can anyone help me. My uncle was in the merchant navy, a petty officer. He died in the 1950s and is buried somewhere in Sussex or Surry. My uncles name was Steven Dagger from Bristol. He had a sister, my mother Gwen Dagger. She was evacuated to South Africa. Please can anyone help me find out where he is buried. If any of his ship mates see this letter please get in touch by my e-mail. Thank you
7th October 2010       Gill Day   

Great site, I wonder if any one can help. I am looking into my family history. My mother was born in a nursing home in 1928 at 28 St Pauls Road Birkenhead. Does anyone know where this was. Then she lived at 7 Victoria Grove, with her aunt and grandma, surname Green, grandma Selina Fellows, aunt Annie Lawrence.
30th September 2010       Patrick McMillen       Southampton

I was on Esso Tankers 1953 to 1961. Sailing out of Fawley outside Southampton. I served in the Catering Dept. I would like to know anyone who may have been on some of the Esso Fleet. Paddy.
24th September 2010       Mike Davis       Liverpool

Great site. Does anyone have a photograph of Bamber Street looking from the Paddington end please?
20th September 2010       Phil James       Milton Keynes

What a wonderful selection of Photographs, it reminds me of how time flies and how fickle life can be.
15th September 2010       Melanie de Castro Pugh       Wales

What a lovely collection of photographs. I was born in Grange Mount Maternity Hospital in Birkenhead in 1974, and this is the first picture have seen of it. Fabulous. I'm actually trying to get in touch with the Holt family who used to run the Dell Hotel on Prenton Hall Road in the early 1970's - is there anyone out there who could possibly help, please?
30th August 2010       Caroline Eccles, nee Fletcher       Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire

I am looking for an old school friend, Carla nee Perkins and hope she might read this, or anyone who knows her now. We were at Aigburth Vale High School from 1957/1957-8. I now live in Newark, Notts having moved from West Kirby, Wirral 4 years ago.
29th August 2010       Andrew Marsh   

Does anyone know anyone who was at Torpenhow Open Air School from 1976 to 1983. If anyone can let me know as I've tried for the past 25 years. I left Torpenhow to go to Brookfarm School in Tarply. Does anyone know anyone from this school who went from 1983 to 1987. I would be very grateful for any information. Please email any time and I will contact you.
29th August 2010       Kevin Langley       Oxford

A beautiful photo of the Reina del Mar leaving on her maiden voyage. Her master was my uncle, Captain (later Commodore) George Rice. Before she left Belfast, where she was built, my uncle took me on a tour of the Reina. When he was sailing her from Belfast to Liverpool for sea-trials, he took her close in to his home town - Ardglass, Co Down - where the whole population was cheering from the cliffs as her siren sounded.
27th August 2010       Bob Evans   

Lived at 278 Beckwith St, Birkenhead 1944-1964 Would like to hear from any one who remembers me or anyone who went to Tolly School 1955-1959.
26th August 2010       Raymond Seaward   

Born in Norris Green 1944, Lived in West Derby Village until 1970. Attended Liverpool Collegiate and the Regional College of Art. Now living in San Francisco Bay Area. Any old friends out there?
21st August 2010       Terence Mottram       Runcorn

I have only had a quick look at this site and find it very interesting. I will shortly be studying the whole site. Thank you very much. Terry.
20th August 2010       John Sellers       Wigan, Lancs

I just found this site by chance, read about a sailor on the Reina Del Mar, my cousin was also on that ship. I will e-mail him to see if he knows my counsin. Long chance, maybe, you never know if you don't try.
20th August 2010       Janet Shearman Lavery   

Born in Liverpool, but grew up in Pensby. Went to Pensby High School for girls 1968 to 1973.. god too old to live in Canada....
20th August 2010       C Smith       Rock Ferry

Ionic Street photo's
13th August 2010       Carolyn Jones (nee Ellis)       Winslow, Bucks

Lovely site, very nostalgic. Spent my childhood on Merseyside. School at Aigburth Vale. Does any one have photos of the alderman Walter Eastwood, Mayor of Wallasey in the 1930s please, he was my Granny's brother. A butcher by trade. must visit this page again, it's so good.
10th August 2010       Tony Larsen   

I just found this site today and I think it's great, lots of old photos of Seaforth and Bootle.
9th August 2010       Eileen Maher       Liverpool      

i am trying to contact any of the girls that went to St Agnes Secondry School, Old Swan, Liverpool 13 in about 1962.
8th August 2010       Lynn Smith            

Born in West Derby but moved to New Brighton in 1952. Still think of myself as a Liverpudlian.
7th August 2010       Eileen       Liverpool , Merseyside

I am trying to find anyone who may have been brought up in Druids Cross Orphange in Calderstones Liverpool in 1941 to 1954. I cant seem to find one bit of information about the place and as my mum and her sisters all were put in there I am curious to ask questions ...My mums name was Pat Heeney, and her sisters were Eileen and Kathleen. cheers hope I dont hit another brick wall as seems to be the case.
5th August 2010       Chris Neil       Doncaster ( Ex Leasowe lad)

I was born in Leasowe in 1959, the youngest son of John Neil & Ellen Neil. I left Leasowe in 1976 to join the RAF and now live in Doncaster. I am researching family history and found a record of the death of Robert W Macfarlane who died by drowing at Ellsmere in Shropshire in 1941 aged 9. I think he will have been there as one of the thousands who were evacuated from Birkenhead to Wales to avoid the bombings around the docks. If anyone has any memories of this time or knowledge of the drowning please get in touch by email.
5th August 2010       Anthony Dorman       Bebington, Wirral

Went to St Hughs [yozzas] 1n 1951, any old boys?
4th August 2010       Celia Alston       Ellesmere Port

I stumbled onto this site while trying to trace Smiths Butchers Birkenhead mid to late 1800's and also Pembroke Place. Having lived on the Woodchurch and in Prenton for many years I enjoyed all of the photo's, which brought back many memories. Would be grateful of any info and if anyone knew anything about the Mitchell family who owned a grocery shop and a flower shop.
4th August 2010       John Formston       Auckland, New Zealand

Took me back. How wonderful Bebington/Brackenwood was. The best place to have a childhood in 50's. Honest people, open spaces, amazing scenery, woods and local history. It was a natural play ground for kids. Thank you Bebington borough council for the Brackenwood estate.
3rd August 2010       Suzanne Raffle       Suffolk

Attended Formosa Drive Nursery and Primary and went on to Sherwood Lane School Fazakerley from 1972-1977. Maiden name Hamlin. Interested in a reunion with other class mates. Now living in Suffolk.
31st July 2010       Christine Dalton (nee) Allen       Wetherby, West Yorkshire

I went to Kirlands Girls from 1960 until 1965. I was very good at sports and represented the school many times. Unfortunately all the photo's I had of sports days etc. have been lost. Does anyone know how I can find the photographer who took all our sports day photo's. Or does anyone out there have any. I was Christine Allen from Brougham Street Tranmere. Sadly the old school is no more and a housing estate sits in its place. Does any remember Miss Cocker our headmistress and Miss Hough.....ahhh happy days.
31st July 2010       Brenda            

Just been looking through this very interesting site. I was born in Aintree, liverpool in 1943. Moved to live in Upton on the Wirral in 1959. Married in 1963 moved to live in Wallasey for a little while then back to Prenton on to Oxton, Wirral and left Oxton in 1984 for Canada. Living in Ontario now.
30th July 2010       Netta Quinn       Birkenhead

Hello all, I grew up on Beckwith Street, Birkenhead. I was born in 1932, evacuated to Shropshire for a year or so ( a little vague). I went to St Lawrence's RC Primary School in the 40s, and then went on to work at Lever Bros, Port Sunlight in 50s. I have been searching for years for someone who remembers me from those days, - Winnie Riley, Aggie. My memory is not so good for remembering names, but if I see a face - I would know instantly who it is. If anyone remembers me or can help find Winnie Riley, it would make my day. Thank You for the wonderful memories of Birkenhead. Lovely photos. Really enjoyable.
25th July 2010       Carol Murphy Harman       Salem, Oregon. USA

Had a great visit on your site. I was raised in Kirkdale, Liverpool 4. Morley st prefabs. I attended St John's, on Sessions Road. Have lived in the pacific north west USA. since 1965. Thank you
24th July 2010       Chris Martin nee Shaw   

I am trying to find any information about the Square Dancing Team in Birkenhead in the 1950's for my dad Stanley Shaw who danced in it. If anybody remembers him or has any knowledge of the team I would be very grateful. Chris Martin
21st July 2010       Shehan       Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, Merseyside

Had one reply. Anyone else remembers me, Sheila Mc Allister, lived in Mersey Road, Rock Ferry nr the river Mersey. Went to St Annes School, had two brothers John & Arthur, both worked in Cammell Lairds, both much older than myself. They had a nick name, it was Barney. Confined at the moment, due to a very bad accident, to my bungalow. Bought this computer to see if maybe I could email others. Still learning about computers, but told not doing too bad as I have self taught myself. Hoping someone remembers me. Sheila / Shehan
20th July 2010       Dennis Meredith       Birkenhead, Cheshire

Bedford Place, Rock Ferry, Ionic Street & Alpha Drive Schools
20th July 2010       Angela       Leicestershire

What a great website this is! I have not long found out that my ancesters are mainly from birkenhead. Names are listed; Gladys O'Brien- born in 1922-1973, William-James O'Brien- born 1898, Gladys Scott-Johnson- born 1897,(police constable) John Johnson- born 1864 All from Birkenhead, except Cathrine-Jane Parry- born 1863 in Caernarvonshire Wales. Also David-Henry Davis born circa 1896. Cathrine J Johnson born 1864 bethesda caernarvonshire Wales regisration district- Birkenhead. Angie.
12th July 2010       Bill Bennett       Neath, South Wales

I went to St Hugh's Sec School back in the 50s and am wondering if there are any reunions planned? I live in South Wales now but used to live on the Wirral in Greasby! I would love to get in touch with anyone associated with the school please!
10th July 2010       Christine Clinton       Birkenhead

Have just found this site by sheer accident and it's great to look back at people you remember.
7th July 2010       Duncan       USA

Looking for anyone who attended St Nicholas' Infant and Junior School, Warrenhouse Road, Waterloo, Liverpool around 1950-1955, plus any old photos of the place. Please email me.
6th July 2010       Ruth Bowcock   

Would be very happy to contact anyone who has any information/photographs of the Mill at Eastham, it was demolishd I believe just after the second world war began, thanks
5th July 2010       Kim Render       Moreton, Wirral

Just found ur site amazing. Just doing my partners family tree, he is from Birkenhead and was in the merchant navy derek "Dibber" he's from Brooke St.1950s.
2nd July 2010       George Devers       Ft Walton Beach, Florida, USA

I was in the Fazakerley Cottage homes in the late 1940's early 1950's. Would like to hear from anyone who might know me or was in the Homes at the same time.
1st July 2010       Chris Ogorman       Birkenhead

Still waiting for any info on Ratoath 1960`s, but a great site you have.
29th June 2010       Task Patterson       USA

Great looking website. The photos were very enjoyable to look through.
26th June 2010       Yvette Bryant       Netherlands

Agnes Jolley, James Jolley possibly married Amy Cox, Catherine Jolley, Letitia Jolley, Andrew Kennedy Jolley, Charles Edward Jolley all born Wirral. Frank R Poole, Annie Rowlandson Howard, William Rowlandson, Thomas Rowlandson, McNamara all Birkenhead. Any info mch appreciated. Regards Yvette.
20th June 2010       Les Walker       Bidston, Birkenhead

Ex 120 Boundary Road, Bidston, Birkenhead. Tollemach Road School to 1943. 1944 Cooks Chemist of 130 Price Street.
16th June 2010       Jim Bush       Birkenhead, UK

I have just found the site and find it most interesting.
11th June 2010       Shelly       Kansas

Very interesting, I'm hooked now, thanks! lol
9th June 2010       Anne McNeil(Nan Guildea)       Surrey, UK

I am trying to contact GERALD Strangward, after finding this site a few months ago, are you the same Gerald that lived in North St, in Abergavenny in the 50s/60s, if so do you remember me Nan Guildea / Anne McNeil. I lived in Bridge St, Crickhowell, then left Wales to live in Chertsey in Surrey. Would love to hear from you Gerry, have tried the email adress you gave but to no avail. PLEASE does anyone else know him to pass on this message, ?
7th June 2010       Paul Binsale       Cardiff, South Wales

What a great web site, I only found it by accident. The photos of the Toxteth area brought back some great memories. I lived there till 1968 and went to St Pats. When I was about 11 I used to collect money with the Priest every Sunday, my job was to knock on the door prior to the priest, after a Saturday night out some of the comments weren't very polite.
7th June 2010       Max Doyle       USA

Born Ellesmere Port, left The Grange Boys School 1950, went in the Army 1953 to 1956, moved to Birmingham, UK, then to New Zealand, lived in the USA since 1977. Feel free to contact me if you know me.
5th June 2010       Janet Couture       Old Coulsdon

I think I know you Donnor O'Brien. I also went to Kingsbury Boarding School, Curryrivel. Please get in touch with me, my name then was Janet Kirby.
3rd June 2010       Pete       UK

Nice site, I really enjoyed looking through the photos.
2nd June 2010       Vincent Downey       Australia

Just found this wonderfuil site. I am trying to find my relatives/ancestors in Liverpool, Lancashire. My grandad John Joseph Downey was born 7 April 1887 in West Derby. I am also trying to find out the circumstances surrounding the death by drowning of one of his sisters, Margaret Ann Downey born 21 March 1894 and was found dead in Sefton Lake 20 January 1914. Would anyone know of these Downeys or where I could find out about Margaret's Drowning? Kind regards, Vince Downey
31st May 2010       Barbara Newman       Chester      

Does anyone remember the Church Youth Club at Upton Road Church, Moreton, and playing rounders on the common at Moreton - looking for Ian Martin
25th May 2010       Nick Topham       Chester

Fantastic site, great pictures. It's a long shot, but I am looking for a MIKE JONES who lived in Greasby around about 1965 and went out with Dorothy Hall.Hhe also worked in Cammell Lairds as a draughtsman. Any info would be great.
23rd May 2010       Raymond Croston       Inuvik/Northwest Terrortories, Canada

Hi to all Birkenhead ex-pats out there. I grew up in St Andrews Square from 1957-1970. Hoping to find old friends or nieghbours who remember me from those days. I rememeber Billy Fowler, the Jones family, the hughes family, the graham family, I could go on. I have the greatest memories of growing up there for so many years. We may have been poor folk but we truly are the salt of the earth, and remember our roots.
17th May 2010       Patricia Thompson       Stockton on Tees

I grew up in St Helens, Merseyside and attended Mount Carmel Secondary School on Prescott Road. Maiden name Cullum, first name Pat, but my friends in Teesside all call me Trish. The school was brand new when I first went there from St Teresas Primary School. Sister Agnes Julie was the Head Mistress (she designed the new school uniform grey tabard blue blouse grey skirt and a funny jelly mould shaped hat with maroon tassle. My first form teacher was Mr Kelly. I was friends with Joan Myers and Linda Tee. I now live in Stockton on Tees I have two children and 1 grandchild, Jacob. All my family are still in St Helens and I visit regularly. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew me at this time.
17th May 2010       David Smith       Stoke on Trent

Hi, my name is David Smith. I spent some time at St Edmonds in the 60s with my brothers Danny, Joey, Tony, Mary and Pat. I remember Sister Martha, Sister Joseph, the nuns. I broke my nose there on the maypole, "I got you babe" was playing on the record player. I also remember getting the strap off Cannon McQue. We also went to St Johns School. I also remember a deaf and dumb lad, Patrick was his name. I made my Holy Communion there. We were from Kirkby then. Does anyone remember us? Then there was a lad called Tony Goodwin. I would love to hear from you. Thanks
14th May 2010       Shehan       Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, Merseyside

My maiden name was Sheila McAllister. Went to St Annes School, Rock Ferry. Lived in Mersey Road, Rock Ferry. Had two brothers John, known as Barney, and Arther, both decesed. Much older than myself. At the moment confinded to the house due to a very bad accident, so I got this computer at Christmas to see if there was anyone out there that may remember me and we could email.
13th May 2010       Rhona Bradley       Wirral

Would like to view pictures of Old Chester Road, Birkenhead in the 50's.
7th May 2010       Barry Johnson       Wallasey, Merseyside

Is anyone out there that was on the ship SS Laconia that got sunk by German U-Boat in 1942 who are still live or dead because my dad was on the ship Laconia 1942. He was a butcher on board and he is 86, part blind and still alive. They are making drama of the Laconia on BBC2 this year, 2010, look out for it. Thank you, Barry
5th May 2010       Julie Osborne       Wales      

Just in case no one has seen my previous comments, I am trying to find out any info about my Dad. His name was George Jones. He lived on Chatham Road, Rock Ferry. He was in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers during the war. He became a bus driver and worked at Crosville Depot in Rock Ferry before transferring to Johnstown, North Wales. His sister Maggie lived in Bedford Road. He came from a large family including brothers Billy, Tommy, Freddie, Harry and sisters Maggie, Martha, Daisy, Jane and Annie. His brother Billy owned a scrap yard in Rock Ferry and a trailer shop in New Ferry. He died when I was young so if anyone has any info I would be very grateful.
3rd May 2010       Joey Prewitt       LA, USA

Fantastic site. Please keep up the good work. Joey
20th April 2010       Ken Berry       Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand

Hi Carol, Well I hit the Jackpot with My Grandad Tug boat Captain Alfred Edward Berry on the Alex Towing Company "Bramley Moore" and Master on the "Waterloo". in dock Liverpool 1911 census. The Waterloo as I mentioned went to Swanses 1912 and renamed the "Mumnles". Waiting on info if he sailed her down to Swansea and was there for a while till they appointed a new Captain. Then a couple of my redundant memory cells recalled. Prior to and during WW2 he told me how he loved being off the Coast of Ireland and the English Channel in fine weather to watch the Sunrises and Sunsets on the two coasts while he was on a Mine Sweeper, WW1. Found he was 2nd Hand, then Skipper, then Chief Skipper on 4 Hired Trawler Minesweepers and 2 Admiralty Trawlers Minesweepers. He had been awarded DSC and Bar and maybe a 3rd. Gallipoli, Dardanelles and the English Channel off Zeebruge. Am waiting on all his papers from Fleet Air Arm Museum Yeovilton, Somerset who have all RNR WW1 Records. He never said a word about his medals and Mum and Dad never ever said a word. I wonder if they knew. He was My Best Mate. Do you have any Photos of WW1 Trawler Minesweepers. Best Regards to You and Yours, Ken Berry.
16th April 2010       Debbie McCarthy (nee Knox)       Birkenhead

Fantastic site. I have lived in Birkenhead all my life (45 years). Great pictures lots of happy memories. Thank you
11th April 2010       Anne Ainsworth       Widnes, Cheshire

This site looks very interesting, I am hoping it will help me with the problem I have.
9th April 2010       Richie Douglas       Liverpool

Dear All Desperate for any photographs of Opie Street, Everton. Yours, Richie Douglas
1st April 2010       Lynda Hughes       Birkenhead

Looking for photographs of the prefabs in Price Street. Can you help please, I lived in 309 Price Street. Lynda
25th March 2010       Kathleen Corry       Bromley, Kent

I recently e-mailed someone that used to live in the same street as I did. He had left a message in your guest book. Since then we have had a great time reminiscing. It's a great site. I would love to find my best mate. Her name was Jeanie Mac. I can't remember what the Mac was short for. She used to live in Bridge St. nr Hamilton Square Station. She had a sister called Kathleen. We lost touch when she was pulled out of St Winifred's to attend Holt Hill in 1960/1961. Does anyone know her whereabouts? Thanks again for the site.
24th March 2010       Kim Brown       Essex

Just spent an entire afternoon browsing this, wonderful! On my birth certificate it states my place of birth as 9 Falkland Street. I was told that this was was the Majestic Hotel, Can anyone enlighten me?.
21st March 2010       Jackie Pearson       Doncaster, Yorkshire

Can anyone help me, has anyone come across a grave with the name Steven Dagger, Merchant Navy Petty Officer. My uncle came from Bristol and was about in his 20s. He was buried in the 1950s somewhere in Sussex according to the back of his photograph. I would be so happy if someone could help me find his grave. Thank you, Mrs Jackie Pearson
18th March 2010       Lesley Henshall       Birkenhead

Hi, I am looking for any info on my grandfather George Herbert Henshall who was a photographer in the 1920s-30s, apparently he had a shop in either Dale street or Lineker Lane, Bootle. If any one has any photos taken by him or any info would be much appreicated.
14th March 2010       Joan van Dijk nee Worthington       Richards Bay, South Africa

Hi again Carol, thought I would try and find my fathers side of the family. Worthington, father George, he had brothers Edward {Uncle Ted who was my god father} married to Edie, they had two daughters, Gladys and Maureen I think. We did not see much of them, I know they all workrd at Jacobs Biscuit Factory. Then a brother Samuel Worthington, he lived in Willowdale Road, that's all I know of him. A younger brother, William, died following a foofball accident that left him in a wheelchair for some years. Then one sister, Ester, who married a French guy after the war, only met her once at my own brother Bill's funeral in 1967. Anyone who can tell me anything about these people would help. My father ran away from home at 12, he was in the Merchant Navy during the war, then drove lorries for Thomas Borthwick. Married Molly Irene Tomkins Hodgeson, step sister Kathleen Garrett, well known artist in Liverpool today, so I beleive. Don't have any information on my fathers parents what-so-ever, only know they lived off Walton Road somewhere near Burtons Clothing Shop.
14th March 2010       Joan van Dijk nee Worthington       Richards Bay, South Africa

Have really enjoyed looking at all the pictures of home. Can remember my mother taking us as small children along to the Dingle where she came from, Longford Road I beleive. It's all gone now, we played on the swings in a park where we could see the big storage tanks. Still hoping someone out there will remember me. I went to Fazakerly Barlows Lane CP, then a short time at Sherwoods Lane as we moved from Adlamrod, Fazakerley to Richard Kelly Place. Went to Roscoe Garsfield School for Girls, then went and trained as a nurse at Fazakerley Hospital. Moved to Parbold when I married. I have a sister, Catherine Ann now McKeown, brother Bill was killed in 1967. He went to Alsop High School. We were all in the cottage homes, numbers 19 and 8 in Fazakerley for some time. I have an aunt, my moms step sister, who I believe is quite a well known artist in Liverpool. Anyone who can help me find her, her name is Kathleen Hodgson, she was married to a policeman called Eric and had one son called John who I know both passed away. People that I knew where Lorna Millard, she lived on Townsend Lane, Joyce Dorgan lived in Montrose Rd, Tuebrook. We all went to St Andrews Curch Youth Club on a Friday along with Robert Jude, Raymond Townsend, Grayham Kitts, Philip Kelly, Gillian? Pauline Holden Paula Harris. Would like to make contact with any of them. I left UK in 1973 and have lived in South Africa since then.
11th March 2010       Reg Bright      Leeds, West Yorkshire

Interesting reading various messages. I found the site whilst looking at Mersey Ferries, the article re sinking of a tug Applegarth, jolted my memory. I was living in Thingwall at the time and worked in Liverpool (Clayton Crane & Hoist) we had been on overtime, it was around 20-00 hrs on one of the steam ferries, weather a bit rough, when a vessel only just missed colliding. The following day I remember a tug had been struck and just its funnel above water this was between 1959/1962 RDB
10th March 2010       Jackie (Wakerley) Sullivan      Birkenhead      

I lived on the New Chester Road in Rock Ferry in one of the big Victorian houses. I was one of 11 children and went to The Dell Primary School and then Kirklands Secondary Modern Schoool, leaving in 1969. I married a Rock Ferry lad Peter Sullivan, Chatham Road. He went to St Anne's School and then St Anselms.
8th March 2010       JJ Siner      Kirkby

Love the site, looking for anyone who knew my Dad, his name was Joe Siner, born 1910, boxing name Paddy Bennett.
6th March 2010       Chris O'Gorman      Birkenhead

I spent some of my childhood at my "uncle Jackies and auntie Rosie`s" in Ratoath, Co. Meath, Ireland and would love to hear from anyone who remembers the village 1955-65. Mick Ryan`s pub opposite Mr.Costello`s shop which stood at the top of the lane leading down to the Rafferty`s cottage where I stayed.
5th March 2010       Chris O'Gorman      Kansas Birkenhead

Hoping to contact anyone from "The yozzers" with any photos of football team 19663-67 as well as any contacts with o.b`s.
5th March 2010       Jeanette (Pattullo) Land      Kansas City, USA

It's been a very long time since I left a message. In 1939 when I was 4 years of age, my sister Peg (6 yrs) and I were evacuated from Liverpool to Winsford. We lived with a family by the name of Thompson or Johnson, I can't remember, it's still very vague as to how long we stayed there. We did return to Liverpool and eventually moved across the water to Wallasey. I lived there until 1953 when I came to the US. Not sure if Winsford is considered part of the Wirral. I would love to see some photo's to see if I could put the pieces together. I return to this site over and over, it's wonderful to stroll down memory lane. Thank you.
3rd March 2010       Glyn Challinor      Birkenhead

I lived in Cobden place and went to Well Lane primary until 1951, then Rock Ferry High School until 1956. Anybody remember Saturday matinees at the Collie.
23rd February 2010       Kathleen Barbella (Colbeck)      USA

Great Site. I went to SFX Shaw St from 1943 to 1953, lived in Gregson St. Worked at Bibbys and Plessys before going to NY in 1963, now live in Arizona. Anyone know an Angela Logan who went to New Zealand about the same time. I really miss Liverpool and I sill have my Livepool accent after 47 years.
21st February 2010       Jackie Alderson      Los Angeles, USA

I grew up in Birkenhead from 1956 to 1971. I see my old street, Leighton Road in Higher Tranmere is all demolished just about. I remember the McGraths John and Kathleen, Christine, Susan, Stephen and Kathleen. Wonderful memories growing up on that street. I went to Mersey Park Primary and Prenton Secondary School for Girls. My parents Joyce and John Alderson emigrated in '71 to Australia. Wonderful memories of going to Mersey Park, Victoria Park and Birkenhead Park and riding the ferry boat to Liverpool.
21st February 2010       Peter Lloyd      Lytham, Lancs      

Fascinated to see pictures of the Finwhale at Lairds. My dad Charlie Lloyd was a blockerman in the yard. I worked during my college vacations on the Finwhale and Grampus doing menial cleaning jobs on nights while the lads took it out of me as "the scholar" and sent me on stupid errands.
21st February 2010       Veronika Sandall      Bootle      

looking for photos of Stanley Road, Bootle, 1950-1960. Especially of a large double fronted house that housed "Satethwaite and Pomfret, Charted accountants ". It was opposite the Merton Hotel.
20th February 2010       Shehan      Rock Ferry

I went to St Annes School in Rock Ferry. My name then was Sheila McAllister. I Lived in Mersey Rosd, Rock Ferry. My name now is Mrs S O'Hanlom. Anyone out there that might know me. Love to hear from you, not able to get out at the moment due to a bad accident. Got this computer, just learning what it's all about.
19th February 2010       Joy Hassall      Australia

Wonderful to see, grew up in Wallasey now living in Melbourne Austalia, but Wallasey is still home!
13th February 2010       Joan van Dijk nee Worthington      South Africa

I have just found your site, I am trying to find anyone that grew up in the cottage homes in Fazakerley in the 50s and 60s. I went to Barlows Lane CP School and then on to Sherwoods Lane just for a year, then to Roscoe Garsfield School. Trained as a nurse at Fazakerley Hospital, brothers name was Bill and sisters name was Anne. Friends were Joyce Dorgan, Lorna Millard, Pauline Holden, Pauline Harris, Raymond Townsend, Robert Judde, Gillian? Anita? Kay Tuckwood, Doreen West. We all went to the same school, though my brother Bill went to Alsop High School. We went to the youth club at St Andrews Church and the local dances in are area ie: Cherry Lane at St Mathews Church. Pilip Kelly went to St Maths with Joey Cunningham and their gang of friends. Also trying to locate Gray Kitts who lived in Larkhill Road, I have a question to ask him.
11th February 2010       Marjorie Anderson nee Watterson      Prenton, Birkenhead

Hi, I was born in 1941+ lived in Marne Street. I went to Ionic Street School and Kirklands. I worked at Styleware, does anyone remember me?
10th February 2010       B Homan      Preston

I would just like to say that I have been traceing my family tree, whom of which where called SMITH & TAYLOR and they lived in Brassey St in the 1900s.
4th February 2010       Anne Mcneil/ Nan Guildea      Chertsey, Surrey

I see that a Gerald Strangward has written on this site, I think I knew him in late 50s/60s, are you from Abergavenny? North St?, would like to hear from you.
4th February 2010       Sandie Smith      Hampshire

Hi, just came across your site while researching orphanages in Liverpool. Wondering if anyone can help me. My father was born in Liverpool in 1941, John Smith, in Hatherley Street. He had four siblings, Les, Gerry, Brian, Maureen. In the 1950s John and Brian were placed in orphanages in Liverpool. St Edwards, and Nazarath House. Later on, my dad was sent to St Swivens Borstal on the Isle of Wight, and in the 1960, joined the Merchant Navy. Sadly he died in 1982. I would be very grateful if someone could give me any information on the above. Thank you.
3rd February 2010       Kath Corry      Bromley, Kent

Love the pics. I've only just started to use the computer and already exchanging memories with someone from Birkenhead. Great site. Well done. I used to live in Price Street. Left there at 15 years old in 1962. Went to St Winifred's in Prenton.
3rd February 2010       Frank Hodges      Thornton, Liverpool

Born Oakhill Road, Liverpool 1934. Really enjoyed all the photos. Think I can see my younger brother Philip (now deceased) on one of the Mabel Fletcher Catering School pictures.
2nd February 2010       Derek Evans      Doncaster

Attended Rock Ferry High School 1958-65
30th January 2010       Dorothy Townson      Nr Mold, Flintshire

Has anyone any information about Torpenhow, Wirral, an open air school which I was sent to as a child from Dingle, Liverpool.
30th January 2010       Linda Anderson nee Dobbing      Heswall      

Love this site, I lived in Irby when growing up, went to Pensby Girls' School. Anyone remember the Majestic in Birkenhead, loved it there in the 60s, saw many a group there including the Beatles etc.
29th January 2010       Eric Norman Heyes      Aberystwyth      

547 is Middle Hilbre and not Hilbre Island! The largest is known as Hilbre Island with the smallest as Little Eye.
23th January 2010       Mal Asterley      Runcorn, Cheshire

Hi All, I've just found this interesting site. I was born in Rock Ferry in 1943. I was at Well Lane Infants school before moving on to Kirklands Secondary School. My first job after leaving school was at Irwins Grocers on New Chester road before I moved on to Birkenhead Co-op to serve my time as a butcher. A couple of girlfriends still stand out in my mind Joyce Broster and Pamela Carter and I wonder what happened to them ??. I have been around the block a few times since then ha ha and am now retired and widowed living in Runcorn. Did any of the above awake any memories in any of you ?? if so send me a mail and lets have a talk. Many thanks for reading my dribble. Mal Asterley.
23th January 2010       Ken Berry      Tawa, New Zealand

Hi Carol, Have a regular look at the photos. Tonight I went through all the Guest Book Messages and got quite a shock, it's 2 years 6 months since I last had a message in your guest book. Have managed to get a couple more photos of the tug "Bramley Moore" then the 1911 census came out last year. Found my G/D Alfred Edward Berry was Master of the Alex Towing Co.Tug "Waterloo", managed to find a photo of her just before she went to Swansea and Renamed the "Mumbles". The other G/G Thomas Edward Lunt Engineer on the Sagamore WW1 lost his lower limbs. Do you have any photo of W.H.Brabim Butchers with all the staff on it about 17 butchers all in line in front of the Shop. Hope to hear from you, Best Regards to You and Yours Ken B. ps. anyone who knows any of the own rellies on the "Waterloo"I will send you one with pleasure. Ken
17th January 2010       Mike Robinson      Wallasey

Have a great 2010 everyone
12th January 2010       Janet Couture      Currey Rivel

Hi, my name is Janet Couture but was Janet Kirby. Back then I went to Kingsbury Boarding School in Curryrivel in Somerset. The school shut in year 1988 to 1989. I am 38 years old, if anyone rembers me get in touch.
11th January 2010       John Parr      Hoylake, UK

Tebbs was a name local to Hoylake and West Kirby on the Wirral Peninsular, Cheshire. They owned donkeys for years; you could ride them on the beach. Harry Tebbs was my godfather. He was keeper of Hilbre Island in the 1940's before emigrating with my relatives the McDonalds, first to Ontario I think but eventually to Victoria BC. I would love to hear from our relatives out there as we've rather lost touch. My second cousin's third name is "Hilbre".
11th January 2010       Maurice Hope      Criccieth, North Wales.

My name is Maurice Hope. I was born in Rock Ferry in 1939 and as I get older I seem to become more and more nostalgic, especially about the first 18 years of my life which I spent at the family home in Bedford Road. I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who remembers me! I went first to Galtres School in Bebington and then to Rock Ferry High School(1950-58). I was best known, I suppoose, as a pianist. After '58 I lived away from the old homestead, but I would be delighted to hear from anyone with whom I may have had contact.
10th January 2010       Colin Billington      Birkenhead

What a wonderful selection of Photographs, it gives me fond memories of times gone by. It reminds me of a poem I wrote. A PICTURE FROZEN IN TIME BY COLIN BILLINGTON AUGUST 2009 Only a photograph a moment frozen in time Some will make you smile and laugh, And some will make you cry But they will always be memories of some other time. Remember the happy times of holidays past and gone Weddings, parties and births which had just began, All just Memories, of a photograph frozen it time. To be able to see once more those old black and white pictures of olden times, In some other long forgotten days Granddadsí, grannies, Uncles, aunties and Children all Dressed in fashions of day. Holidays, beaches, castles and stately homes once visited And picnics on the beach, Granddad holding his prize catch of the day And little Johnny chasing his sister with that crab he caught that day. Pictures of the great war , the war to end all wars, then skip to Nineteen forty five Oh how itís changed, the fifties sixties And seventies have come and gone, but the pictures linger on Each with a fashion of its own, teddy boys with Brylcream hair The Beatles and the Stones too, and Scott Mackenzie with flowers in his hair. Pictures of what we were and we too look back on and ponder, did they really look like that.
10th January 2010       Harry Cornah      Brisbane, Australia

I lived in New Brighton until leaving to go to New Zealand, spent 30 years there then off to Australia. I now live in Brisbane. Any old friends out there send me an e/mail. Played football for Thorndale and Wallasey in the Cheshire League, went to New Brighton Secondry Modern School and loved my younger days there.
7th January 2010       Robert Wakeham      Heswall, Wirral

Fantastic site, keep up the work.
6th January 2010       Don Verdin      Ontario, Canada

I lived in the wallasey Village area through most of the war. If any of my old friends are still around send me an email. During the last year of the war I served in the Merchant Navy. I now live in Canada.
4th January 2010       Robert Turley      Liverpool

Left Liverpool 1950 on Empress of Canada, it was March.
4th January 2010       John Baker   

I spent some time in Liverpool when I was in the Mechant Navy. I still have some very pleasant memories of all the nice girls I met there, then the Merchant Navy had to spoil everything by assigning me to join the M.V. Port Brisbane at the Harland & Wolfe shipyard in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We were priviledged to take her to Australia on her maiden voyage, unfortunately after that I shipped out of the Port of London and never did get back to good old Liverpool. I now reside in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Love your website, best regards, John Baker.
4th January 2010       Richard Mercer      Widnes, Lancashire      

Hi Carol, in the "other areas" sction on page two are two photographs of Widnes tagged Fidlers Ferry Road. This is wrong it is Halton View Rd. The first one is looking east and Sussex St is out of shot on the cameras left, the street middle left is Norlands St and in the distance is the Castle Hotel on Warrington Road. The second shot is Looking west along Halton view road, opposite the bus stop is Norland St and further up is the Old Vicarage, opposite that is Sussex St, you can just see the street sign on the end of the row of white terraced cottages, beyond that is the bongs and Mill Brow.
3rd January 2010       Pauline Pryde      Whitby, Ontario

Born in Liverpool on January 18, 1950. We immigrated to Canada on May 2, 1958. Our pictures made the newspapers as my mother was 7 months pregnant and had 9 children with her. Our Dad had left 6 weeks ahead of us in order to find a job, and a home for us. Check out copies of the Liverpool newspaper for around that date and you will see our pics. My brother Joe was born on July 7/58 and soon after we had Bernadette. 11 children and two great parents. Sadly my parents and two sisters are gone but I still have many wonderful memories.
2nd January 2010       Peter Taylor      New Zealand

I spent some time in Liverpool in the early to mid-50s while I was in the British Merchant Navy. I often stayed with the Smith family at 129 Errol Street, Aigburth. There was John and Mary (Mary worked in the Bear's Paw Restaurant), their son Ron and their daughter Joan (who was, of course, the chief reason for my visits!). I eventually came home to New Zealand. I would love to know what became of the Smith family. I believe they emigrated to Australia, probably in the 1960s. Would particularly like to know what became of Joan.
2nd January 2010       Glenys Aspros nee Mellows   

Hi, Thanks for your reminder email came just in time as I have started my family tree research again. Your photos are amazing. Thanks, Glenys
1st January 2010       Ray Beer      Plymouth, Devon, England

This is a great site, glad I've come back to it.
1st January 2010       John Hughes      Birkenhead

Great site. I served my time as a welder in Cammell Lairds.
1st January 2010       Susan Hillyard      Buenos Aires, Argentina

I love this site and thanks for reminding me! I come from Stamfordham Drive, Allerton and went to Springwood primary and then Calder High which became Quarry Bank. Used to dance to the Beatles at lunch times in the Cavern and spent many happy hours at Otterspool. Now teacher training all over the world but based with family in Bs As. James, our son, is going to Liverpool in late Jan for his honeymoon!
1st January 2010       Bernie Ekberg      Landvetter, Sweden

Hi Carol, what a great site, thank you. I lived in Townsend Lane all my life, until I came to live in Sweden in 1968. I went to Bellerive Grammar School from 1957 to 1960. I had a little School friend, Carmel Connors who moved with her family to Australia when I think we were six or seven. It would be fabulous if anyone knows her whereabouts. Happy New Year to everyone.

Happy New Year to you all                  

Wishing you the best of everything for 2010

28th December 2009       William Peters      Rock Ferry

Born Payson Street Birkenhead and moved to Rock Ferry in 1959
22nd December 2009       Stephen Leighton      Southport

Born Sept 1948. Went to the Dell Primary, then Rocky High 1960-67.
15th December 2009       Rod Mahon      Ireland

Hi everyone, 1966-1968 anyone remember me? Please get in touch.
14th December 2009       Doug Livens   

I lived in Ellesmere Port from 1933 until 1964, does anyone remember me. I was chief projectionist from 1950 until 1955 at Queens Cinema Ellesmere Port, I came to Canada in 1964, would love to hear from any one who knew me at that time, regards, Doug Livens
8th December 2009       Christine Jones ( nee Musgrove)      Bathurst Australia      

I would love to hear about a woman called Karen Bennett from Seacombe, Wallasey, Merseyside, UK. Her dad and my mum where once married. Their names were Olwen Hughes and Samuel Bennett. They did marry when mum and Sammy were in the army; Mum was in the womenís voluntary army. Karen's had a brother whose name was David Rodney Bennett. They were put into childrenís home when the marriage broke up I always thought it was Claremont school Wallasey but I often wonder if it was in Liverpool or Birkenhead as I cant FIND ANY DETAILS OF THIS SCHOOL. David came to live with us and went on to be a soldier in the Scots Guards and did service in the Australian Air force Mum said Karen did not want to come to us, preferring to stay with her father. This all must have occurred in about the 1945 to about 1955. I donít know how old she is but would be near in her late 60ís now. Regards Christine Jones (Nee Musgrove)
7th December 2009       Mike Cronin      West Kirby, Wirral

An absolutely wonderful site. Memories galore and would welcome news of anyone from Rock Ferry St. Annes. I left in 1949. Regards to all.
29th November 2009       Rob Stockman      Beamsville, Ontgario Canada

I was born in Birkenhead in 1958 and attended Arrowhill School for 3 years. Looking for friends from that time. Peter Salem, Robert Clark, Peter Johnson etc
25th November 2009       Sheila Royle Scott   

Love this Site. Great time was held by all. Worked in Vernons Football Pools in Aintree. What time that was.especially the girls I met and became friend's with. Often wonder what they remember of those days. Bye for now. Sheila Scott (Royle)
25th November 2009       Penny M Watson      Hoylake/ UK

I am currently researching the history of my house in Avondale Rd Hoylake and would be interested to hear from anyone who knows about the people who lived there from 1904.
24th November 2009       Sheila Scott   

Enjoyed every minute. Many happy memories. Thank You. Keep up the good work. Sheila F. Scott.
19th November 2009       Julie Osborne      Wales      

Does anyone remember George Jones from Rockferry. He was a crosville bus driver at Rockferry. he had a brother Fred who was a guard at Rockferry Station.
17th November 2009       Marilyn Milne      Birkenhead       ivan_farrow

I am trying to find out more about James Milne (my grandfather) who used to run a Dairy in Birkenhead around 1900(possibly Rock Ferry) He used to live in Old Chester Road. Do you remember him or the Dairy?
15th November 2009       Tony Sherlock      Whittington, Shropshire      

Loved the web site - I grew up in New Brighton went to Vaughan Road Wallasey Tech. Fond memories of the wirral. My wife Anita was brought up in Birkenhead Union Street went to Well Lane Primary and Kirklands very happy memories of fun fairs in New Ferry and playing on the docks at Cammell Lairds step grandfather James Crawley worked at Lairds - had 2 daughters Pat and Hilda does anyone remember them?
11th November 2009       Thomas Wilson      Heswall

Originally from Higher Tranmere, Birkenhead, attended Tranmere St.Andrews primary school and Prenton Boys school, now living in Heswall
9th November 2009       James Kelly      Sydney Australia

Left parr central in 1963 left for australia in 1966
7th November 2009       Peter Dowling      Rock Ferry

Fantastic site, brings back so many memories. Re: Charing Cross pic on page 5 of Birkenhead, I remember the light on top of the central pole used to flash red after someone was killed on the town's roads.
4th November 2009       Jeffrey Hannah      Liverpool England

I attended Matthew Arnold School in 1952/3 anyone remember a cheeky little lad on the start of his world adventure.
31st October 2009       Geraldine Maddocks nee Smith      Australia

Was wondering if anyone has photos of Farm Road Birkenhead in early 60's. My strongest memories were walking along Old Chester Road to Well Lane School and I remember the Steam engines that used to travel past at the end of our st (Farm Road). Quigley St was behind us and Beaconsfield was the next st heading towards Union Street.
29th October 2009       Brian Howorth      Royston      

Hi, I Lived in Ellesmere Port From 1974 to 1979. I wonder if anyone remembers me. I worked for Alied Taxis in Enfield Road what a great time I had living and working there. Being from London I was treated great.
27th October 2009       Frank Irwin   

I lived in West Derby, Sandforth Road and in the house next door to Bellfield, where Everton used to train. We moved in 1951 to Whinfell Road, still in West Derby where my mother still lives. Just before we moved there I started at the Liverpool Blue Coat school as a boarder, Grammar stream, from 1950 to 1957. My wife and I now I live in Wirral.
25th October 2009       Bernard Davies      Leicestershire

I found the photographs on this site fascinating but I was looking for some of Rock Ferry as I grew up there in the '50s. I attended Ionic Street primary school then Kirklands. I hope there will be some photographs of Rock Ferry in the future. I walked all over the Wirral and Liverpool where my nan lived and would love to see those places again especially Rock Ferry station in the '50s with the old trains that people could jump off before it stopped,(Health and Safety eat your heart out). I looked on Google the other day at the area and boy has it changed even half of Cammell Lairds where I worked from 1970-1984 has gone and Bedford road Rock Ferry with all those shops has also gone. They say never go back but if I had a time machine I would be back there like a shot, short pants and all. If anyone remembers Rock Ferry or me from that time get in touch.
14th October 2009       Julie Jones      Wales      

Hiya, My father came from Rockferry. He was a bus driver at Rockferry Crosville. His name was George Jones. His brother Fred worked at Rockferry railway station. does anyone remember them. Regards Julie
13th October 2009       Chris Whitley      Birkenhead England

I have just found site excellent. Trying to find photos.
13th October 2009       Rod      Wallasey      

Anyone have pictures of the old Irving Theatre/La Scala/Hippodrome/King's Theatre in Seacombe? (Now the Embassy bingo)
27th September 2009       Philip McDonald      Shipley, W. Yorkshire

I used to go to St Domingo Vale for my school holidays in the fiftys; does anyone remember the McDonald family, I've lost track of my family ties and would love to know if anyone can tell me something. Thank you. I was born on 2 6 1938
27th September 2009       Bill Swift   

Still not heard from any lads from Rose Lane School 1950 to 1954
25th September 2009       Fitzpatrick      Norris Green      

Born in Liverpool in 1944
25th September 2009       Dorothy Galbraith      Merseyside, Liverpool

I too have just discovered this wonderful site, and hope to see many photographs of Breck Road, Liverpool. Love to catch up with the rest of our gang who met there every night in the Ruby Bar. My maiden name was 'Townsend', some of our little group, John Jennings...Tommy Ryan.. Sheila Dunne...Irene Littler..Lucy Steadman...Billy Devoy....all in our 80's now.
24th September 2009       Robin Alexander Nettleton      Barnsley

Hi, my grandfather William Taylor was a Rae Tugs Master cc 1915-1941. One of his tugs was SS Edengarth. My mother remembers her father sounding funnel when on way home. Anyone any info or interest in Rae tugs.
22nd September 2009       Alan Wright      Wisbech

Been great fun looking at this site. I attended Dingle Vale Secondary and the Colomendy Loggerheads schools from 1961 - 1966 anyone out there that went too. Now live in the flat fens.
21st September 2009       Lynn Thompson      Birmingham/Ellesmere.

Does any one remember a teacher by the name of Stanley Lunt. It would probably have been 1950's to 80's. Am trying to find descendants of his.
11th September 2009       Lynne Richardson      Liverpool / Widnes

Does anyone remember me? l went to St. Cleopas C/E School in Dingle 1960-1966. From there l went to Dingle Vale Secondary Modern School for Girls 1966-1970. l worked in Nannettes fashion shop Bold Street Liverpool from school, then Woolworths. l divorced and went back to my maiden name Richardson. l had my 1st child to Eddie Wrobell who also worked in Woolworths early 70's.l now live in Widnes, but would love to hear from someone from school or my early jobs.
8th September 2009       Les Sykes      Mission Viejo, Calif, USA.

You have been sending me the archive photos since you started for which I thank you very much, I have written to you after the first posting so this is an update, I still live in Mission Viejo where I am a Community Services Commissioner for the City of just over 100,k and also I volunteer with the Sherff's Dept, we have some wonderful facilities a Community Center and parks for everyone for which the City Staff and volunteer commities run. I did my "square bashing" at West Kirby from Nov 1947 until spring of 1948 which gives my age away so I have many fond memories of Liverpool and district and how the locals took us in and also the beautiful girls from the Pools. I will never forget those times sleeping on Lime St station after arriving from London until the first train out to WK. I finished my working days as an Aero Space and Airplane Inspector (Boeing).
8th September 2009       John Smith      Owen Sound, ON, Canada

HI GUYS, I Worked at Cammell Laird 1939-84, Gee what memories. John Smith
1st September 2009       Linda      Canada

Great photos. Does anyone have a photo of Sir Thomas White Gardens, when it was flats 1950-60's. Used to live there as a child. Visited in May only to find houses in there place. Thanks
30th August 2009       Rob      Liverpool

Hi, I am looking for any photos of Opie Street and the surrounding areas, any takers?
26th August 2009       Beryl Sutton      Wallasey

New Brighton not a ghost town! The new Floral Hall is magnificent and alters the appearance of the promenade. More improvements are planned.
26th August 2009       Gaffa      Anglesey, Wales      

The site is great and full of memories well done. I am trying to trace my family back after WW1 where I know my Grandfather had married [in Liverpool] and had moved to Moreton to work on the new RC Church, at the Cross. I am stuck at the moment around 1922 to 1928 period to where they might of lived. My father and another sister were also born in Liverpool prior to 1922, but an aunt and uncle were born in Moreton between this period. They returned to Liverpool before 1933 were my auntie was born, she recalls her mother saying that the family lived in a house on stilts at Moreton shore. I also remember my father saying something like that as well although I thought he had said the bottom of Burmuda Road/ Lingham lane. Although, four of the family returned later on and lived in and died in Moreton / Leasowe. Plus some of my cousins family.
22nd August 2009       Pam Shaw      Liverpool

Does anybody have photo's Queens Road School off Breck Road. Also Aubrey Street Church called St Chrisostums, Liverpool. Love to see them, I lived there as child with happy memories.
18th August 2009       Albert Prout      Notts.      

Just found this great site but doesn't anyone come from Bootle. I am now anybody there.
13th August 2009       Mervin Clarke  

Excellent site. I lived in Cawdor st, l,pool 8, in the sixties. I was at Fernlea childrens home, went to school in Garston. "Blessed johns" Was at the Inde sea school, and sailed on CPR, Cunard, Houlders, and Lamport and holt. Mervin Clarke. Co Cork, Ireland.
10th August 2009       Dave      London

Pauline nee Dodd. Does anyone remember or know Pauline? In 1961 - 63 age about 18, she worked in Liverpool. During that time she lived off Rake Lane Wallasey near the cemetery, but then moved to???? Thank you.
5th August 2009       Olga Tattersall  

Great site, will look again. Worked on the Birkenhead Buses for 20years, good job.
2nd August 2009       Bill Thornton      Haverfordwest, Pembs.

Born 48, went to Dell Primary and Rocky High, "E" stream. Apprenticed at Helsby-Barnes Toolmakers in Rock Ferry (by the Railway Coal Yard) and then a Junior Technician and Technician with Liverpool University. Followed By Burmah Oil Research, Tragasol in Hooton,and finally " emigrated " to Cardiff to Become Mechanical Maintenance Manager for BBC WAles. Now retired and living in Pembrokeshire.
30th July 2009       Sandra Parr      St Helens

Hello to all the readers. What a fascinating website that was highlighted to me in my research on the Wallasey Mariner's Home where I believe my great Grandfather ended his days. All I know of him is that his name was Richard 'Dicky' Bell (b. c1865) and apparently he ran away to sea approximately aged 14 and worked his way up to bosun. If anyone has any details on him or the home, no matter how small, I would be very grateful. Trying to build my family tree with scant information, any snippets gratefully received. Many thanks, Sandra
27th July 2009       Dave G      Birkenhead

Any info about 'THE TOWERS' in Victoria Park please. Thanks
25th July 2009       Donna Obrien former names [Ledder Williams]      Liverpool

Very interesting reading all the stories xx
24th July 2009       Pat Wright      Cheshire, England

I am looking for old photos of Brassey Street, Liverpool. Any info on this area in 1890 - 1920 would be appreciated.
20th July 2009       Emma      Birkenhead

Totally love this site, loved looking at the Old Chester Road pics, as thats where I live now. I'm researching my grandfathers family and he was born on the 31st Dec 1921 at 184 Oliver Street, Birkenhead. His mother was Alice Williams (nee Turner) and his father a Thomas Williams. Thomas was working as Plumbers Labourer. Would love to see any old photo's of Oliver Street around 1921, when there were houses.
18th July 2009       Bill McManus      Bury, Gt Manchester

I went to St Anns School Rock Ferry. Left at 15 in 1948. I havnt heard of any of the old lads since then, are there any of them still going?
18th July 2009       Mike Jones      Birkenhead, UK

Love this site. Altough I'm just short of 40, I can see the memories after my dad Charlie Jones would talk about birkenhead, when he lived down town in Bentinck St. Does anyone remember the jones;s, it was early 60's there was my dad Charlie, he had brothers named Tommy and David and sisters Norma and Edna. He reckons it was a good time to live. Please email me if you have any memories of the jones's from Bentinck St.
15th July 2009       Donna Pearce      Wembley      

My name is Donna Pearce, I went to Kingsbury Highschool, I am 42, is there anyone that remembers me, get in touch.
14th July 2009       Val and Ken Scarisbrick      Redding, California, USA

Val (nee Moran) Wirral County Grammar School for Girls. Graduated 1956. Ken - Birkenhead High School. Graduated 1954. Married at St. Barnabas, Bromborough in 1962 and we emigrated to Canada. Moved to the USA 1965. 2 kids and retired. Now live in California. We see Sylvie (West Kirby school for Girls 1955) and Peter Comer (New Chester Road School 1954) are dear friends and now live in Oregon.
11th July 2009       Tommy McNaught      Liverpool

Excellent pictures.
10th July 2009       Bill McManus      Bury, Gt Manchester

Left St Annes Boys School 1948, are there any of the old boys left?
10th July 2009       Hugh Milne      Australia

What a wonderful site. I sailed with Shaw Savill 1959 to 1961 on the 'Persic' as a junior engineer and would like to hear from any of my old shipmates. I came from Aberdeen but emigrated to Perth W.A. in 1964. Those were the best years.
6th July 2009       Tommy Cartwright      Birkenhead

My grandad n great grandad n nan are on here, its cool 2 see some old pics of them, Tommy Mann and his miniature railway. I didnt know my great grandad, so nice seeing some pics.
29th June 2009       Charles Cotton      Great Sutton

I remember Kirklands school Rock Ferry as a pupil in the Boys school I think 1954 Mr Owen was the Music Teacher and Miss Cocker was the headmistress of the girls section. Happy Memorys please contact if you know me, Charlie Cotton
28th June 2009       Peter Foster      ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA

I was really very interested in the photos of England as I was born in Sussex and came to Australia years ago.
28th June 2009       Yvette Bryant      Holland

pls help looking for any relatives of James Jollley 1904, Charles Edward Jolley 1906, Catherine Jolley 1905, Andrew Kennedy Jolley 1908 lived in Chester Road in 1921, father Sidney Jolley. And looking for any Rowlandsons from Birkenhead descendent from James and Catherine. Regards, Yvette.
21st June 2009       Bill Swift      Sydney Australia      GUDONYA@OPTUSNET.COM.AU

20th June 2009       Sylvia Triggs Rizzolio      France

Enjoyed having a look at your website.....have put it in favourites for future reference.
13th June 2009       Ray Morgan      Newport, South Wales

Great site, really enjoy looking at the old pictures. Like to see some of Kirkby, in particular Southdene. I use to live in Lindby Close from 54 till 84, anyone remembring me get in touch at Regards, Ray Morgan
10th June 2009       Lynda Roberts      Wirral

Hi again! Does anyone remember FATHER BERRY'S HOME FOR FRIENDLESS CATHOLIC BOYS at 150 Brownlow Hill, Liverpool? My two uncles went sent there from ST EDWARDS ORPHANAGE: ERNEST ALBERT WOOD IN 1931 AND FREDERICK WOOD IN 1933 when they each reached the age of 15. Can't find much information now, but possibly someone has a photograph or knows something about the Father Berry Home?? Thanks
7th June 2009       John Cusick      Grimsby

I was born in Birkenhead North End in Crutchley Avenue. I attended Bidston Ave Junior School. Later 11+ failure I went to The Grange Tollemache Road. Anyone out there remember me? Can't find any names in the list of comments that I remember. It would be nice to hear from you by Email.
5th June 2009       Julie      Birkenhead

Hi, I loved the site, it's amazing. I am looking for someone, his name is Billy Carvell (William). He has a sister called Anne, Maureen, Nora and brothers Denny, Robbie, Eddie, Charlie. I would like to see you Uncle Billy, remember the twins Jane and Julie, Annes daughters, you used to chase us upstairs and we used to climb out of the bathroom window and onto the shed roof it was so funny.
30th May 2009       Chrisitne Williams  

Really enjoyed looking at all the photographs, really brough back a lot of memories. I left Wallasey back in 1989, I now live in Canada. I would love to see any photos of Priory Buildings, Birkenhead or Pligrim Street School, it was the first school that I went to.
27th May 2009       Dave Miller      Birkenhead

There seem to be a lot of people here looking for stuff about Wirral. Try this history Wiki, its fascinating
23rd May 2009       Robert Belcher-Fry      Pass Christian MS. 39571

Hello Carol, Thanking you for bringing this site to my attention. I lived in Crewe, Cheshire most of my early years, went to the "Pool" in 1961 and joined The NZ Shipping Co. as Jnr engineer. My first trip was on the Hauraki sailing out of Gladstone Dock for Australia. Have many fond memories of my return trips to Liverpool.The photo' of the North West bring back memories of the good times we had on day trips to Blackpool, Southport, Ryhll etc.I now live in Mississippi, lost all of my treasured old photo's in the hurricane "Katrina". A wonderful site we will return.
20th May 2009       Laurie McLaren      Cornwall

Looking through the photographs of Birkenhead brings back lots of memories, born 1942 I lived across the road from the Stork Pub on Price street next to the railway and attended St Lawrences and St Hughes schools, I used to walk through the lower park on my way to school so enjoyed seeing those photos, thank you for this great site. Laurie
20th May 2009       Francis Noble Wilson      Napier, New Zealand

Seeking G/Parents. 1890era
20th May 2009       Geoff Roberts      England

Hi, I would like to hear from any of my old mates who sailed on the Rangitiki or Hurunui back in 62/63. Also MV Minchbank 1965. Thanks for a great site.
20th May 2009       George Whelan  

As a child l spent some time in orphanages and wonder if anyone can remember me. I am trying to piece together my background. I was in Nazareth House Bala North Wales, then Nazareth House Ditton Widnes, then St. Edwards Thingwall Hall Liverpool for boys between the years 1946 and 1954, then St. Vincents Queens Rd Hull 1956. It would be interesting to hear from anyone.
20th May 2009       Captain Gordon Whittaker      Great Yarmouth, England

Hello all! What a wonderfull site. I joined Cunard as deck apprentice in 1957, when they ruled the North Atlantic. I was on the Mediterranean "Brig", "BRESCIA", then on the RMS "ARABIA", on the North Atlantic run. I quit Cunard after 2 years exploitation at £9 per month, but I admit that they taught me my trade, and eventually I went on to my first command in 1974. Now retired but am a voluntary member of Coastwatch. I will pass this site on to shipmates around the world. Thank you.
17th May 2009       Lynda Roberts      Liverpool

Would love to hear from descendants of JOHN NELSON and his wife MARIA (nee McKenna), and FREDERICK MITCHELSON and his wife BARBARA JANE (nee Nelson). They lived in the BURLINGTON STREET COURTS near OUR LADY OF RECONCILIATION Catholic Church in Eldon Street from about 1880-1920. On the Nelson side, there were three grandchildren: JOHN b 1888 THERESA b 1891 and PATRICK b 1900. Their families should still be living in the Liverpool area. We're cousins ! - hope to hear from at least one of you !!
13th May 2009       Richie Bradshew      Liverpool

Hi, just been told about this site, great pictures & comments. Anyone out there got any pictures of SALOP STREET L4, of Walton Rd/Walton Lane. We lived there for a few years @ no 41, 4 doors down from the then spirtuallist hall (no we never saw any), we were there about 53- 59, had some great times there. Summer holidays were the best all the kids from the st would get the tram from the Blue House pub and go to Kirkby Woods for the day, bottle of water & and some jam bread, get back to Salop St about 8 o clock @ night. I was telling one of my grandchildren about the times when we would go pea picking to Kirkby, if we got 2&6p (twelve pence today) for a days pea picking we would be over the moon. Happy days. Spud picking was the same, and it always seems as though it was sunshine all the time we were on our 8 weeks holidays. Memories worth a fortune.
8th May 2009       William Mc Conville      Chatham, Kent

Just stumbled across your site, wonderful. I lived at 42, Russell Road, Rock Ferry in 1949, went to St Anns School, left 1950. Joined the MN Blue Funnel Line, Birkenhead 1952 as Galley Boy 1st Ship, Stentor. Would like to here from anybody from this time and area.
7th May 2009       Sheila Royle Scott  

Loved it. Brought back great memories. Worked in Vernons and met the greatest girls. Loved the picture of Vernons and have it now forever on my computer, Keep up the good work we need "Reflections" to look back on. Thank you.
7th May 2009       Jeanette Littrell (nee Dillon)      Florida, USA

Thanks so much for making this site possible. Although a lot of them are from before I was born (1948) the essence of Liverpool past is wonderful.
7th May 2009       Valerie Brooks (nee Phillips)      Australia

A truly wonderful and memorable site. At last I found your photo of Cherry Lane where I used to live, but ofcourse it looks so different, still puts a lump in my throat just looking at the name 'Cherry Lane!' I was born in St.Domingo Vale, Liverpool in 1940 and left for Australia in 1951, although only a young child at the time I do get this emotional homesickness feeling whenever I browse your site. Congratulations Carol on a wonderful job well done.
6th May 2009       Ken Coupe      Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Thank you for getting me back to this fantastic sight. Born in Liverpool in 1939 lived in Mossley Hill on Rose Brae next to the Dairy and went to Dovedale Rd School and then onto Rose lane/Morrison school until 1955. Worked as an apprentice electrician on Russel St. for Parry's until leaving for Canada in 1960. Was back two years a go with my son who just could not get over the humour of Liverpool. Keep up the good work on this sight.

6th May 2009       Captain Brian Nibbs      Jersey, Channel Islands

I have really enjoyed looking through the maritime pictures and in particular, City of Birmingham and City of London, as I was with Ellerman's from 1955 - 1966. Liverpool Docks were fascinating in the 1950's/1960's. I can remember when in dry dock on a City liner seeing in the next dock a palatial yacht belonging to President Tubman of Liberia. We are now aware that the purchase and upkeep of such luxury items were to the detriment to the people of Liberia, but then the communication of information was not so intense.
1st May 2009       Diane Buckley      Heswall, Wirral

Love this site, I love looking back at historic pictures of where my family have lived for generations. My paternal family (Buckleys) grew up on Old Chester Road, Rock ferry, 12 children in total, all attended Bedford Primary School, most of them still alive and living across the Wirral. My mothers father **William Dooley** of Moon Street was only 28 years old when he died, as a result of an accident whilst working in Cammell lairds ship yard, I would love to hear from anybody who knew him & has any stories they could share, my mum would also love to find out about him, unfortunately she was only 4 years old, it was published in local papers, apparently! Thanks.....will definitely return to the site
21st April 2009       Paul Davies      Wallasey

Does anyone have a photograph of the Plough Inn, situated in Mount Pleasant Road, Wallasey, in the 1910's-1920's ?
21st April 2009       Ron Bentley      Northampton

I wonder if an old friend from Birmingham University(1960)can be located? He is Ron Bentham - we ran the University Jazz Quartet.
11th April 2009       Raymond Foster      Cambridge, Canada

Born in hull, 1957, served an appreniceship with George Clarks as a coppersmith welder, left for Gibraltar 1980, lived there for 13 years, now in Canada for the past 16, contact me if you or someone you know, worked with me or knows me. Regards Ray.
5th April 2009       Bob James      Glasgow, Scotland

Excellent resource! I'm a volunteer researcher for the Museum of Transport in Glasgow currently tasked in locating photographic archives with images of interiors and exteriors of 1960's garages. After a long and fruitless search I found out about this site when reading my "Heritage Commercials" magazine where your company is mentioned in picture credits.
4th April 2009       Bernie Kane      Birkenhead

Brings back great memories.
29th march 2009       STEVE (PULLY) PULFORD      Moreton

Hi to all of you, just found the site, a brilliant trip back in time. I went to St.Hughs high(where men were men and women were proud of them)from 1972-1976 and was just wondering does anyone remember BOB MARTINS BAR on Conway St. The kids pub with blood tonic and ginger beer, what a brilliant idea, enjoy the site everyone. Steve Pulford

19th march 2009       S Dodd            

Hi to anybody who lived in Bigmeadow Road on the Woodchurch in 1981 to 1985. I lived in the middle flats with my sisters xx
18th march 2009       Christine Whorrall      Wirral, Merseyside      

To anyone who knew me as Christine Bennett or my husband Peter Whorrall, and went to Mill Rd School, Bebington, between 1955 and 1959, would love to hear from you. We are having a reunion on 22/5/2009, get in touch if you are interested. For the person looking for information on Raby Mere - I have lived there for the past 10 years and have some photos.
18th march 2009       Siobhan Doherty      Birkenhead

Hi there, I'm looking for images of Bromborough Pool Village, Birkenhead.
17th march 2009       Tara kelly      Swords, Co Dublin      

I'm looken for people from St Cronans School in the past from dates 1982 to 1985
16th march 2009       Ray Whiteway-Roberts      Uckfield, UK

I'm looking for old pictures of Market Place South, Birkenhead. My great grandfather lived there prior to 1902 and quite posibly had his butchers shop below the residential accomodation. His name was Whiteway. I'd be glad of any communication on this. Thankx.
9th march 2009       Robert Stockman      Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

This is a great page, brings back great memories. Memories are great but the greatest news there is, is that Cammell Lairds is to be reinstituted. Don't you think it's time for a reunion? there's enough of us still around to be there.
8th march 2009       Marjorie Jones nee Kay      Wallasey

6th march 2009       Valerie Hughes      Sunderland

I was formerly Valerie Thompson and attended Woodchurch Rd School from 1946 to 1952. Any one remember me? I lived in Gresford Avenue Prenton. Went on to Birkenhead High.
27th February 2009       Lynne Jones      Wales

I have been looking for old pics of Pier Head Liverpool to surprise my Mum Marian(ne:Ambrose) for her 80th birthday. She was born in 1929 and lived in jenkinson street(Jenky) in the city. She remembers her Dad taking her and her sister down to the Pier Head on a sunday, so thought it would be something for her to look back on and remember her happy times spent in Liverpool. Found a great pic which I'm sure she'll love. So glad I found this web site.
27th February 2009       Mike Robinson      Wallasey, Wirral

I am researching the history of Birkenhead Park from 1914 to 1951. Would be greatful for any information / photos.
19th February 2009       Pat Berry      Wollongong Australia

Hello, I was Patricia Higgins of 26 Woodley Road, Maghull before I married Henry Berry of Everton in 1959. We lived at 8 Arvont Street, Orrell, Bootle before emigrating to Australia in 1965. I am after a photo of 100 Priory Grove, Everton where my mother was born in 1911. She went to Loraine Street School. Thanks Pat Berry
18th February 2009       Sheila Hamilton      Liverpool

I would realy like to see what Liverpool was like before I was born, I'm so interested, thank you. Kind regards, Sheila.
15th February 2009       John Evans      Upton, Wirral

The pictures on Reflections are great and invaluable, and I have one of Birkenhead Market, but I spent hours reading contributions to this Guest Book when I should have been in bed.! I noted a number of people who were in the Rock Ferry area and they would find interest surely in ...Passages From the Englsh Notebooks of Nathaniel Hawthorne... American consul to Liverpool in 1853. He lived in Rock Park, Rock Ferry, and his observations of people and the crossings to Rock Ferry are great. I lived in Well Lane, Rock Ferry for some years and he enlightened me on the well which had well worn steps into it. Wonderful to read of the area as it was then. I spent the night of 12/13th March, 1941 on the streets during that heavy air raid which saw a parachute mine drop at the bottom of Well lane killing 26 including a family of eight. I figure the well would have been there? Two hours in bed and off to Park Hall Camp, Oswestry and uniform, leading to Singapore. John J John
15th February 2009       David King      United Kingdom

Hi, I was an apprentice marine electrician in Grayson Rollo and Clover Docks Birkenhead from 1953. I Lived in Everton, Liverpool and traveled every day to the yard. Now 72 and living in Warrington, I am trying to collect together information/memories about the yard and ship repair/building on the Mersey. All information gratefully received.
13th February 2009       Barbara Edwards      Wirral

Looking for any old school photos of Ionic Street [Rock Ferry Primaray School and Kirklands Secondary Modern for Girls or Boys, Alpha Drive.
6th February 2009       Leslie Aspinall      Ellesmere Port      

Good site, very informative and interesting.
5th February 2009       Arthur Aspinall      Woodchurch, Wirral, UK

Hi Folks, I am 81 years young and would love to have some photographs of the American Troops that were stationed in Arrowe Park Cheshire during the 1939-1945 conflict. As a young man then I used to wave to them as they drove (flew) down Woodchurch Road... Can anyone help...Best Wishes to all...Arthur
4th February 2009       Marie Hughes      Upton, Wirral      

I love your photos, few weeks ago you put one in of Woolworth's the lady on the front row was my auntie she was first one in the front on the right her name was May Langley, I have got the same photo. Also published a photo of Borough Road a lady standing in the bus shelter was my husbands grandmother I sent the cutting to his uncle in Canada, keep it up love the old photos I have got some myself.
4th February 2009       Karen Nicoll      Newferry, England

Have you any pics of Newferry in the 1960s? Lovely memories, as I lived by Newferry Baths and would shop in Newferry with my nan, Sadie McNulty and my other nanna Maggie Green.
3rd February 2009       Lin      Liverpool

Great photo's. I am looking for 2 photo's of Back Berry Street, & Pumphouse Street. Any ideas where else I can try? Any help would be appreciated, as they are to mail to Australia.
3rd February 2009       Ronald Bentham      Bury St Edmunds

3rd February 2009       Joe Cheeseman      Colchester

I have recently visited the region for the first time since both Mum and Dad passed away... There is nothing left but memories, memories that are supported by the images and stories held within this website. Thank you
2nd February 2009       Jean Powell      Scotland      

Fantastic site, does anyone remember the POWELl family from Hazel Road Birkenhead ...Norma, Terry, Jean and Linda ?
1st February 2009       HILDA RATCLIFFE      CUMBRIA, ENGLAND

1st February 2009       Rosanna Palmer      Waterford, Ireland

Hi, I love this site only found it for the first time today. I would love to hear from anyone who knew me in the 50's and 60's, I lived in Chester in Blacon, known then as Rose Walsh attended St Werburgh's school and then St bede's secondry modern, does anyone know The Johnson sister's, Paula, Anne, and Pat, I used to hang around with them, they lived in Watergate street. I would love to see photo's of St bede's school. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who knew me.
1st February 2009       Rosanna Palmer      Waterford, Ireland

Hello my name is Rosanna, I would like contact with anyone who might remember me from the 1960's. I lived and attended school in Chester, United Kingdom, during 50's 60's first at St Wereberge's infant school when it was in Queen Street, then St Bede's secondry Modern on the old Wrexham road, my maiden name was Walsh and I lived in Blacon. It would be lovely to hear from anyone who knew me back then, I'm now living in Waterfor Ireland.
26th January 2009       Bob Bunker      Birkenhead, Merseyside

Enjoyed the pictures. Worked on the steam tug "Applegarth" as AB. until the vessel was sunk by cargo-ship, all crew lost, during my 24 hours off duty ashore.. Very Sad!! best wishes "BoB" Rock-ferry
26th January 2009       David Stockman      Ontario, Canada

Sorry but I forgot a letter in my e-mail address the first time.
24th January 2009       Pat Smith  

Could not believe my eyes, the first photo is my mum serving tea at the powerstation. Her name then was Mary Murray. Thank you so much it has made her very happy.
23rd January 2009       Lenny O'Donnell      Swords, Co Dublin

Great site, born @ bred B'head, served my time in new yard C Lairds. In Canada for 32 years now living in Ireland, home a lot. It would be good to hear from any old freinds, go for a pint next time home. Good Luck.
22nd January 2009       Ken Richardson      Australia

Does anyone have pictures of MV Grelmarion or iron ore ship Mount Bank. I have managed to find photos of all but these two ships I sailed on in the fifties, would be grateful for any news of same, many thanks, Ken.
21st January 2009       David Stockman      Canada

I was born in Birkenhead in 1962 and left for Canada in 1965 with my parents Robert Stockman and my mother Barbara (nee) Greenfield. If anyone knows them I would like to hear from you. GREAT site !!!!!!!!!!!!
17th January 2009       SallyAnn McChesney      Ohio, USA

Very interesting site! My grandmother, Eliza Hilton, was born in Rock Ferry in 1892. Her father was James Hilton, and her mother Caroline Aspinall. She would travel "home" to Birkenhead via the Cunard Line each year for a few months at a time.
15th January 2009       Arthur Aspinall      Woodchurch, Wirral, Cheshire, UK

Born a twin in February 1928, brothers name Henry came into the Light Hi Hi in St Catherines Hospital Tranmere. Lived at 2 Star Street Rock Ferry...3 Sisters Joan, Edna and Joyce(Joyce the youngest) School Ionic Street Rock Ferry. Called for Army Service 1946. Trained in Ballykinlar N/Ireland. Love to hear if anyone remembers us.... Cheers Arthur
15th January 2009       John Carruthers      Birkenhead

The Police Station in Slatey Rd Birkenhead was damaged by a bomb during the war, I was taken there earlier having been caught stealing apples.
12th January 2009       Bill Swift            

Born 1939 in Liverpool, went to Boaler St School, Gateacre School, lived in Woolton, then Rose Lane Secondry Modern, then in Kings Reg Kenya Kuwait. Is anybody out there ??? Swifty
10th January 2009       John Carruthers      Upton, Wirral

I was born in Birkenhead 1932 and went to Bidston Avenue Primary and then to Brassey Street Secondary, this was during the War. Leaving school in 1946, worked in Birkenhead Market in "Butchers Isle " for Fred Roberts, fantastic place, love the photos of the Market and all the others of Birkenhead.
9th January 2009       Alan C Hughes      Meisingset, Norway

Great images to make you reminesce about your earlier life. I was born in Garston and have fond memories of St Mary's Road, Smithdown Road etc. I shall continue to visit you site for new additions to your collection. Alan (1941)
7th January 2009       Timothy      Benin City, Nigeria

I love your good work.
29th December 2008       Jacob      UK

Great site - keep up the good work :)
29th December 2008       Ron Grierson      San Juan Capistrano Ca, USA

21 Everton Rd. Everton, Liverpool 6! Steers St. School Emmanuel Church Choir, Boy Scout, Sea Cadet, Fleet Air arm, now in San Juan Capistrano California. I have many tales to tell!
17th December 2008       Fredrick Hodder      LATE OF BRIDPORT now in Yeovil

Hi, its me back on a RE-VISIT. I can't remember when i payed you a visit last, but you are like a good ship WELL WORTH A RE VISIT. being such a very good site, I dont know if i told you but another very good merchant navy site to visit is M-NAVYDAYS.COM scroll down to the call of the sea by jolly jack hodder (none outher than ME ) I think you will find it well worth a visit. Kindest regards to all frederick hodder
17th December 2008       Fredrick Hodder      LATE OF BRIDPORT now in Yeovil

I had to pay you another visit, dam good site very interisting, PLEASE keep up the good work, please LOOK at another very good site, DO NOT MISS " THE CALL OF THE SEA " Kind regards, frederick hodder
5th December 2008       Joan Bland      Canada      

What a wonderful site you have. I live in Canada and often look at the photos. As a child I lived on Woodchurch Est and was the first in the house on Home Farm Rd. I saw a new photo with a little girl in the front garden and it has to be me, how great is that, Joan Bland nee Whitty.
29th November 2008       Ken Richardson      Mount Barker, South Australia

First time look around. Looking for photos of iron ore ship Mountbank, general cargo ship Grelmarion, both of which I sailed on. Also sailed on MV Portwood Eskwood, british pilot flathouse early fifties.
26th November 2008       Colin Jessett      Wallasey

Found the site very interesting, brought back some memories, thank you.
22nd November 2008       Wendy Majilton      Heswall

Hi, just wondering if Linda is the girl I use to play with, I am Wendy from Elmwood Drive.
21st November 2008       Verdun Lowey      Doncaster      

My first time on site.
19th November 2008       Tony      Canada      

Great pictures. I lived 19 years of my life in Birkenhead and Oxton, most of the pictures are before my time. I was born in 1973, but it is great to see them, as you say some places still look the same. Thank you, keep it up!!! Tony
17th November 2008       John Taylor      Liverpool, England

Busy collecting the history of my dads ship HMS GLENEARN, dad sub leut JOHN S TAYLOR on board 1943..1946 any ship mates out there remember him or has stories, would be glad to hear from you.
16th November 2008       Paul Hill      Birkenhead

I was born in birkenhead in 1947. I lived at no 75 Marion Street. I went to Cathcart Street Primary and Rock Ferry High. All my memories are happy ones, it was a great place to live. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or has any photos. I live in Manchester now, my phone no is 0161 773 7819.
11th November 2008       Margaret Alexander      Sunderland, England

I am trying to help a neighbour, whose brother James Buckett was killed as result of an explosion aboard the Hartismere, in July 1960, off Malta. He is buried in a local cemetery in Malta. Does anyone have any further information about the incident as the family was told, virtually, nothing, at the time and were refused permission to repatriate his body, according to his sister. Many thanks.
10th November 2008       Derek Ireland      British Columbia, Canada

Enjoyed the Pictures, lived in Birkenhaed until 1992. I worked as an engineer with Alexandra Towing, Liverpool. Served apprenticeship in Cammell Lairds.
7th November 2008       Jim Crabtree      Bidston, Birkenhead, Wirral

Great photos, I will return when I have more time to view them..
3rd November 2008       Jill Ball      Birkenhead

What a lovely web-site, so many memories of my childhood, it made me feel a bit sad, but in a nice way, wishing it was still like that.
29th October 2008       Alex Choraffa      Skelmersdale, England      

As a scouser born and bred [Toxteth] I really loved this site.
27th October 2008       Vic Wade      Birkenhead

I have lived locally all my life. See very few people that I grew up with.
26th October 2008       Lynda Lambert nee Sudbury      Eastham, wirral

Pictures of New Brighton brought back wonderful memories of a happy childhood, spent playing on the sands; attending Vaughan Road School, and Wallasey High School, in the 1950's/60's. Nice to hear from anyone from that time.
22nd October 2008       Dot      Australia

Hello, I used to live in Liverpool England and trying to find as much information of Willcox Family who I think were born in West Derby, Harriet Leigh. William Willcox their sons and daughters were herbert William Willcox (my Dad) also Edna Willcox and Elsie Willcox. I am trying to put together a family tree, not sure about some of the dates, but the Willcox family worked in Tate and Lyle sugar refinery place in Love Lane Liverpool. I would be most grateful if anyone could send me any info at all - which would help me heaps. Thanking you for your time.
15th October 2008       Ann      Wirral      

Great photos, would love to see more about Tranmere in 1950s to 1970s. Brilliant site.
13th October 2008       Irene      Chester

Great photos, does anyone have a photo of the Ritz? I went to see Richard Todd there when he came to Birkenhead. I grew up in Rock Ferry when it was a thriving community. Love this site and the old photos. Thanks for the memories. Irene
13th October 2008       Jack      London

Nice site
10th October 2008       Keith Jacks      Denbighshire

Looking for photos from Rock Ferry High School from 1956 to 1962
9th October 2008       Chris Henshall      Southport

Trying to find names of catholic kids homes in Rockferry in 1942, does anyone remember Michael Coleman, born Salford 17th Jan 1942 and moved to kids home in Rockferry.
7th October 2008       Barbara Baird      Florida, USA

What a brilliant website. I have shared this with my family and we have enjoyed the wonderful memories. My Uncle worked for Cammell Lairds back in 50's - 60's. The photo of The Brown Cow in Bebington brought back memories for me. My school mate lived in the flat above the Brown Cow. Her name was Ann and she had a twin brother Tom. My Dad spent many years driving the Birkenhead Buses. Thanks for the memories.
4th October 2008       John R Powell      Newton-Le-Willows

The picture of Meadows garage No.1359 brought happy memories flooding back. I started there as an aprentice motor mechanic in June 1961. I think the chap in the white coat is Eric Dunn the foreman. Great snaps - many good memories Thanks. John
30th September 2008       John Pouncy      Lancashire

Wonderful pictures - thank you. I lived in Bebington 1954-1968 and loved it, going to Raby Mere several times a week; wish I was there now. Dad was rector of Bebington, which I could never get used to! I went out with Jenny Taylor of Bebington from 1962-1964 and would love to know what happened to her - happy with kids and grandchildren etc.?! Happy memories. Hope I get a message or two about those good old days.... Love and peace to all Wirralians, John.
29th September 2008       Rosemary  

Wonderful site, pics are amazing. I emmigrated with my parents to Canada in 1959. Can't really believe what they have done to the city, some amazing buildings have been torn down for sterile concrete and glass. It is as if what Liverpudlian was all about has been taken away. Seems to me they have taken away what was once a glorious architectural city (including the overhead which could have been refurbished & the central railway building). Hope the "Stables" can be saved for history! I thought there were a fews nice buildings. Still love my city though.
29th September 2008       Barbara Baird/Dallie      Lakeland, Florida, USA

THANK YOU CAROL. What a brilliant website. I was born in Birkenhead in 1956 To the wonderful parents Kenneth J. Baird & Marion Baird. My family emmigrated to Canada in 1966. Left the Liverpool Docks on the Empress of Canada, I was 10 yrs old. Your website has brought back lots of memories. My father drove the Birkenhead buses for many years and also worked at Vauxhalls. There are so many pictures that bring back such wonderful memories. Thank you for all your great work.
27th September 2008       Christine Williams      Liverpool      

I'm only 18 years old and was not around when Liverpool looked like this but it is really good to look at these photographs!! great pictures x
27th September 2008       Douglas E. Banks ( DOUG)      Broken Hill 2880, NSW Australia

Born 1928 Tranmere. Went to Woodchurch Rd School. Started Temple Rd School after summer hollidays 1939. The war closed most of the schools when the kids were evacuated. I didn't go so had to transfere to New Chester Rd School in New Ferry. Went to Byrom St Tech; Apprenticeship at J Gordon Alisons and off to sea in Jan; 1949. Settled in Ausralia Jan 1956, been in Broken Hill ever since. I remember a lot of the places in your photos AS THEY ARE ILLUSTRATED.
22nd September 2008       Barry Potter      Telford, Shropshire      

What a brilliant site. Still looking at now. Nice to show my grandkids when we were leaders in manufactering [ships to toys] wheres it all gone?
19th September 2008       John Parker      Dundalk, Ireland

Hi, I am trying to contact a relation who is living, or was living in Belper, she is Marrion Fox Nee Lomas from Matlock can you help please? john parker
11th September 2008       R Jones      Birkenhead

I actually help to build Alexandre Garage in the 1950s. Roy Jones
14th August 2008       Caroline Phelan      Ireland

Hi Carol, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful memory, looking back has helped me to come to terms with leaving my dear friends behind all those years ago. How grown we all have become through the years, and with all the journeys that we all have taken through our lives. We will all ways return to happy times in our life thinking of the people that once made us laugh and love one another's company....And the promises we made when we were so young and full of dreams wanting to travel! to explore new beginnings" leaving behind our loved ones even our through friends these people we swore ever lasting brotherhood and sisterhood and nothing would ever separate us. How i would stand on top of an air raid shelter and tell my friends I would protect them cause I was the brave one, mind you I was only 8yrs old but I had no one except my mum and her hand and that voice she use to sing in the local musical, but I'm sure she practice it working on me with her cross voice, Caroline get into the house and don't be such a tomboy, then some of us left for pastures new. But no matter where we go, we will always return to the place were we spent when we were at the happiest time in our child hood and to renew those lost innocent friendships we held so dear to us, I hope when you read this. you will feel the same as me and thank Carol, for allowing us this opportunity , Regards Caroline
14th August 2008       Caroline Phelan      Ireland

Dear Carol, I have just come across this site and thank you for the lovely memories, I lived in a place called Gulden Sutton, near Chester and I went to Saint WerBurgh's Primary School In Chester. My dad work as a conductor on the buses for the crosville motor service in the 1950's I was at school there in the years between 1955 to 61. At Saint Werburghs two of my friends names where Christine Dutton and Doreen Carr, I would love to hear from them. I left England to come to Ireland when my mum found out she had cancer. She died two years later. I always missed Chester and the lovely people I remember with great fondness. I am now in my late fifties and would love to be contacted by any one that knew me. The head teacher in St Werburgh's Primary School at that time was Mother Helen, I hope you can help. Thanking you Carol again for bringing back all those but short memories to me god bless, Caroline Phelan /Farrell
9th August 2008       Tony Hornby      Birkenhead

I would like to know whereabout the Wirral public house in Birkenhead used to be sited, very grateful for the answer to this. Tony Hornby
8th August 2008       Sheila Scott  

Fantasic pictures. We all enjoyed them. Seems a shame that some of the buildings where demolished and the history that went with them. Brings back happy memories and the fun time that we all had. GREAT photos. Already have my friends visiting Reflections. Sheila F, Scott.
4th August 2008       Joanne Ritchie      Liverpool

Can anyone help me, I'm looking for a Mr Terry Carr or anyone who was in cottage homes in the early 1960's. Also a Mr George Evans from Liverpool 8 around 1962-1963, Mr John Wise who worked in London for Sterling Gaurds around 1990-1993, and Joe the plummer from Granby Street Liverpool 8. If any of you are out there and know Edward David Ritchie, he will be 60 in October and we are doing him a surprise party and would love you all to get in touch and maybe give him the best birthday present.
3rd August 2008       Eddie Evans      Port Sunlight      

I found this site of great interest, having been born in Bromborough and living in the area most of my life. I will be viewing again looking for more memories.
23rd July 2008       Tony Hornby      Birkenhead

Brilliant Website, so many wonderful memories of the swinging sixties, can anyone remember wherabouts the "Wirral Hotel" or pub, used to be sited????
20th July 2008       Bry Lloyd      Wallasey

Wonderful website, great looking back at yesteryear. I was born in Wallasey in 1945 and would love to see photos of Wallasey Village....can anyone help? please email me at thanks very much!
20th July 2008       Paul Tierney      Brisbane, Australia

Great memories.
19th July 2008       Margaret Robinson      Point Clare, NSW Australia

You are a modern historian, thank God you have taken the time to compose these pics and put them on to the Internet for everyone to see. It's the only way that our lives can be relived, by looking at your pics and for our families to see their heritage. Thank You Margaret Robinson
10th July 2008       Sonia      Birkenhead      

Really enjoyed looking at these photo's, even thought I saw my nan in Birkenhead Market.
22nd June 2008       Gerald Strangward      Pembroke Wales.

Great site, really enjoy browsing all sites to do with M/N. I was at sea (deck)from late 53/60, then ashore till mid 90 /2 years with sealink. Will look in again.
21st June 2008       Dave Baker      Heswall, Wirral

A lovely selection of photos that brought back long lost memories. The picture number 485 without a name my grandad seems to think it was Barnston Dip coming from Heswall not to far from the camp ? Regards
19th June 2008       Christine Whorrall      Wirral

Trying to trace any old school friends from Town Lane and Mill Rd schools in Bebington from 1952-1959. or in fact anyone who knows me or is related to me, get in touch
13th June 2008       Marie Lester      Florida, USA

I loved this site... wow.. when you see the pictures from yester year.. I can't believe it's the same City I know today ~ Kinda wish I would've been born back then, the buildings are so Pristine.. and the roads clean.. and the people and pubs were great.. what a fabulous site..I will have to forward this on to my exiled scousers here in the USA.. Thanks for the memories
13th June 2008       Jane Kavanagh      Chester, UK

I am trying to find photographs of Abercrombie Square, Liverpool during the Victorian era and Rock Ferry Chester Road circa 1920 Can you help?
13th June 2008       Eric Sullivan      Bristol, UK

Lovely site. I'm from New Brighton and worked in Bob Sergents in both the buildings shown and later at Bootle. The chap with specs touching the scooter in the top left of the Moorfields shot was my boss I think 15 years after that picture was taken!
13th June 2008       Suzi      Liverpool

A wonderful website, I have really enjoyed going through these photographs and I wondered if maybe someone visiting the site would be able to help me. I am looking for a picture of The Crown Pub which was on the corner of the East Lancs and Stopgate Lane. I have found a few not very nice recent pics but I am looking for one from the 30's - 60's era. If anyone could help I would be so grateful.
7th June 2008       Linda Anderson      Heswall      

Loved photos of Kings Drive and the Crescent, ~Irby, could have been me with the doll's pram!
30th May 2008       Dorothy nee Derbyshire      Canada

Just disovered your site and enjoyed looking through all the old Birkenhead photographs. I would love to find any for the Laird Street Fire Station. How good to see the library as I remembered it. On my first trip back there since 1965 I was very upset to see what terrible condition it is in now. Even cleaning the windows would improve it's look. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me! Before I left England I was living on Storeton Road and my best friend lived round the corner on Mendip Road and her name was Irene Foster.
28th May 2008       June Watkinson      Birkenhead

Nice to look back.
19th May 2008       Emma Molloy      Chester, UK

Hello, My Nan, who was known in 1935 as Margorie Atkins, and would have been around 15, lived on Woodchurch road, Prenton. She is 90 soon, and I am trying to find a good history book of Prenton or a picture of how Woodchurch road was when she was a young girl as a gift for her. Can anyone help me?
9th May 2008       Deborah      Walton      

Excellent, brilliant pictures of Liverpool and Moreton, just to see what they used to be like, fantastic job, love the old pictures, Deborah
6th May 2008       Jean Collins      Yorkshire, England

Hi Carol, I am still trying to find anyone who knew my Husband Kenneth Collins known as 'sparky'. He sailed on Dominion Monarch, Wendover, New Australia, Queensbury between January 1951 and March 1956. He took the emigrants to Australia in 1951 - 1953 and then did the South America runs from1954-56. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who knew him. I still enjoy browzing Reflections. Keep up the good work. Have a nice day. Best wishes, Jean
4th May 2008       Kenneth Molloy      Manchester/England

My Dad Ken has asked me to do a bit of research, he went to St Edwards Orphanage, Broadgreen in Liverpool with his brother Colin Molloy between 1947 and 1954, he left to live with his father when he was 15 and Colin was 16 or 17 years old. I would love to hear back from anyone who remembers either of them.
30th April 2008       June Gale      Birkenhead      jean

Very interesting.
25th April 2008       Robin Daniel      Bourton-on-the-Water      

Excellent - thank you. Nothing on the steam lorries still working out of the docks just up-river from Pier Head in the 1950s, but you can't have everything. Serves me right for not bothering to photograph them myself!
17th April 2008       Laurence McGarry      Ardglass

It was very nice to see the photo of the Reina Del Mar departing on her maiden voyage on 3rd May 1956. The Master on that trip was my great uncle Commodore George Henry Rice, originally from Ardglass, Northern Ireland.
16th April 2008       S. Noone      Widnes

What a fantastic site. I have just spent two or more hours, looking at places I knew from my childhood, remanising, of days gone by. And also looking at pics I've never seen before. What an absolute delight, thank you so much.
13th April 2008       Susie Dixon      Greasby, Wirral

Wonderful sight. Lived in the Wirral all my life. Love the pictures of Greasby. I live there now. I was born in Birkenhead and lived in Newton in the 50's and 60's. Great memories. Susie
10th April 2008       Patricia Bamford      Paris, France

I found your site whilst looking for info on my ancestors (Wm.Shaw Simpson of the landing stage) and spent the rest of the evening reading your guest book. Wonderful wonderful reading... now I have to find then pics...Will write more then, but for now let me congratulate you on a wonderful job. Best Patricia
10th April 2008       Neville Hayes      Merseyside

What a great site. I was born in Rock-Ferry April 1932, a twin with my sister April, sadly she died in 1935. It has been great looking back. kind regards. Neville Hayes
10th April 2008       Pat Williams      USA

Cool site.
9th April 2008       Debbie Doughty      Birkenhead

I am looking for pictures of St. Andrews Square and Abby Buildings Birkenhead. I love looking at the how it used to be.
7th April 2008       Gillian Casey      Wirral, England.

Does any one know my nan from St Andrews Square, Birkenhead, her name was Kathleen Fowlis.
5th April 2008       Barbara Herbert      Wirral

Just logged on to your images web site, fantastic, took me back to my youth. Does anybody know the name of the pub behind Oak and Eldon Gardens.
4th April 2008       George York      Wallasey, Merseyside

Fantastic site for memories. Born in 1947 in Wallasey, and still live there. All these photos certainly stir up happy memories of hot summer days. Does anyone remember me. Lived in Bowdon Road. Does anyone remember Addrienne Rhyder (spelling?) Email address change soon, will keep you informed.
22nd March 2008       Robert A. Mabey      Utah, USA

Dear Sirs, I am so excited to have found your web site.. I have collected diecast toys my entire life.. (45 years young now).. I want to find the best hard bound books on the Dinky and Crescent Toys.. Please advise. In addition please email me where to find the best examples of the Military versions of Dinky or Crescent. Robert Mabey Salt Lake City, Utah United States of America
21st March 2008       Lyanne Jayne Riley      Merseyside

Nice to see old sites from Liverpool as my dad from Scotland Rd, Francis Hugh Riley, father Hugh Riley, nan Elizabeth Riley (nee Kennedy)anyone recalls any info on my family can you e-mail me at x
18th March 2008       Barry Downey      Wallasey

Another interest that i cant find any records did anybody remember Bob Martins on Conway Street opposite cycle exchange made a lovely refreshing drink known as a blood tonic!
13th March 2008       Jim Gleeson      St. Andrews, Scotland.

Having a browse, found the site,here i am! Born in birkenhead in 1954 and attended St. Annes primary then St. Hughes secondary. If anyone has any old school photos of the latter between 1966 to 1969 please get in touch. The family emigrated to Australia in 64 and returned in 66, staying with our gran in Claughton road before moving to Bedford Ave. Rock Ferry ( opposite Victoria Park ). I joined the RAF in 1971 and have only been back to see the gang a few times since then so it was nice to look back over the old photos. If anyone remembers me, please get in touch!
11th March 2008       Andrew Butler      Kent

What a wonderful site! My late mum's family came from the Wirral. Her name was Mabel Ellis, and her mother's maiden name was Barry. Her family home in the 40's and 50's was in Earlston Road, Wallasey. She had an aunt, Miss G Barry, in Breck Road. Would be lovely to hear from anyone who knew them!
6th March 2008       James Gleeson      Leven, Scotland

Looking for school photos of St. Hughes secondary Birkenhead from 1966 to 1969. Can anyone help?
5th March 2008       Weaver Sheridan      UK      

Re: Vernon Place. Further down Conway Street towards the town centre from Vernon Place - on the other side of the road from Hemingford St School - was a large block of redbrick tenement flats called St Andrew's Square, which were similar in design to Vernon Place. Next to these flats was St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, a large old black building, with its adjoining graveyard. The church and flats were demolished some time in the mid-70s and an Asda store was built on the site of the flats, while the graveyard became a car park. The car park is still there, but the Asda store is now mainly occupied by Wilkinson's.
25th February 2008       Paula Swindells      Birkenhead

What a great site, well done. I have a particular interest in Vernon Place, which was in Conway Street, Birkenhead. I was born there and I'm looking for any photo's or memories that anyone can share, it has also been said that there may have been a graveyard around that area ?
17th February 2008       Anne Cromack(Woodcock)      Nanaimo, B>C> Canada

Wonderful site. All the places we played as kddies during the war, the Arno especially and Arrowe Park. Have sent it on to the rest of the family over here who will enjoy it as much as my sister and I have. Happy Days. My sisters name is Eva and we went to Woodchurch Road primary and then the high School Park Road South. Came here to Vancouver Island in 1980. Visit home every year and our hearts are always there but we love our life here. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers those days. Barbara and Irene Edwards, Edi and Audrey Cunningham.(our gang).
12th February 2008       Tom Rooney      Portsmouth

Enjoyed BIRKENHEAD photos. Recognised some but drew in the atmosphere of all. Anyone remembers me then please get in touch. Tom
7th February 2008       Christine Glover      Wirral

Great site for old photo's, just found a photo of 2 Lameys Tugs--the Marie & the Irene, my Dad was Captain on the Irene, he died 1966.
4th February 2008       Alan Jones      Derbyshire

Went to Rose Lane School 1955 same time as Tarby, spent some years in retail. In 1980 owned a night club called Jodys in Stanley st, then lived in Algarve. I'm now 65 and taking life easy, would love you to E mail me. I'm now living in Belper Derbyshire, miss Liverpool loads.
4th February 2008       Joanne Ritchie      Liverpool

Hi Carol, this is my first time on your site, I think it's fab. I wonder if anyone can help me, my dad Edward Ritchie was born in 1948 will be 60 in October and I'm doing him a surprise party for him, and I would love to find some of his old friends to invite. He was born in Kirkby, then moved around and eventually stayed in Speke. All I know is he was in an orhpanage in Manchester called the Cottage Homes and was run by a Mr Jackson and i'm trying to trace his friend from there and his name is Terry Carr. They were there from around the early 60's. I'm also looking for Joe the plummer from Granby St L/pool 8, he was an apprentice plummer. Also from L/pool 8 was a man called George Evans and that would have been around 1962-1964. My dad worked down in London for a while as a security guard for Sterling Guards and he worked with a man called John Wise between 1990-1993. Please please if any of these are you then please get in touch, thank you x
31st January 2008       Andrew Platt      Isle of Sheppey, Kent

It was fantastic to see the pictures of The Crescent and Kings Drive, WIRRAL. I grew up in those streets from 1963 until my family moved in 1977. I have really fond memories of my mates and the area. I am still in touch with some of them. I lived just around the corner in Cornelius Drive.
29th January 2008       Debbie  

Birkenhead....Brilliant site, does anyone remember my mum and family from Hazel Road, Birkenhead. Terry, Norma, Jean, and Linda Powell would love to hear from anyone who remembers them.
29th January 2008       Harry Monday      Townsville, Nth Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Thank you, thank you!! Up until 1967 I lived in Corney Street, garaged my car at the Boundry Garage and my first job was in the Cotton Exchange. It has really been a walk down memory lane and would only have been topped off had there been a photograph of my old school, Earle Road CSM. Again many thanks, Harry Monday
28th January 2008       Ruth Elizabeth Barlow Hart      Birkenhead, England

I was born in Birkenhead, England in 1943 to Lilian Barlow, looking for any relatives that might still be alive. I have an Aunt who's name is Doris Adrews and Elise Billington would like to hear from any relatives.
27th January 2008       Julie ( Rice ) Stephan      Birkenhead / The Woodchurch

What a lovely site, brought back so many memories. I used to live on The Woodchurh, still have family there. Went to Arrowe Hill and Noctorum. I lived on Kiln Road with my Nan, then we moved to Pemberton Road. That was around 1971-1973. Would love to find old mates on here. I now live in America, Please e-mail if you have any photos. My mum and dad were June and Desi Rice.
24th January 2008       Monica Nielson      Now live mostly in France      

Your wonderful site brought back memories of growing up in New Brighton in the 50's. My family had links to the Lloyds of Lloyds corner and also my had a brewery in Rose Place Liverpool. Have not found any photos yet for the family tree but I really enjoyed yours, especially the rocking horse picture.
19th January 2008       Philip Hughes      Leeds, West Yorkshire

Although lived in Chester had a lot to do with both Birkenhead and Liverpool. I also have fond childhood memories of Wallasey in the 50's, especially going on the little train with my brother and father, (both deceased). The photos brought back so much to me thank you for your site.
19th January 2008       Peter B      N.S.W. Australia      

Beautiful photo's, brought back a lot of good memories. Terrific shots of the old Wirral I used to know. Can't remember the tide ever that high at Parkgate, from memory it only ever came in about 2 or 3 times a year in my early days. Thank you for a wonderful site. Pete.
11th January 2008       Florence "paddy" Quaite      Phoenix, Az USA

My mother, Florence "Paddy" Quaite, a WW2 WREN, sailed enroute to Port Said, on the troop ship the Monarch of Bermuda. When docked in Cape Town, she was met by the Lord Mayor, and taken to the Lord Nelson for lunch. She is turning 85 (married 60 years) this year, and she always loves telling us this story. Can anyone help me with more information, as to the date of the event, and the name of the Mayor? Also, she is always wanting to know whatever happened to her friend Jill Shaw. Thank you.
11th January 2008       John Williams      Dagenham, Essex

I enjoyed reading Les Walkers comments on his early memories in Birkenhead. I don`t remember him from Tolly which is not really surprising as I only went there for a little over three months. I actually went to Brassey St and went to Tolly when the two schools amalgamated and became the Grange in September 47. As I was almost sixteen at the time I was the oldest boy in the school and was made Head Boy because of that. A fact not lost on the Catholic girls school which shared part of the school as their own had still not been repaired after bomb damage. I was never short of a girlfriend or two for those three months.
10th January 2008       Norma Edwards Nee Hall      Edmonton, Canada      

Raised in Rodney St, BHead. Went to ST Werbughs school. Moved to Canada in 76. Great site.
5th January 2008       John Middleton      Wolverhampton

If there are any C.P.R. men, there is avery interesting site ,empress of france, some interesting stories, unfortunatly it isn't too well used, but it is certainly worth a visit.
25th December 2007       Les Walker      York, UK

Les Walker - ex Tollemach Road School - ex 120 Boundary Road, Bidston - ex Cooksons The Chemist (1947) 130 Price Street, Birkenhead, until June 1947 - then conscript service and took on regular (Army) - now residing York please ring if you know me, 01904-448352 - or e-mail.
25th December 2007       John McNamara      Liverpool, England

Looking for anyone who were orphans at St Edwards Orphanage "The Eddies" in the 1950`s Thomas Lane Broadgreen Liverpool. I was there with my brother around 1953, Love to here from you, Regards, John McNamara
22nd December 2007       Claxton's      Victoria, BC, Canada

Merry Christmas - Best Wishes to All, thanks for providing interesting history. Tebbs was a name from the Hoylake area, still might have rellies there of my Mother in Law - they lived on Hilbre Island before coming to Canada in 50's.
14th December 2007       Morris Rowlands      Barnston, Wirral

Real enjoyment. Found a picture of my wifes childhood home. I was hoping to see some of Irby village, but unfortunately there aren't any. The one of The Fox and Hounds is one they haven't got hanging inside, and they alrady have quite a few. Many thanks
13th December 2007       Ted Corry      Cromwell, New Zealand

Hi there. I have a new email address so just in case anyone wants to ghet in touch. I am trying to find photos of Rock Ferry High school and Birkenhead Institute.
13th December 2007       Dave Johnson      England

Great photos. Grew up in West Derby, I have lived in B,head a long long time. Been in Prenton 47yrs. B,head Tech is knocked down now and flats/houses. lots of houses in Tranmere/Rock Ferry demolished with more to go. Town changing by the month.
13th December 2007       Lance Ball      Somerset

Just found your site whilst browsing, wonderful.. I was captain of the Mobil Lubchem; {Lubchem} trading regularly into Alfred Locks and would dearly like any photos of the ship taken during the period, 1973 to 1962, especially in the river. Can anyone help? Many thanks, Lance Ball
12th December 2007       Helen Gale      Lillooet, BC. Canada

I was born in Waterloo, Liverpool, we emigrated to Canada in 1966, I would love to find old friends, I miss my younger days in Waterloo, it was so much fun.
12th December 2007       Alex Groundwater      Dunkeld, Scotland

Excellent pictures, thanks for the memories, the picture you have of Dean Road/Edge lane is actually the other end of Dean RD on the corner of Dean road and Kensington you can just see the top of the Ice rink.....
30th November 2007       Brian Lundstram      Los Angeles, California

Great site, wonderful photographs of times gone by. I grew up in Liverpool 8, emigrated to America in 1962. Hope to visit Liverpool next year for the cultural celebrations.
27th November 2007       Jean Collins      North Yorkshire, England

I wrote a letter to Terrance Williams who served on 2 ships Dominion Monarch and Waiwera at the same time as my husband Kenneth Collins. I now have a new e-mail address which i am displaying if he wants to get in touch. Keep up the good work. Have a nice day. Jean
21st November 2007       R Cheetham      Portsmouth, England

Very good website, could do with more like it. Thank you
18th November 2007       Alex Gee      Dunkeld, Scotland

Excellent photos, especially the one of White Rock Street. I was brought up just across the road in Shiel Park prefabs, has anyone any pictures of this area. Alex
16th November 2007       L Nicholson      Liverpool      

Many thanks for the trip down memory lane. Thoroughly enjoyed the journey.
16th November 2007       Raymond McKimm      Belfast

Hello, Can anyone give me information about French Polishers in the Belfast shipyard. I'm researching this for a novel. I'm told that often the men that worked in this department were both deaf and unable to speak. Can anyone confirm if this is the case, and indeed anything else about this department. Thank you Raymond
16th November 2007       ROBERT SERNA      CALIF. USA      SERNAMARTINEZ@AOL.COM

14th November 2007       John O,Hara      Calgary, Alberta

Great Website, hope I can trace a few old friends thru it.
13th November 2007       John Rowan      Liverpool

10th November 2007       Ian Hawks      Thundersley, Essex

Am looking for a photo of the S.S.Bayonne Elders and Fyffes 1942. Sailed from Liverpool on her as passenger to join a ship in Bermuda as 3rd Mate. Can anyone help?
9th November 2007       Derek B Rawlings      Toksey Lock,Lincs

I was an officer onboard S.S. Oriana from 1960-1962. 1 lived and worked in Barrow-in-Furness and actually joined the P&O Orient line and took part in the shake down cruise to Lisbon and speed trials on the Clyde before her maiden voyage. I am trying to get in touch with any of the officers who served with me during this period. Can you help in this matter?
9th November 2007       John      Wirral, UK

I saw a comment that the prints of pictures are expensive, but good heavens, look what you have on this wonderful site ! I am deeply obliged to it for the picture of HMS Conway which lay in the Mersey during my youth. I have looked up memoirs of those who were trained on it and it's history , and wonder if any ex-mariners out there were trained on it ? Look up HMS Conway.
8th November 2007       Malcolm Barber      Wallasey, Wirral, UK

Born in Wallasey in 1943, last year I compiled a History of New Brighton Cricket Club to commemorate its' 150 years - copy in Earlston Library. I would be pleased to hear from anyone with former connections with the club. Carol's "old Wallasey & New Brighton" pics are all around my hall walls ! Best wishes. M.B.
7th November 2007       Debbie Dempster      Edinburgh      

Brilliant reading all these stories
4th November 2007       Dave Watkins      Wirral      

Great Site, Keep on truckin !!
2nd November 2007       John Evans      Birkenhead

I sailed from the Clyde in October 1941 on the Empress of Canada for Singapore. I thought all Empress ships were three funnel and was surprised to see the later Empress of Canada being twin funnel, but as it had been formerly the Duchess of Richmond, that seemed to account for it. That was burned out at Liverpool if memory serves me right, I think it was the vessel I sailed on. However, I note the Empress of France being twin funnel and used as a troopship during the war, so that has me a little confused ? I understand that the Empress of Canada I sailed on was torpeoed by an Italian submarine on leaving Durban in 1943. After leaving Columbo all the mess plates were dumped down the shute into the sea. My mate says it was crew who did it, while i envisaged troops as it was not a happy ship. On leaving Cape Town oranges had been taken on board, and as they could not be exported, we thought the very generous locals had probably given them for the troops, only to find them on sale. Few bought them !
31st October 2007       Jean collins      North Yorkshire, England

I read an e-mail from a Terrance Williams Melbourne NSW. My husband Kenneth Collins known as Sparky was on the Dominion Monarch as Electrical Engineer in 1951 went to Perth. He was also on the Waiwera as 2nd Electrician from September 1952 till July 1953. He served his apprentiship with Harland and Wolfe and then joined Shaw Saville for his early Merchant Navy days beginning Decenber, 1950. Hope to hear from Terrance if he knew my husband. Have a nice day, Jean
31st October 2007       Jean collins      North Yorkshire, England      

Have enjoyed looking through your guest list. I wonder if there is anyone out there who knew my husband Kenneth Collins known as Sparky as he was an Electrical Engineer on the Domionion Monarch, Wendover, and Queensbury from 1951 till 1956 when he left the Merchant Navy for Shore in London. Will keep looking at Reflections as the pictures and letters are very interesting. Have a nice day. Best Wishes Jean
29th October 2007       Neville Roberts      Leesburg, Florida

Anyone out there who would like some old pics of ships, go to you will find lots of pics on it. I found all of my old ships, 21 in all brought back many memories of my sea days. Good luck. Nev.
28th October 2007       Ian Cottom      York, England

I can't help it, Carol but I keep returning to your lovely pictures which conjure up such nostalgia. I sailed for India on the Britannic in May 1946 for my R.A.F. service in what is now Pakistan, returning on the Worcestershire in Sept. 1947. It is so sad to see the deserted pierhead after so much hustle and bustle of the post-war years. A friend of mine, Rod Holmes is in charge of the Paradise Project which will regenerate the centre of Liverpool to a new glory -- I can't wait to see it come to fruition. Best Wishes to All.
28th October 2007       Austin (Ausy) Graves      Wilderness, South Africa

I was brought up in Birkenhead (a plastic Scouser) and went St Hughs catholic school and became a TV engineer. I enjoyed the pic of Rushworths as that is where I did my apprenticeship in 1956. Left the UK in 1975. I have enjoyed Carol's pic's for a few years now and never tire of them. Keep up the good work, Carol.
28th October 2007       Norah Ann Higginson [nee Jones]      Melbourne, Australia

Hi, from sunny Melbourne in Australia. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into your fabulous site. It,s like going on world tour reading all the comments and address's of your guests. I was born in Birkenhead in 1939, and moved to Wallasey 1942 {Park Road]. I attended Somerville primary school and New Brighton Tech. Like many other teenagers of the time, Ron Higginson [Littledale Road] and I did our courting in the back row of local cinemas, on the rides in the fairground, and rocking the nights away in the Tower Ballroom, and on the prom at Egremont [counting stars??????]. Ron and his two friends Ron Harrison and John Lomax [Atlantic Skiffle Group] used to practice their songs in the back room of The Egremont Pub. The pub didn't have a music licence at that time, and if the police made a routine check, a warning bell was pushed in the bar and the guitars were hastily pushed under the seat. Of course the police must have heard the music and singing, and would often request a song on the way out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the early 50'S, before the film "Ferry across the Mersey" Ron was serenading me, and playing his quitar, and was told to stop, or he and the guitar would be thrown overboard........still have a cry each time Gerry's Ferry Across the Mersey is played." Ron and I moved to Basildon, Essex, and had 3 children. Sadly he passed away just before our 40th Wedding Anniversary. I now live in Australia with Bill, my Aussie partner. He did not know any of his genealogy, and I have traced his to Liverpool, {James Edwards and Mary Howard] who were married in St Peters Church, as did my my own grand parents, 60 years later!!!!! and Luckily we still "come home" each year to visit my family and friends. I have watched the prom and foreshore getting a new breath of life, although unfortunately it will never regain its former glory. We always meet a variety of people using the prom each time we return, and many have nostalgic memories. The youngsters still enjoy playing with the sand or in the water. We see joggers and cyclists, and a new generation of courting couples who are making their own new memories. My grand daughter was "very impressed" with the life guard she met this year???????. Regards to you and all your guests. Ann Higginson [nee Jones]
28th October 2007       Ian Denton      St Anns Chapel, Cornwall

Many thanks Carol for once again putting me in touch with my old ship the Queen of Bermuda you have some superb pix of her. Cheers Ian
26th October 2007       Leslie Aspinall      Ellesmere Port, England

Carol, you have a fab site many thanks. I was born in Walton Hosp 1931 but lived in Bevington Hill, then Mould St, then Potter St. Went to Christ Church School in Great Homer St. Left Liverpool after war. I have been seasrching for a pic of Christ Church but with no results. Again many thanks. 26/10/7
26th October 2007       Jeanette Land      Kansas City, Kansas. USA

Never tired of looking at your priceless pictures. Born in Liverpool 8 (Dingle) and moved to Wallasey during the war in 1942. Spent my childhood at New Brighton, Egremont, Harrison Drive and most places in and around the Wirral. After school I crossed the Mersey every day on the ferry boat to work in L'pool. Rode the Overhead R/R to my granny's every Sunday for my sixpence. What memories! Took it all for granted, now I realized how privileged I was. Sailed out of Liverpool on the liner Britannic in June of '53 to come to the US. My uncle Laddie McQueen was the chief bedroom steward. Thank you so much for the wonderful photo's, it means to much to us ex-pats.
26th October 2007       RON GRIERSON      San Juan, Capistrano, USA

Greetings to all, from San Juan Capistrano California. Steers street Queens road Graduate!...somewhere in time.
26th October 2007       Ian Hawks      Thundersley, Essex

Interesting site, especially the marine photos. Joined the M.N.1939 as an apptrentice on the SS Kingsbury, Capper Alexander Shipping Co; with two other apprentices, Roy Sherrat and Geof Stott. Beleive Roy who came from Maccesfield was lost at sea. Over the years lost touch with Geof who lived in Hull, in recent years have tried to contact him with no luck. Wonder if any one can help. After my apprenticeship joind the Royal Fleet Auxiliary
26th October 2007       John Baker      Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

I was born in Hammersmith, London and raised in Camberley, Surrey. I spent 3 years in the merchant navy after graduating from the "vindi", I was one of the vindi boys. I emigrated to the great country of Canada where I joined the Canadian merchant marine. In the near future we are planning a trip to England, I am looking forward to it. John Baker
26th October 2007       May Parker (nee Hughes)      Cambridgeshire, England      

Just spent yet another few mins down memory lane - thank you so much for the opportunity to do that. I was born in Buccleuch Street Birkenhead in 1947 and spent my youth in and around Birkenhead and Liverpool so your photos bring back lots of reminders of times gone by! Well done.
26th October 2007       Peter Miller      Feilding, New Zealand

Now retired but still always getting a thrill at looking at some of the ships that I remember, and others that I would have liked to sail on. Pity the older style 'real' ships are going out of fashion. They had a real 'personality' thing, just like the crews. It makes me very nostalgic.
26th October 2007       Jean Beckwith      Birkenhead

Carol, keep up the great work. I was born in Birkenhead in 1942, attended Woodchurch Road School, and Temple Road School. My maiden name was Graham. I would love to see pics of HMS Conway, my father (Albert Graham) served aboard her in 1924. Maritme Museum in Liverpol actually have records of his service, anybody looking for records can check there. Have you any pics of St. Catherines Church or St. Catherines Hospital, Church Road, Tranmere or Woodchurch Road School I would like to have a copy. We emigrated (from Birkenhead-Highgreen Rd, Prenton) in 1978, and have lived in West Texas since then. Do not get to come home too often, due to my husbands failing health, but will try to mke it home in 2008. Anybody out there remember me, I'd like to here from you.

26th October 2007       Terry Sanford      Terry. Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada.      

Once again from here in Eastern Canada and as a result of Reflections recent email one can indulge in nostalgia about life in Liverpool. We arrived in 1943 and in 1956 I emigrated to Canada. Many thanks indeed for the reminders, and who knows maybe before I get too old and forgetful, myself or someone will actually buy a larger print/s of Liverpool scenes. From 1952 to 1956 I worked or was based out of the Strowger AT&E works at Edge Lane, at sites around the UK. Prior to that went to Liverpool College in Mossley Hill. Regards to all posters here and to all Liverpudlians.
25th October 2007       Ron Rainford      Australia since 1955

Brought back childhood memories of the 1920/30's. A great shame that many of the old buildings have been destroyed. My father was a great athlete and we attended many sports meetings. Any pictures of those events? I wonder if the The Liverpool Echo has any in its archives.
25th October 2007       Sheila O'Brien      New Zealand

I also have spent a lot of time looking through the gallery. Well done Carol, certainly brings back memories. Someone else mentioned buying broken crisps in Aigburth. Me too. My school was Bellerive, which was at the gates of Sefton Park. We used to walk through the park to catch the bus home to Speke and to buy penny packets of crisps.
25th October 2007       Pat Saunders (now van Nierop)      Jo'burg, South Africa

Hello to all, What happy memories of Raby Mere, Parkgate and Bidston Hill these photos recall. Is there anyone else who used to be part of the motorbike crowd of the 50's who used to frequent the mere ? I worked at the Stork Margarine labs. in Bromborough until 1960. Another treasured memory was visiting the art gallery in Port Sunlight. Thank you so much for the hard work in keeping this site together !! I went to B'head High School and have walked back from The Cavern in L'pool after midnight through the tunnel on several occasions - I guess that wouldn't be attempted now !
25th October 2007       Neil Midgley      Westbank, British Columbia, Canada

I was born in Liverpool in 1943 and came to Canada in 1975. I still miss Liverpool and enjoy looking at all photo's new or old. It is truly the best city in the world with the best people. Keep up the good work.
25th October 2007       Bernie Ekberg      Landvetter, Sweden

Love your site Carol, I've lived in Sweden for fourty years, and I love to remember Dad taking us on the Overhead railway on Sundays or on the Ferry across the water, your photos bring back great memories, and my love for Liverpool. Thank you Carol
21st October 2007       Patricia Elaine Bennett /Kelly      Ashhurst, New Zealand

I was born in Birkenhead in 1946 and left when I was three. We went to australia after my father came home from World War two, his name was Thomas Charles Bennett. My mothers name was Mary but they called her Dolly. I had a sister Joan and a sister Benita. It was great to see your photos, my sister has a photo of myself in a wagon being pulled along by a donkey on the beach.
21st October 2007       Ron Grierson      Everton..Liverpool 6

Steers street school...anyone?
19th October 2007       Dan      Birkenhead

My old town would love to see some old pics.
19th October 2007       Margaret      Wirral

What fantastic photographs, I could spend all day looking at the ones from Wirral. Margaret from Moreton.
19th October 2007       David Townson      Toronto, Canada

I can't add anything that hasn't already been said about this wonderful Web site, and the guestbook comments add to the pleasure of seeing Merseyside again the way it should have stayed. Well done, Carol! Dave.
18th October 2007       Bob Hughes      Lechlade. Gloucestershire

Enjoyed the site v. much. I was a Radio officer with Siemens consequently sailed on many ships in the 50's/60's. Anyone from the Highland Monarch, Retainer, Wokingham, Stanvac S. Africa ? Keep going. Thanks
17th October 2007       Angela (Jill) Thirlwall nee Yates      Wirral

Happy memories of my younger days...I went to Aigburth Vale High School and bought packets of Smith's broken crisps from the shop on the photo. They cost 1d ! Also the busy river crossing to New Brighton baths at weekends...happy days. Thanks for a great pictorial site.
13th October 2007       Jason      Atlanta, GA

Great website!
12th October 2007       Bernie Mainwaring      Merseyside, England

Very intriguing site. I even found an old shipmate from the "Empress of Canada" from the late 50,s early 60s - Neville Roberts and I'm sure he'll remember me.(Anyway Nev expect an E mail soon when I get the hang of this electronic wizard) Regards to all. BernieMainwaring Ex EofC and sisters and Saxonia and sisters.
9th October 2007       Brooke      Wairoa H.B. New Zealand      

Your website rocks!
8th October 2007       Lenny Flynn      Birkenhead, England      

I was born in Birkenhead (1957). Nice to see old photos of Birkenhead also of Cammell lairds, my farther worked at lairds for 40 yrs till 1977. Keep up the good work, cheers.
4th October 2007       Mark Clark  

Very nice website, great images!
21st September 2007       Marion McArdle      Wirral      

Picture of Kings Drive in Thingwall is actually "The Crescent" a road close to Kings on Oaklea Estate.
21st September 2007       Frederick Hodder      Yeovil, Late of Bridport, Dorset

Nothing like re visiting an old port, (your web site just gets better with age ) as ports do with age. Keep up the good work and many many thanks. Fred Hodder, Yeovil, Late of Bridport, Dorset
20th September 2007       Sally Kraus      United States

I Liked Your Site.
9th September 2007       Clare Kearney      Thornton

Hi Phil, get beter soon.
1st September 2007       Debbie Byrne      Pensby, Wirral      

All the photos are amazing, it's fascinating to see how things used to look.
25th August 2007       Pam Heesemans      Mount Gambier, South Australia

Thank you for a wonderful trip down memory lane, I left Rock ferry 41 years ago amd have lived in Australia ever since. It was great to see some of the old places again.
23rd August 2007       Terence Williams      Melbourne, Australia

I entered the Merchant Navy in June 1950, as an Electrical Engineer Officer with the Shaw Savill Lines. Serving on Dominion Monarch (two voyages )Wairangi, Taranaki,( two voyages ), Gothic, Two voyages, including the Royal Commonwealth Tour of 1953-54, with H.M.Queen & entourage. Then, Waiwera, and Suevic. Then "stood by" building of Triaster in Harland & Woolf Glasgow, this vessel for British Phosphate Commission later based in Melbourne. Served 4.5 years on this vessel & Triadic, trading to Nauru & Ocean Islands, until late 1959 when I came ashore. Since then I have resided in Melbourne. Would appreciate any contacts of this era. Terence Williams
22nd August 2007       David      US

Very interesting website. Keep up the good work!
20th August 2007       Bob Walters      Ellesmere Port,UK

Was told about your site a couple of weeks ago but have been too busy to look. I have now found a good way to spend a wet and miserable Sunday afternoon (like yesteday) looking through you excellent photos. I am only sorry that there are none about Ellesmere Port which is where I was born over 70 years ago. I am now going to pass your site address onto some expat friends in Australia, who were from the Port, they will love it.
17th August 2007       Lorraine Michael      West Kirby/England      

I've really enjoyed looking at all the pictures, it's been an amazing experience. Didn't life look fun AND much safer then?
17th August 2007       Holly            

Wow, I think it is amazing how everything has changed so much.
11th August 2007       momc49      Liverpool      

Hi, Love your piccy of Melias shop, it is on the corner of Beaumont St and Kingsley Road in Liverpool 8, happy shopping days, cheers, mo
9th August 2007       Terry Dobbins      Birkenhead

Cammell Lairds rugby kickabout is a dinner time football kick around, the player on the right side is my brother Mike. He hates rugby. Great photos of a time gone, keep up the great work. You also have a photo of Victoria Road New Brighton of my late mother outside our old chip shop, this picture is on my wall at home. Thank you.
8th August 2007       Graham Davies      Warrington, Cheshire

Hello..I'm now 56yrs old, and remembering my days in the Merchant Navy 1966-71. Straight from school, down to Gravesend for two months training to be a Steward, first trip across the Atlantic to Montreal with Manchester Liners out of Salford Docks..I feel the need to write about all the episodes in my younger days, esp, as a "Peanut" down in Kent..Happy Days..Graham.
12th July 2007       Graham Holt      Napier, New Zealand

I've enjoyed the photographs of 'Reina Del Mar" in her P.S.N.C. livery. I did several trips on her as Q.M. in 1967, cruising out of Southampton, when she sported the Union Castle Line colours.
12th July 2007       Pat      Hoylake/England      

What a fantastic site - found thanks to the Wirral Globe. Many hours of happy memories to come.
11th July 2007       Joyce      Albuquerque/New Mexico

I am new to this site, but I must say how wonderful it is. I am trying to locate information about my great-grandfather, Francis Edmund Hughes. He was a sports writer for the Liverpool Echo in the late 1890s and early 1900s. He married Marie Hughes and had three daughters, Julie, Rose and Adelaide. They lived on Kingsley Road, Liverpool. If any one has any information on him (or his wife) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much. Great website.
4th July 2007       Janet and Pat Johnson      Wellington, New Zealand

Hi Carol, Your website is fantastic - we've just returned from a trip to the UK to see family in Hastings - the photos from there are great. Great website - keep it up. My husband was in the merchant navy until he 'jumped' ship in Napier in the late '60s! Kind regards Janet & Pat
4th July 2007       Janet and Pat Johnson      Wellington, New Zealand

Hi Carol, Your website is fantastic - we've just returned from a trip to the UK to see family in Hastings - the photos from there are great. Great website - keep it up. My husband was in the merchant navy until he 'jumped' ship in Napier in the late '60s! Kind regards Janet & Pat
30th June 2007       Mo Mc      Lancashire      

Great pictures, takes me back to happy days.
29th June 2007       gcook1181      New York

Home Page I am really excited! Very useful. It very impressive. :-)
27th June 2007       Stephen Madden      Perth, Australia

Really interesting. I was born in Liscard 1951 and looking back, at places we went as a family, travelling as a child on Castle Lines to south Africa, paying visits to Heswall and Raby Mere in later years and Cammell Lairds in particular, where my father once worked a very long time ago!!! All that industry mostly gone now i would think!!
26th June 2007       Ron Johnston      Isle of Wight

The site is very good indeed, and have passed it on to a friend, thanks a lot, Ron
23rd June 2007       Maureen Jones. nee Moeyhoey, Haughey      Wallasey

I am new to this and have just got on to your website by accident; very interesting. I went to Holy Cross, B.head. Then Our Ladys sec. modern. Woodchurch. My dad worked at Cammell Lairds early fifties, he had returned home after being a Japanese prisoner of war. Due to accident at Lairds on the Ark Royal he died in B.head General Hosp, dec.1952. I do not have any photos of him and would be grateful if anyone knew him and had any tucked away. His name is Les Riley (from Gorton; Manchester originally) he married my mum Margaret Alice Smith in B.head, on the 14.12.46. He was Private Eernest Lesley Riley. no. 3527168, Manchester Regiment. Mum was Margaret Alice Smith (Mason Ave, B.head.) Private no. 327585. in the A.T.S. My num 6396849.
14th June 2007       Marke      UK

very nice photos
11th June 2007       John Middleton  

I had an e mail from Graham Heskey, asking whether I knew of N.H.Quayle, who was the chief Steward on the Reina Del Pacifico, in 1948, unfortunately I didn't sail on the Reina till july 55, so I dont know of him. Graham never left an address, so I am replying through your guestbook. Best Wishes John Middleton
11th June 2007       Mich      Texas

Very nice website. Great color choices.
4th June 2007       Ronald Holmes      Ellesmere Port, Wirral, UK

Hi Carol. Just found your site. The few things I have read brings back memories in the mnthe 40s and 50s. I believe I will get loads of pleasure from your site, thanks. Ron Holmes.
2nd June 2007       Joyce Kellett      Huntsville, Alabama. USA

What a great site, a friend just emailed it to me. Being an expat from Liverpool I have only looked at the pictures of that great city so far. I was born and bred in Windermere Street off Breck Road and was very interested in the Picture of Prouts as I used to work there. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into making this site what it is, "FANTASTIC" Joyce
1st June 2007       Ted Corry      New Zealand

Carol, what can I say that has not already been said. Have been a fan of yours for some time. I lived in Birkenhead, Wallasey and was on deck in the merchant navy. Second trip was the last trip of the Empress of Australia.(Troop Ship) Also in Wallasey fire brigade. Was on duty when the Tower was on fire, both times. also Tunnel of Love. Came to NZ in 1969 and now live in Cromwell.
31st May 2007       Dave Spencer      Bridlington, East Yorkshire

Thanks for introducing me to this site, some interesting stuff.
30th May 2007       Graham Holt      Napier N.Z.

I'm still new to the site, but thank you. Enjoying the photographs. Is it possible anyone knows where I could get a photo of the Zillah Shipping Co coaster Foxfield, she was my first job as deck boy after leaving the 'Vindi'
30th May 2007       David Thomas      Liverpool      

Hi Carol, I've been on your site many times before and always found it of great interest. There is a fantastic amount of photos. I sailed with Buries Markes(BM) during my time at sea, if you have any photos of their vessels in Liverpool I would be very interested as I have my own website dedicated to my time with the company.
30th May 2007       Carol Abell (nee Barrett)      Peterborough

Many thanks for letting me know about this wonderful collection of photographs. I was born in Oxford Street Maternity Hospital and Dr. Datnaa delivered me in 1947 and we lived in Melville Place. My Mum will be delighted to look at all the old photos of the place she grew up and married in, my Dad sailed in on HMS Zodiac. My Great Grandma was Sarah Ellames formerly Cleary so if any Cleary's or Ellames are out there please get in touch as I am researching my Family History. Keep up the good work. Carol
30th May 2007       Philip Taylor      Queensland, Australia

Thank you for the page. I was Born 1940. Lived in Huton until 1955, then Childwall. A day boy at St Edwards Orphanage. Worked as an artist at Meccano, Lewis's Weatherall. Now live in Queensland Australia.
29th May 2007       Stephen Williams      Liverpool, England      

I really loved the site. My dad has told me stories of the Overhead Railway, it was great to see the pictures.
29th May 2007       Lynne      Liverpool      

Well Carol, you have brought some great memories to me, thanks. I nursed in the old Fazakerley Hospital in the 70s, thank you once again. I would like to buy a picture of the old fazakerley wing I worked on, but I dont have a credit card is there some other way of buying please, Lynne
29th May 2007       Alan Roocroft      Gatton, near Brisbane, Queensland, Aust.

Thanks for the memories, Carol. The photography was excellent quality, truly. My Box Brownie of yesteryear couldn't produce such fine pictures (or was it the cameraman?). I was born and raised in Waterloo and left the 'Pool in 1954 to move to Australia with Dad, Mum and my younger brother. I enjoyed seeing so many images taken around the time I was about to leave the country. Thanks again and I'll pass your url along to some friends that might like to see what you have. Best wishes from Oz. Alan Roocroft
29th May 2007       Jack Shaw      Adelaide, Australia

Absolutly brilliant display. Will pass on to my friends.
28th May 2007       John Baker      Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Thanks Carol, I was in the British Merchant Navy and also the Canadian Merchant Marines, had some good times on the "Port Brisbane" in Australia and New Zealand, she was a beauty, also spent some time on the "Port Chalmers" the "Persic" and the "Argentina Star", would you have any pictures of these ships? They would sure bring back great memories, you do good work Carol, regards John Baker
28th May 2007       Jim Robinett      New York State USA      

Excellent site, very interesting
28th May 2007       Brian Ellis      Whitstable, Kent

Thanks for directing me to your site carol. Found it very interesting, I served on various Orient Line ships in the sixties so found your merchant photo's very having come across various other company's ships in my travels.
27th May 2007       John Carter      SpainGuardamar      

A really interesting site, I will pass on to old shipmates from the Vindi.
27th May 2007       Grahame Trundle      Enfield, Middlesex

Great site, photo's brilliant
27th May 2007       Peter J Taylor      Newark, England

Very good pictures. I was on Esso tankers out off Fawley in the 1950's, brings back old memories.
27th May 2007       Jim Brindley      Austraila

Hi Carol great site. I always shipped out from Liverpool. I jumped ship in Melbourne 1952. The ship was S.S. Hartismere was a a.b. Wish you well with your site. Cheers Jim. old pom
26th May 2007       KEN LONG      Pershore, England.

A super site full of memories for any ex seafarer, superb photographs.
26th May 2007       John Chesworth      Tranmere

Hello, I'm vicar of the Parish of St Paul with St Luke, Tranmere (Church of England). The parish takes in the southern part of the Cammell Lairds yard and many of the thousands who worked in the yard lived in the parish. This is our 150th anniversary year and I would be interested to hear of people who know of connections between the shipyard and the church. For instance I'm told that previous vicars often assisted at ship launches.
24th May 2007       John Middleton      Wolverhampton, England

I tried unsuccessfully to send an E mail to John Parry of Willenhall. I was at sea sailing from Liverpool on the Cunard'C.P.R and both the Reina del Mar and Pacifico during the 50's. Perhaps he may have more success in getting in touch with me, if he wants to. John Middleton
21st May 2007       MARGARET McKENNA      Scotland

Hi to all you from liverpool. My father was born there 1907 and would be 100 years old this July. My brother and sisters are going to his homeland to try and find his family. His name was William John McKenna, lived on the Old Swan Road, had two sisters Joanne and Mary Hellen, if anyone knew him or his family please get in touch.
20th May 2007       YVONNE LIGHTEN      LIVERP00L      

20th May 2007       John Higginson      Maddington Gosnels, Perth W.A.

Hope to see the pics of Lewis"s store after it was bombed. Reason is that my mother was found in a lift shaft there dead on the 22nd of february 1943. Love to see the pics where my mother was killed god bless her soul. This was all printed in the Liverpool Echo at the time. Have you got any pics of it. I was in Wales as a vaccuee at the time. Thank you for your web page. John Higginson
18th May 2007       John Parry      Willenhall. W. Midlands

I sailed out of Liverpool in the early 1950's after leaving the "Indefatigable" training school in 1954. Seeing some of the ships that I sailed out on bought a hell of a lot of memories back. I think you have a great site and one of these days I may even get a picture of a couple of ships I am missing. I shall be a regular vistor so keep up the good work, it's great.
18th May 2007       Keven Grady      Leicester      

Great site . Have enjoyed looking through all the different topics. Love the ships photographs. I will certainly keep looking on this site. Thanks.
18th May 2007       Ray Shersby      Mt Richon, Australia

Interesting site
17th May 2007       Margaret Pritchard      Edinburgh

A great site for those of us Birkenhead born. I actually lived in Home Farm Rd so those photos took me back. Many thanks
15th May 2007       Brian Daley      Tamworth,Staffs.,ex. Liverpool

This is more than just another "site", it is a walk through the days of my life. I grew up in those mean streets and sailed on those old steamboats. New Brighton, Seacombe, Egremont et al. These were the places I longed to be when the skies were sunny and you hoped your mam had enough pennies for the ferry. You have opened up memories that were buried during the years of raising my own family, and now, as a granddad, I'm looking back and remembering that it was'nt all bad. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
14th May 2007       Terry Willcox      Folkestone

Very interesting site Carol. I like anything to do with the Merchant Navy, as I served 22 years at sea in the catering dept. I will log in again, so keep up the good work. Take care...Terry
14th May 2007       Mike Lawrence      Somerset, UK

Maritime photos very good. Imagine sie would be of great interest to Northeners. Thanks very much will add to my favourites. Mike
14th May 2007       Mr & Mrs H Liptrot      Pershore. Worces. England

Trying to find out info on three ships I served on period Sept 1945 to March 1949. ss Christine Marie... ss Hendrik. ss Memnon managed by the Euxine Shipping Co, office in Leadenhall Street. Many thanks Carol for yours will certainly browse with great interest. Harold
14th May 2007       John Middleton      Wolverhampton England U K

Thanks to Carol I have found a very interesting site, and I am adding it to my favorites.
14th May 2007       Alf Corbyn      Plymouth Devon formerly enUnited Kingdom

Haven't looked yet but seems good. Alf
14th May 2007       Eric Brown      Edinburgh, UK

Most interesting site, enjoyed seeing the photographs. Will visit the site often. Thank you
13th May 2007       Ken  

Excellent pictures. great site, any apprentice welders out there working on the windsor castle during the big strike in 60's?
12th May 2007       Judy Pralle      England

Can one get hold of passenger lists for the Lusitania [Liverpool to New York] and the Mauritania [Southampton to New York]pre W.W.2? My grandparents travelled several times on these ships. The only record I can find of George and Laura Windeler is in 1919 when they went from Plymouth to New York on the Noordam [Holland America Line].
12th May 2007       Derek Henry      Wiltshire

I was a sparks with Bibby Line (and Siemens) during the 50's. Anyone out there? Interesting site, will visit again.
12th May 2007       Brian J. Coyne      Canada

A very interesting site, lots of great and historic photographs. I worked in John Brown Shipbuilders Clydebank and worked on the QE2, my late father James was on the design team of this great Cunarder.
9th May 2007       David Reid      Liverpool

Excellent site and great Photo's. Time served apprentice Machine Fitter at the legendary Meccano Factory in Binns Road, Liverpool.
8th May 2007       George Devers (AKA) Steve      Ft Walton Beach, Florida, USA

A great site, I was born in Liverpool in 1938, was in the Fazakerly Cottage Homes. Sailed on the SS Tregothnan, and the British Engineer of BTC. I visit the UK each year and always give my home city a look-in. Anyone who thinks they might know me, are welcome to contact me, keep up the sterling work....Well done. Steve.
8th May 2007       Wendy      Liverpool

Brilliant site great photos, I lived just off Shaw Street 1956-66, still looking for Guildford Street/Plumpton Street. But great pics non the less.
7th May 2007       Pauline      Greasby, Wirral

22nd April 2007       Barry Jones      Greasby, Wirral

Very good site, will visit again, thank you.
21st April 2007       William Fiddes      Elizabeth, South Australia

I enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force on 16 Dec 1965 and my family of Wife and 5 children were passengers on the SS AUSTRALIS which left Southampton on the 16 December 1965. We were numbered about 40 families in the same enlistment and mostly ex army/navy & airforce members going off to start a new life in Australia. We have not regretted one minute of the major decision we made then and glad to say that this Country has been good and looked after us in return for our loyalty. We had a lovely voyage and no complaints about the ship which was all new and the children aged 10, 9, 7 & 5 were catered for a way we never even imagined. The only time we saw them was when we put them to bed. The Officers and the Crew could not do enough to make us more comfortable than they did. Our thanks to them anyway. We had a lovely time at Christmas on board ans also New Year which us Scotsmen made a time to remember anyway. The crossing of the line was another event to remember. Good on you Ken for organising this Website in remembrance of the Memory of a Great and pretty famous old vessel which has now ended up On The Rocks. Thank you.
9th April 2007       Maganeez  

Nice site.
9th April 2007       John Hitchon       Poulton - le - Fylde. Lancashire      

What a great site, the picture you are showing of the English Electric what would be cream/grey washing machine with mangle, unlike the modern day appliance. I remember my Mum & Dad having one of these it was built to last. In fact the last time I saw one of these it was on display in the York Museum.
7th April 2007       Ken Berry       Tawa, New Zealand

Hi Carol, I have changed my email address as you can see. I'm the Bramley Moore fan for my grandad Capt Berry. Just in case you or anyone remembers something I will get the reply. Have been a wee bit crook and my daughters suprised me with a new electrically driven computer with broadband. Far better than the steam driven model. Still love looking at your site. Best Regards to you and yours Ken B
7th April 2007       Maga       London

6th April 2007       Gordon Spot  

What a wonderful website. And it was fun looking for people I knew in the guestbook. Thank you.
17th March 2007       Walter Peffers      Gisborne, New Zealand

Great nostalgic site brings back many happy memories when I was at sea during WW2. Thank you, Walter
9th March 2007       Lynne McAteer      Birkenhead, UK      

Lovely site and some wonderful pictures. I really enjoyed viewing. Thank You.
4th March 2007       Joe Cheeseman      Colchester, Essex

I was very moved to see a face from the past. My dad, Joe sr who passed away in 1998 is in a picture taken at Cammell Laird darts match. It shows my dad sitting down with his legs crossed, hands locked together on knees. Eerie to see him as I am now the age he was in the photograph and my daughter spotted him and thought I was he as I am a ringer of him.
27th February 2007       Angie      Wirral

A wonderful site, it makes you truly see that modern construction really demolishes all the old beauty.
25th February 2007       Jackie      Liverpool      

Lots of wonderful memories. I was a teenager in the 60's, would have liked to see more of the clubs / coffee bars such as Mardi Gras /The Sink /The Lowlands/ Iron Door/perhaps in the future you could get together a 1960's thumbnails. I'll be back and tell all my pals, thanks again for an afternoon of nostalgia.
25th February 2007       John Jones      Hamilton, New Zealand

Great site, some wonderful pics. Just the job when I'm reminiscing.
25th February 2007       John Smith      OWEN SOUND, Canada

"WONDERFUL" "WONDERFUL" I worked at Cammell Laird from 1939 Until 1984. Gee. What Memories. JOHN SMITH.
18th February 2007       Brian Howell      Wirral      

Thanks for the memories. The photographs of Wirral and Liverpool are wonderful.
15th February 2007       Vanessa Cottam      Perth, Western Australia

My Dad Alan Cottam was an aprentice boiler maker/welder here at Cammell Lairds in the 1960's. He has lived in Perth Western Australia since 1968 and I am purchasing this photo for his birthday.
15th February 2007       Philip Peters      Birkenhead

Fantastic photos, took me back to when I was serving my elec apprentiship in Cammell Laird ship repairs, and all the good times I had, when getting sent to the stores for a long stand, or a left handed hammer, or best of all a sky hook, thanks very much Reflections.
7th February 2007       Gordon      North Wales

Love the site, brings back many memories of my apprentice training in the pattern shop from 1948 to 1953 the best years of my life. I would like to hear from any work mates. I now live in Colwyn Bay.
7th February 2007       Magaeze      America

Your site is truly wonderful. I was 3rd Radio Officer Magdalena when she hit rocks maiden voyage going into Rio. The very best for the future. Kind regards
4th February 2007       Billy Marr      Huyton      

Wonderful site, brings memories of Merseyside flooding back.
3rd February 2007       Emmy Ezeoru      aba lome tg

I love this site keep it up is nice.
3rd February 2007       Terry Clark      Prescott, Canada

While I grew up wandering the Birkenhead dock estates I left the UK in 1970 and have spent the years since then in Canada and the USA. Now retired, it's wonderful to be able to wander through my childhood years once again with the aid of such sites to stir old memories. Alas, the scores of tugs that plied the river when I was young are no longer a part of the Mersey scene. Sad
27th January 2007       Bruce Ritchie      Melbourne, Australia

I lived in New ferry up to my 16th Birthday at 99 New Chester road, The Corniche School of Dancing, opposite the Hesketh Hall. My mother was Winifred Ritchie Nee Davies. My Grandfather was Jonathon George Davies a well known photographer who built and ran his business from the Corniche, and my Great Grandfather I believe was head coachman to Lord Leverhume.
26th January 2007       Peter Jones      Auckland, New Zealand

Your site is truly wonderful. I was 3rd Radio Officer Magdalena when she hit rocks maiden voyage going into Rio. The very best for the future. Kind regards
23rd January 2007       Aba      Imo

22nd January 2007       Ken Berry      Tawa, New Zealand

Hi Carol. Apologies for not visiting site sooner as I did get your email about guest book, "IT"S BRILLIANT". Thank You for the print of my Grandads Tug the "Bramley Moore" it was taken just after he retired at 76 Capt.Berry. The ship I believe is the Mauretania. I can still see the photo of him At that Wheel House with the canvas screen. Don't know what happened to it. It was a very fair price as it has brought a lot of that Mersey mist to my eyes. Hoping to find some more to buy. This is a wild one my other Grandad's name was Lunt he was a Chief Engineer in The First World war, mined or torpedoed lost both his lower legs below the knee on being rescued. It's a shot in the dark. Anyway Thanks A million, Best Regards, Ken Berry
17th January 2007       Dave Dobson      Canada

Wow, What a trip down memory lane viewing sights of the Liverpool of my childhood. A wonderful collection.
17th January 2007       Onyeze Owerri      Loma, Ghana      

Is a nice site, keep up the good work.
9th January 2007       Irene Parsons  

I ordered a photograph for my husband for Christmas of the BP tanker BRITISH GLORY, the photo was amazing and so clear and he was absolutely overcome at this gift. Thank you very much.
9th January 2007       Robert Metcalfe      Winsford, Cheshire

First visit.
9th January 2007       Mike Claxton      Victoria, Canada

Greetings to All and Best Wishes in 2007! I goofed a bit with my Nov 6 posting - my wife's maiden name - Tebbs - Dad Harry, Mum Annie. MacDonald her maiden name. Perhaps someone will recognize these. Regards, Mike
8th January 2007       Ray Beer      Plymouth / Devon

Cracking site. The picture of s/m Aeneas before being modernised is brilliant. I served on her for 3 years and did her last trip in 1974, alas like many good ships now razor blades. Still have good memories of her.
6th January 2007       Paul      Manchester, UK

When I bought the picture of my granddad's pub "The Grapes" (Stanley Road/Latham Street, 1952) a couple of years ago, I was made up (so was my mum!) to see his name was clearly visible on the licensing plate - the full-size actual prints are much clearer than the on-screen image. Thanks again for this collection.
5th January 2007       Frederick Hodder      Yeovil, Somerset

Very good site, lots of interest and to me being an old salt of twenty years, keep up the good work. from fred hodder late of Bridport, now in Yeovil Somerset.
4th January 2007       Tom Alexander      Liverpool      

I am doing a histroy report on Liverpool and this site is brill, thanks a lot all the best for 2007.
4th January 2007       Maureen Reid      Australia

Great site - so many memories. I went to Childwall Valley High School until 1947 - worked at Reeces, then David Lewis Northern Hospital - lived on the Wirral prior to emigrating in 1974. If this strikes a chord with anyone Nee WEBSTER formerly DUNN. Love to hear now in Qld Aus. Really wonderful site.
3rd January 2007       Debbie Porter            

A fantastic site. I am doing my father in laws family tree (porter)he is enjoying looking at the pictures. Congratulations on this site. Debbie Porter
3rd January 2007       Nicholas Messinger      Sturminster Newton, Dorset

A brilliant and valuable archive. I trained for the sea aboard HMS Worcester before signing indentures with the P&O, obtaining my Masters Certificate in 1970. Served on cargo liners and passenger ships, the last being SS Chusan as First Officer in 1972. All best wishes for 2007 and keep up the good work!
2nd January 2007       Neville Roberts      Leesburg, Florida

I found a few of my old ships that I served on on this site, I served on 21 ships 1955 to 1965, then emigrated to the states, have been back to the pool a few times since. A good site for old memories of my youth.
2nd January 2007       Rita Howarth      England      

What wonderful memories your website has given me over many years. Keep up the excellent work and thank you.
2nd January 2007       Valerie Brooks(nee Phillips)      Australia

Love the website, especially the old photos of Liverpool districts, hoping for photo/s of Cherry Lane, Clubmoor - L5, it's where I used to live before immigrating to Australia in 1951. Congrats on the Guest Book too, great idea.
1st January 2007       Ralph Chislett      Affton, Missouri, U.S.A.

Originally from Bootle, Liverpool (before it became Merseyside and Bootle became part of Sefton). My family emigrated to the U.S. in the early fifties. I have fond memories of day trips to Southport, Birkenhead and the surrounding areas. And the docks - those wonderful docks. I haven't been back home (it always will be home) for some time now but do keep in touch with family and friends. There are some terrific photos on this website. A great overall view of the way we were.
1st January 2007       Les Walker      York, UK

Laird Street School (nfants) followed by St James's next door, Mr Sykes Head Master (gammy leg) followed by Bidston Avenue and then Tollemach Road. Lived at 11 Clifford Street and then 120 Boundary Road. After leaving Tolle at 14 1/2 second job was with Hodgkinsons (Cooksons) the Chemist at 130 Price Street, serving behind counter, I have many happy memories of this job. Called up for 'Conscription June 1947. Anyone know me????????
1st January 2007       Edgar Jones      CapeTown

Born and bred in Neston, went to wirral grammar an was initially with Shell Stanlow. Now in Cape Town but have great nostalgia looking to see how things looked in he 40's and 50's.
1st January 2007       Peter McCormack      Fredericton, Canada

An absolutely fantastic page. I love to see this historic information provided for all to see. My own selfish request would be to have some photos of Temple Street L2 posted as there is so much music and warehouse history that took place on that street in the early 1960s.
1st January 2007       Fred Coleman      Cwmbran, South Wales      

Thanks for a trip down memory lane. I was especially interested in the Windsor Castle spent a few years on her during my 19 years at sea. I shall vist often. Anyone know what happened to the Union Castle line, did it go the way of most of the merchant navy?
1st January 2007       Maureen Crothall      Ontario, Canada

I live now in Canada, come from Gravesend in Kent. Just love looking at these old photos. Thank you so much for putting this site together.
1st January 2007       Dennis Dickinson      New Zealand

Greetings from New Zealand ! I lived in Cressington (between Aigburth & Garston) from 1963 - 1965. The photographs brought back many good memories - thank you.
1st January 2007       Arnold (Harry ) Eisenberg      Victoria BC Canada

Your website is unique !! As an ex-Liverpudlian way out on the Pacific coast of Canada, I was delighted to come across your marine section. After leaving the BA I was on ship repair and endured the May Blitz of a week's intensive bombing.
1st January 2007       Austin (Ausy) & Di Graves      Wilderness, South Africa

Hi all, We come from Birkenhead and now live in South Africa since 1975. We enjoy looking at the photo's and have even sent in a sugestion that one of the pictures of Laird St in Birkenhead was incorrect.
1st January 2007       David Ashton      Denmark      

Thanks for your memories on your beautiful web site, having grown up in Liverpool in the blitz, I have not lived there for years but still enjoy the occassional visit home, as Scousers seem to be on my side. Enjoy looking at your Pictures. Keep Loving Yours Selves and have a great 2007
29th December 2006       Robyn      Warrington      

Great website. My grandfather worked at Cammell Lairds and it brought back some good memories. Just to let you know the picture called 1961 an engineer at cammell lairds, the man in the photo is not an engineer but a chief steward and worked with my grandfather. His job was to cut off the ends of the plates so they would either fit the boat or the keel. Thanks for showing an insight into the past.
25th December 2006       Tom      Liverpool

What a beautiful site with lots of good Liverpool stuff. I have included a link to your site on our new Liverpool site. Pay us a visit at
16th December 2006       Ian Morris            

Great site, very well set out, good pictures - I would buy some if they wern't so expensive!
15th December 2006       Brenda Vanderwert       Pickering. Ontario Canada      

My friend in England referred me to this web site, and what an interesting couple of hours I have just spent going through all the differant places of interest. Besides bringing back many a pleasant memory for me. I am living in Canada now, and how nice it was to see so many places that I know. Scenes from Liverpool the City of my Birth, and The Wirral were I lived prior to emigrating. And places which I would love to visit when I lived back home, namely New Brighton, Bidston Hill,and many more places. Please keep up the good work these memories are worth so much to people. I Remain Brenda Vanderwert.
11th December 2006       Mal Durham Jones       Cormwall      

Looking at some of the photos of Everton in particular brought tears to my eyes, nothing remains now, some would call that progress.
11th December 2006       James Platt       Heswall      

Although I never grew up during the time these photo's were taken, I find it such an interesting insight into the way Merseyside used to be. I love this website and hope it keeps growing, keep up the good work.
9th December 2006       Donnette Graham -Rowland       Gravesend Kent

Really felt nostalgic looking at all the photos of b,head and new brighton lots of good childhood memories.
3rd December 2006       Colin   

Excellant site. If anyone has any old photos of Woodchurch estate(mid-late 50's) or St Hughs school(yozzers) Then drop a line as my dad would be interested.
2nd December 2006       KayBee       Sunderland/UK      

Loved the site: family were keepers on Hilbre in 60s, site of many a family holiday as was West Kirby.
25th November 2006       peter mara       Bognor Regis

The site was very good, a pity there was no photos of Ashfield Gardens, never mind its still a great site. thanks. Peter Mara.
24th November 2006       Emma Boyd       Market Harborough      

Lovely photos they really give a superb picture of my ancestors surroundings in Liverpool. Will hint for xmas pressies! Thanks
24th November 2006       Norma P Harris       Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Many Thanks for a wonderful trip down memory lane. I was born in Wallasey, and lived in Lea Rd, Egremont, met my husband on the roller rink at New Brighton fairground, and loved to dance at the Tower Ballroom, all this in 40s,50s.
22nd November 2006       Jane and Peter       Lowestoft, Suffolk

Lovely old tugs, we have an ex thames tug called the riverman, originaly the brentonian, owned by clemance built in 1955 in appledore devon, do you have any photos of her? we could send you some of her as she is now if you would like.
10th November 2006       Deborah McCarthy       Birkenhead

Loved the site. All the old pictures. bought back so many memories. I lived in Camden Street (now the picture house back of the crown pub). Had a happy time there. Great to see the old place again what with all the changes going on. Keep you site going it is fantastic.
9th November 2006       Paul Carter       Laguna Niguel California USA

I was an Eng Officer with the Port Line in the early 60's. I really enjoy looking at my old vessels. I also lived in Falmouth during the time when the Turmoil was attempting to salvage the Flying Enterprise - I remember the episode vividly Thanks Paul
8th November 2006       Lorraine       Birkenhead

Hi, looking for photographs of School Place Birkenhead, Garnet Street Birkenhead, Vernon Place Birkenhead and the prefabs in St Annes Street Birkenhead, can anyone help? Thanks
6th November 2006       Mike Claxton       Victoria, BC Canada

Found your site through a model boat link but found your Wirral/Hilbre Island/Hoylake/West Kirby photos of interest. My wife's father was born in Hoylake, was keeper on Hilbre Island after the war, his father used to give pony rides on the beach at Hoylake, he was a fisherman. We're going to clean up mother in law's glasses and show these to her (now 88). Good stuff!
4th November 2006       John O,Hara       Wallasey

Love the old photos, anyone remember Jack Quines dance in bebington, it was the highlight of my early teenage years. I attended St Johns in New Ferry, would love to get in touch with anyone from those times.
30th October 2006       Michelle       Wallasey      

This is an amazing site!! The photos are great and give a real insight to what life was like way back then. I really enjoyed looking through the pictures.
29th October 2006       Marlene Fallon       HULL, UK

Is there any site i can receive photos of a merchant navy ship topedoed and sunk WW2 named Chaucer by enermy Orion 1941?
24th October 2006       emmy manga       lome tg

i love this site keep it up is good and nicemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuu
24th October 2006       maga       Lome, Togo

very good site ooooooooooooooo
23rd October 2006       Ken Whittingham       Buxton, Victoria, Australia

It brought back so many memories of my younger days, particularly while serving my apprenticeship at Cammell Lairds, and when I lived in Eldon Gardens.
28th September 2006       Phil       Liverpool      

I had almost thought I had imagined the miniature railway and fairground at New Brighton till I found the pictures on your site. They brought the memories flooding back. What a shame New Brighton is now a ghost town.
27th September 2006       Jennifer Tidswell       Wirral

If only they'd done local history at school I would have aced it. I currently live in Alvega Close, New Ferry, its next 2 Mayfields where the old New Ferry baths used to be. My dad grew up around New Ferry, his name is Eric Forsyth, he's just turned 64 and went to Cheggar Rd. I'd love to find some more pics of his childhood and the surrounding area. I've just opened a barbers opp the Lycheim ?picture house .....plz send all u can i love finding out about my past. Jeni
27th September 2006       Andrew Harbottle       Wirral, Merseyside      

Very interesting photo's, especially the merchant navy ones. I only wish you had a few more "Bluies".[Alfred Holt]. I remember a lot of these ships in the Mersey a long time ago! The rest of the site is also most interesting. Well done-brought back many memories.
21st September 2006       Richard Bailey       Northumberland

A happy chance visit to your delightful website. I am one who grew up in the Wirral in the 1940's & 50's and served in the PSNC, the photos provided a great trip down memory lane. thank you!
19th September 2006       Harry Bennett       Adelaide, South Australia.      

Have just found your site, I sailed with overseas tankship Coy, ( Caltex) from 1953/55. Harry B
14th September 2006       May Parker       St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Have just found this site searching for info on Birkenhead - to be able to see the old photos is great. I am writing a 'potted history' of my life for my grandchildren who were born and live in USA and, although I visit them twice each year they have not been over to England. I feel they ought to know their 'roots' at least as far as their nanny is concerned - hence the story. I am hoping to obtain some photos for my book. It's good to see others searching the net! Best wishes, May
13th September 2006       John Ross       Swanson, Auckland, New Zealand

Excellent photographs, am interested in prewar ships lost in ww2. Have spent the last 8 years researching the ships lost. Now completed, am trying to obtain photographs to add to this memorial data base. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
12th September 2006       J. R. Murray-Bligh       Formby

Thank you for letting me view your photographs. I doubt if Royal Iris II was at Dunkirk, please check. Iris was at Zeebrugge in 1918 and was given the title Royal because of her part in the raid.
It is worth looking her up in Mersey Ferries Vol 2. Wallasey Ferries Maund & Jenkins ISBN 1 903599 08 3 Page 144 shows your photograph of her.
12th September 2006       Brian Axford       Greymouth, New Zealand

Great site, liked the photographs and the history.
9th September 2006       Doreen       Liverpool      

lots of happy childhood memories, the kids of today dont know what they are missing
9th September 2006       M Price       Wakefield

Very good site, can anybody help me, Im trying to find a photograph of the SS Francis Massey, built 1927 by J Priestmans of Sunderland for W A Massey and Sons of Hull. She was torpedoed of Ireland in 1940. Photo for person who's Father went down with her.
8th September 2006       Chi       Rock Ferry      

Nice to see how it was........
5th September 2006       RONI ALI       Merseyside

Fantastic photos
3rd September 2006       Pat       Somerset

Hi I am trying to find out about Ernest Edwards a Sports reporter for the Liverpool Echo. Can anyone help me find out if he is the same one as I have in my tree as a reporter in Birmingham in the 1901 census born 1883? I have seen a few web sites telling of his career. I want to find where his diary might be or an obitury. Love the Home page......Pat
3rd September 2006       Phil Penn       South Africa      

Most enjoyable site and nostalgic for my age group. Thanks
2nd September 2006       Bill Cocker       Oshawa. Ontario. Canada.

Have enjoyed viewing some of the areas in which I have travelled when i lived in the u.k. prior to 1967. Will view more before I decide what pictures I would like to order, so many to choose from.
31st August 2006       Derrick Furlong   

Thanks for showing me your site I enjoyed an interesting couple of hours browsing. I admire the amount of time you must have put in to gather all this material, some of it with a unique quality. On a recent visit to the hometown of my wife, Groton in Connecticut, We had breakfast in the 'Manhattan Bagel'. In an anti room were metre wide b/w murals from old pics.One was the Queen Mary steaming out of New York, Wonderful! I served on the QM in 1953. I salute all historians whether they do it for profit or pleasure. dff
30th August 2006       Karl Crook   

X seaman looking for old photos 50-60's both of ships & places.
27th August 2006       rob gilroy       whitehaven cumbria

great site will be sending for photo of the glenearn for a freind of mine who was on board her and named his daughter after her (Glenda) all the best R.S.Gilroy.
27th August 2006       Tom Neal       Ashington

Very interesting site with very good photographs.
27th August 2006       Henry G Perry       Great Yarmouth

Many thanks for the opportunity to look at some very good photographs. Having been brought up on the Thames at Greenhithe I can recognize many of the ships. While my main interest is in east coast shipping all pictures are welcome. Best Wishes H G Perry
26th August 2006       Robert Dennis Williams       Pwllheli Gwynedd

Fabulous photos of Liverpool and Camellairds, brought back many memories of the fiftys when i used to ship out as EDH, my old school mate worked at Camellairds from the sixtys until he retired in eighty four, his name is Hiwi jhon thomas, he was frome a place called Boduan in North wales. Regards Dennis
23nd August 2006       Paulo Farinha       Portugal

Very good photos.
23nd August 2006       RON GRIERSON       San Juan Capistrano USA

Boy Scouse...oops Boy Scout..yes I was both!...also Sea Cadet,Choir boy,Church Lads Brigade..and ran with a very civilised gang. Join any thing.. just as long as I get to go to their Picnic! I were poor then, and I still have most of it left! Tra,
22nd August 2006       Pam       Wallasey      

Great site. I've spent a whole afternoon going through the photos, especially the Wallasey and New Brighton ones. Can anyone back up my memory of going to a one-off showing of the Magnet film with young Edward Fox at the Unit 4 on King Street about 15 years ago, it showed a lot of scenes around New Brighton that were just the way I remember them as a child. Nobody I know has heard of it. Its all changed so much since then. Thanks again for the memories.
20th August 2006       chas boys       darlington,england

Very good photos. I hoped to find pics/info of the Wallasey Sea Training School, Withens Lane in Wallasey. I was there as a trainee in 1943.
20th August 2006       Carol       Hastings, UK.

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