Rural scenes on the Wirral (page 1)

A semi-rural scene of families beside the lake in Central Park, Liscard, in 1949 Bidston Windmill, 1951 Bidston Windmill, 1951 Spital Dam, Bromborough, 1939 Boathouse Cafe, Parkgate, 1950
Families on a day out beside the lake in Central Park, Liscard, in 1949 A favourite place to go to run, climb and play, - Bidston Hill with its Windmill in 1951 Bidston Windmill with crowds of kids out for the day on their bikes with a few "sarnies" in 1951. Spital Dam in Bromborough, which was still a working water mill when photographed in 1939 The Boathouse Cafe, Parkgate, a favourite venue for cycling groups from the towns in 1950
A woodland scene somewhere on the Wirral, 1890s A rural scene at Raby, 1890s Raby Mere, 1890s Possibly Almere Ferry on the River Dee, 1930s Ploughing with a horse, somewhere on the Wirral, 1930s
A woodland scene, probably near Raby as the negative was discovered with the next two, 1890s The negative is marked "A view at Raby", 1890s Raby Mere photographed by a skilled amateur with a large camera in the 1890s Is this Almere Ferry on the Dee? Let us know if you agree. The negative was made in the 1930s Ploughing somewhere on the Wirral in the 1930s. Tractors were soon to replace the horse, to feed the country during the War
Boat House Lane, Parkgate, 1955 Raby Mere with groups of children, 1880s Bebington Mill, 1954 Fields at Brackenwood, Bebington, 1954 Thingwall Garage, 1963
Boat House Lane in Parkgate with the Boathouse Cafe in the distance, 1955 Raby Mere in the 1880s, with the usual crowd of local youngsters getting into the photograph Is this Bebington Mill without its sail before it was demolished? The negative is dated 1954 A field at Brackenwood in Bebington, beside the golf course, in 1954 Thingwall Garage in 1963, was selling petrol at 4/2d a gallon (10 newpees a litre in Euro-speak!)
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