Advertising Signs & Packshots

Advertising hoardings on a Bombed shop, Scotland Rd, Liverpool in 1949    No.016

The full photo can be seen on the first page of the gallery. This is Liverpool, but most cities still looked this bad even 4 years after World War ll when this photo was taken. Flimsily fenced-off bomb-sites were a normal feature of cities well into the 1960s, and were the place where most children played.
The bombed buildings became a favourite for advertising sites, which served an added purpose of helping to mask-off some of the damage which had been done to the fabric of the city. Look behind many modern advertising hoardings in cities, and you will still find the shell of a bombed building!
This corner consists of a shop next to the "Travellers Rest", - a pub on Scotland Road in Liverpool. No information has yet been discovered about this corner shop, or the Travellers Rest, so any help would be appreciated.