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Church and cottages, 1920s Seacombe Ferry A approach, Wallasey 1920s New Brighton Pier, 1920s Guildford High Street, 1920s Guildford High Street, 1920s
A Church somewhere near Liverpool. Please let us know if you can identify it Seacombe Ferry Approach during the morning rush hour, probably during the General Strike in 1926 New Brighton Pier seen from Victoria Road. The beach was still sandy in the 1920s Guildford High Street in the 1920s looking uphill from the bridge. Looking down Guildford High Street in the 1920s with the famous Guildhall Clock.
New Brighton Pier, 1920s Locomotive No. 1222, the 3.20 to Leeds, 1920s Trams near Aintree Racecourse Liverpool, 1920s Bidston Footpath from the Breck, Wallasey, 1920s Marymount Convent and School, Liscard, Wallasey, 1920s
New Brighton Pier taken from the roof of the Pier Pavilion, looking up Victoria Road Locomotive No. 1222 pulling the 3.20pm to Leeds, somewhere near Liverpool Grand National Day on Aintree Road. The trams are nose to tail both ways. Bidston Footpath looking down from the Breck in Wallasey Marymount Convent and School on Mill Lane, Liscard, where the Cherry Tree car park is now.
Cotton Mill workers, 1920s Cafe on Ham & Egg Parade, New Brighton, 1920s Magazine Brow, Fort Street, Wallasey, 1920s Church Hill, Wallasey, 1920s Liverpool Ferry, John Joyce, 1920s
Cotton Mill girls with Christmas decorations on their machines A Cafe on "Ham and Egg Parade", New Brighton, with young ladies taking tea. Fort Street, Magazine Brow, Wallasey, with an old stile in the wall. Church Hill, Wallasey, with St Hilary's church and cemetery in the background "John Joyce", a Liverpool Ferry, on the Mersey in the 1920s
Floating Roadway at Liverpool Pierhead, 1920s Duke Street bridge, Birkenhead Docks,1920s Duke Street bridge, Birkenhead Docks,1920s Snow in Earlston Gardens, Wallasey, 1920s Go to Page:
The Floating Roadway leading to the Landing Stage at Liverpool Pier Head Duke Street bridge was later replaced with a larger road bridge. The building on the right is still there. Duke St bridge, looking towards Wallasey. The warehouses survived until the 1990s Earlston Gardens, Wallasey, with children playing in the snow during the 1920s